Galaxy Tab Japan

Galaxy S Japan

Samsung's Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab will soon be available to Japanese customers through the carrier NTT Docomo. 

One of the interesting parts of the the press release is that it labels the Galaxy S with Android 2.2, which isn't yet on any of the other versions. The announcement says the phone is due to come out in late October, so maybe around the time we can expect Froyo to be pushed to the rest of the world?

Another interesting note for Japanese consumers is that the Tab will support Docomo's new e-book service, which is expected to launch in mid-October. The Galaxy Tab is supposed to release in late November in Japan. 

The two devices will be exhibited at CEATEC Japan, which runs from October 5th through October 9. Great news as Samsung is getting two of its high-end devices to more corners of the world. [NTTDocomo]


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NTT Docomo gets Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, brings the devices to Japan


Damn, as much as people hate on Samsung Mobile, they sure know how to push a device to - well - ALL OVER the world on every carrier! lol.
Korea (of course), US, Japan..

though I'm not so sure it will be a huge hit in Japan (The Galaxy S); it's hard to pull the majority of the Japanese away from their awesome, compact flip-phones (which already also possess large screens themselves). There is a tiny market in Japan for "slab"-type of devices though, it's just small... as seen by some Japanese enjoying the iPhone.

The Galaxy S is going to 110 carriers world wide.

The Galaxy Tab is going to about 80 carriers world wide.

It's perhaps the largest distribution of a single model in the world.

Why so many carriers adopt Samsung's handsets? Perhaps its because Samsung sells their stuff as a package, like including the base station transmitters, back end servers and other miscelaeneous devices for the networks AND include the carrier customizable mobile phones to improve their end result. The bottom line is whats important to the carriers and this is part of the reason why Samsung is well adopted in many of the countries around the world. Plus, Samsung has economies of scale being the #2 mobile phone maker in the world, after Nokia.