Want to get a little closer to NVIDIA's Project Shield? The company's just uploaded the official unveiling video shown at today's pre-CES event in Las Vegas. The innards of this Android-powered hand-held games console are laid bare, as a virtual Project Shield device is constructed from the ground up. Take a look above.


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NVIDIA Project Shield official unveiling video


From a technical standpoint this will blow the Vita away in CPU/GPU processing, screen resolution and form factor. Doesn't matter if they cant get some developer support.

I hope the design is just a prototype....it looks like a damn xbox controller :( It hast to be the ugliest thing I've seen in years!!

Haters nothing but haters i think it looks bad ass i want one Sony Vita already failed. Play store and this cant wait

actually believe it or not aligned thumbstick controls make for more productivity but my problem is with the thumbstick placement is that they are at the bottom meaning i have to span my thumb across and i dont get the same tactile control in the same way i would on a ps3 controller because its smaller (only an example cause theyre in the same place on the ps3 controller)