That's a big display, and a hinge that's a big point of failure — but the good news is it should last a while

Stating the obvious here, but you're going to be opening and closing NVIDIA Shield a lot. You don't have a choice. To use it, you've got to flip open that 5-inch display, exposing the controls underneath and giving you a screen to work with. And that opening-and-closing mechanism also was one area NVIDIA focused on since we first saw a prototype in January. The hinge has been made more robust, NVIDIA told us at its headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif.

But just how many times can you open and shut this thing before it gives out?

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That's the sort of thing you test, of course. And you test it a lot. And Shield, NVIDIA says, is rated at 20,000 cycles. That's 20,000 openings and closings. Open, shut. Open, shut.

The proof, of course, is in the pudding, so we'll see what happens when final retail units get into consumers' hands. But, on paper, you can open and shut Shield 20 times a day for more than 2.7 years before that hinge is supposed to fail.

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Cory S says:

Wow...this changes everything...nope still don't want it.

Classic reply Cory! LOL!!
A 350.00 device to play top down spinning games?

JMarshall123 says:

top down spinning games? considering it can run full hd pc games streaming from your computer, i'd say the ability to play android games is a minor add on compared to the fact that you can play better quality games than a ps3 or xbox 360 and probably the next gen consoles as well. yes you need a decent pc and reliable internet connection but regardless of whether you want one or not its still a revolutionary piece of technology.

Cory S says:

I have been doing that for over a year with Splashtop THD

john ray4 says:

i would just buy a cheap tablet, stick a android gamepad and make a new revolutionary piece of technology. name will be mystyle project no-shield

mrjuan25 says:

only difference is that the Nvidia shield is one of the most powerful android devises out there.

Johnny Zed says:

2.7 years doesn't seem like all that much. Of course, I don't see most folks opening and closing it 20 times a day, either, but still.

DWR_31 says:

I thought about buying this and I realized this is stupid. (I want a PS4)!

I think it will last less than 2.7 years. Open and close it 20 times a day. That's one motion right? How many people open a flip top in one motion only? I doubt many. You usually open it to open it, and then move it back and fourth a couple of times to get it just where you want it. So really 20 times a day is really low. I know I open my laptop "twice" a day, but during the day I adjust how far back or forward the screen is about 10 times. I can imagine on a hand held device it could reach 40 times a day that the hinge is worked.

mlndshh says:

dat gif....

Hand_O_Death says:

I am pretty sure that is the same rating as most laptop hinges.

I would love one of these, especially for Steam gaming, but that is too expensive for me. Maybe you guys will do a contest soon (hint hint).

mlndshh says:

the $250 price tag would surely worked

I agree. $350 is just plain ridiculous. They should know that $200 is the sweet spot for something like this. Nexus 7 ring a bell?

john ray4 says:

don't forget you have to get or buy NVIDIA 650 graphic card supported desktop to play PC games...

Yeah, except you can get a good, compatible, nvidia card for $250; not to mention a good number of people already actually have the card.

smooth3006 says:

does this thing deserve 5 articles on the front page?

icu says:

Yes, it's a major new category of Android devise. You'd rather hear some more about the One's build quality would you?

So they have it rated for 20,000 open/close cycles. This will likely mean about 5000-10000 cycles in the hands of most members of society.

I know accidents happen, but people that routinely damage every single device they touch outnumber regular users by a great number.

Deke218 says:

I really don't see the point of this.

Mayoo614 says:

Those numbers are irrelevant. Kids will use it, they will try to open it sideways, a little diagonal but never 20 000 times perfectly straight applying the same amount of force.

They forgot to take into consideration that the OS is called Android, but users are not robots. They will use it weirdly, they will throw it on a couch, bouncing 2 times before hitting the ground. Then the dog will take it for it's lunch just after the cat thought it was a nice bed.

flabeo says:

I've been watching that video for an hour now, still not broken.


mkashen says:

How many times can it be opened and closed?
WAYYYY MORE than you will ever use this thing. (with consideration for variables such as environment in your closet where this thing will sit unused. or the carelessness of the 13 year old that buys this from you on craigslist)

Is it really necessary to have an animated gif showing it opening and closing??? It still looks like an ugly half baked atari jaguar no matter how often you open and close it.

Make them with a replaceable hinge?

MitchRapp says:

can't believe this was made... most phones can play kick-ass games and well, you don't need to shell out another 350 since you already own a phone!

eagle63 says:

Can you play Skyrim on your phone? It's amazing how many people seem to have missed one of the core features of this thing. (streaming PC games) If all it did was play Android games I don't think they would have made it. The $350 price is steep, but let's be honest - this is a gamer/enthusiast gadget through and through, not something that would ever appeal to the unwashed masses.

john ray4 says:

can you play Skyrim outside your home as a portable device? To play computer games, I bet you'll have to carry that huge desktop with you everywhere you go to make it portable.

popologuy says:

Opens, closes - not broken that time! Whew!
Opens, closes - not broken that time! Whew!
Opens, closes - not broken that time! Whew!
Opens, closes - not broken that time! Whew!
Opens, closes - not broken that time! Whew!
Opens, closes - not broken that time! Whew!
Opens, closes - not broken that time! Whew!
Opens, closes - not broken that time! Whew!
Opens, closes - not broken that time! Whew!
Opens, closes - not broken that time! Whew!
Opens, closes - not broken that time! Whew!
Opens, closes - not broken that time! Whew!
Opens, closes - not broken that time! Whew!
Opens, closes - not broken that time! Whew!
Opens, closes - not broken that time! Whew!

MarkSeven says:


tendoboy1984 says:

A full-size game controller with a hinged LCD screen? Who's bright idea was that? Good luck making it pocketable. There's a reason why the PSP, Vita, DS, and 3DS are so compact, so they can fit in your pockets easier.

Apollo Smile says:

Yet laptops are wider and taller but we consider that Mobile and carry it daily

svanneck says:

Isn't anyone going to correct "the proof is in the pudding"??? It's "the proof of the pudding is in the tasting"! There. I've done my civic duty.

Apollo Smile says:

I'm more concerned about the cables that have to feed through the hinges lol