Nuance brings Major League Soccer theme to Swype keyboards

Nuance announced that it is bringing themed Major League Soccer keyboards to Swype. The keyboards will work with both tablets and smartphones and are available now on the Google Play store through in-app purchases. Swype will be sold for $0.99 for a promotional period and the MLS themes are in-app purchase add-ons that will cost $1.99 each.

"As an official licensee of Major League Soccer (MLS), Nuance is delivering upon one of the most popular feature requests among Swype end users," the company said in a release, "Keyboard themes that not only allow for even more personalization of the keyboard, but that also enable them to connect and engage directly with their favorite team."

Your definition of direct engagement with your favorite soccer team may be different than Swype's, but it's a good way to customize an already great keyboard experience if you want to personalize your device further.

Are you a Swype user? What MLS theme are you looking to spend your hard-earned $1.99 on?


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Nuance brings Major League Soccer theme to Swype keyboards


Very cool. I will definitely be getting this. My MLS fandom knows no bounds. Sporting KC! 2013 MLS champs! Repeat is coming! #paintthewall #SKC

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Of all the useful things they could bring (emoji support for example, like users have been asking for) we get themes for teams that only really appeal to those following such a sport. Weird nuance, still love SWYPE, but try again!

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The keyboard overall is a lot smoother now for typing from what I can see. It's enjoyable again.

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