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Gamers get set, Nyko’s PlayPad and PlayPad Pro controllers are now on sale in North America.

Aimed at bringing console-style gaming to the increasingly powerful devices we have, the two PlayPad models hook up to Android devices via Bluetooth.

Additionally, Nyko provides an app called Playground that allows keyboard, mouse and touch event mapping. The controllers require Android 3.0 and up devices, although 4.0 is needed for the touch mapping.

The smaller PlayPad will come in black and white, with the larger, more ergonomic PlayPad Pro to come in black. The latter is a full-sized controller and swaps out its smaller sibling's dual analog sliders for analog sticks.

The controllers were co-developed with Nvidia, and are meant for Tegra 2 or 3 games.

LA-based Nyko has set the pricetag for the more basic PlayPad at $39.99, although its website has left the PlayPad Pro price blank for now.

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Nyko releases PlayPad game controllers


I was thinking the same thing...but I'm just now getting into the idea of gaming with a dedicated controller. Would the PS3 controller be more universal than this? I think the difference is price is about $10.

I bought the moga controller. Pretty pleased with it. They have some game's in development for it. N.O.V.A 3 with the controller is really nice. Waiting for Modern Warfare to cone out for it. You can check out there website to see the comparable game's and comming soon one's.

I find it funny the nvidia with its TEGRA. The coolest games run slow on its chips, example games gameloft and EA's most wanted. Work slowly on Tegra. But they are headed in research and developments.

I find it funny that no matter what the article, if it is even remotely gaming related, somebody just has to add in a dig against nvidia.

Gets tiring to read all the same whining over and over.


isn't that more of a problem with EA and Gameloft than Nvidia? I mean, most of the tablets out there run Tegra processors, why not design your game to work with those just as well as something else?

I bought one a couple weeks ago at Gamestop. I haven't been able to get it to work with any games. I wanted to use it with Dead Trigger with my Nexus 7. I can move around but I can't fire. So far I am less than impressed and may end up taking it back.

I have been looking for a good controller to play emulated games (every play "Archon" with a touchscreen? Not fun at all).

This looks like a good option. Anyone else using a better controller? (I found one but you had to root your phone)

Not better but cheaper. I have a madcatz wireless controller with usb dongle for ps3 and it works perfectly on emulators. Also works on games such as dead trigger etc. Having a hard time making all of the button work on gta3 and max payne but I don't care. GTA3 is still playable except there is no horn and onscreen buttons go away when you have the controller plugged in. All in all great! Playstation works wonderfully!

I bought this controller a few weeks ago at Gamestop to use with my Nexus 7. It works great in GTA, Riptide, Deadtrigger and emulators. I haven't found a way to get it working with Gameloft games yet, the app for touch screen mapping doesn't seem to be working yet but hopefully soon.

really thinking of picking this up fairly soon....but i have to make sure miracast is working with the N7 before i jump on this.

$40 for controller
$60 for adapter
=$100 for a NES,N64,genesis,playstation
seems like a pretty good deal :)

This is still too expensive. I got a madcatz wireless with a usb dongle in Target for $15 and it works great with dead trigger, shadowgun (multiplayer too), cordy, sonic etc. Emulators work awesome with it too.

Using a toshiba thrive.