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Admittedly we're not all that versed on the ins and outs of how Google pays developers for apps purchased from the Android Market Google Play. But one thing we do know is an angry mob (editors are particularly good at spotting them), and one appears to be growing in the Google Checkout Merchant forums. In a nearly week-old thread with more that 100 posts, it seems a growing number of European devs have yet to receive payment for February. Almost worse is that they apparently aren't getting much in the way of explanation.

Developers are the lifeblood of any platform. (Perhaps you've heard.) Let's hope this gets straightened out soonest.

Source: Google Product Forums


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A number of European developers left waiting for Google Play payouts


Google is sealing it's own demise with their lack of communication. They need to get a customer service department started pronto and they need to do it yesterday. Their current form of communication is NOT working

I agree. Their website faq is totally useless, and nothing is more frustrating than not getting support for a product that you purchase and use as a consumer.

Im so dam sick of these big corporations taking our money and running with it. I had a Galaxy Nexus for less than a month tell it stoped charging so I got a new one exchanged at the store. Now my problem is with one of my apps Zenonia 4 by Gamevil. I made $17 worth of in app purchases which I lost and of course and the devoloper doesnt respond to my emails and doesnt list a number to call. So I called Google and they said they are going to contact the developer to try and get me a refund. I dont want a refund just let me redownload them for free. Beter yet make it possible to back up all my data like when i had titanium backup so i dont have to root my new phone because i have no interest in rooting my new phone right now. Not untill its fully suported by developers and google...

The Goog is at an important crossroads here. Do they really want to have an important platform or are they just happy with number of activations? Because who cares how many new activations they get once evereyone is burned and decides they won't be a repeat customer? They're way too inconsistent and downright irresponsible when it comes to customer support. How long do they think such a stance will carry them?

I seriously doubt one of the highest valued companies in the world, with one of the most recognized brands is going to screw the Euro devs out of their money. They are probably running into problems with payment processors or other issues. While lack of communication is a big negative, it doesn't mean that devs aren't still reaping the rewards of the Google Market.

you can't have a continuance of lack of communication and expect to carry the same success. I can't see myself owning any other smart phone than an Android phone but honestly, that's what I said about Palm too...

Granted, this isn't the same thing at all but it all boils down to customer service.

Google have changed into idiots lately... They don't even seem to care about fixing the Google Talk multiple instances bug (PC)... The computer slows down to a crawl everytime I visit Google+ or Gmail so I have to avoid them completely until they come out with the patch.

I think they want to get as much money as quick as possible, they know the end is nigh!! ;)

I wonder if the "don't be evil" sign is still hanging in their offices?