Flash 10.1 on Android 2.2 Froyo

Stop. Do not pass go. Now that you have Froyo up and running on your Nexus One, it's time to take part in the Adobe Flash 10.1 beta. Just click here in your Android browser, install it, and start watching Flash video, playing Flash games and doing all that other stuff that Android and Flash do so well. Huzzah!


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Now that we have Froyo, it's time to feed Flash to Android 2.2


Wow already!?!?!

Very jealous. I thought my Pre would get it first. :/
How fast is Froyo? Lightning fast?

Man I can't wait till a rom for the droid is build off this for rooted users so I can oc my droid and run a nexthem 2.2 untill the shadow drops.

Hey, whoever has this, please tell us how it is. Also, if possible, can someone post a vid on Youtube, or something, on what this looks like and all the features. Maybe even play a little Farmville, or something lol.


It is not Droid doing it. It is Hulu. They block ALL mobile phones from accessing videos. I used to watch them on my Touch Pro 2 using the Skyfire browser. They claim they blocked mobile phones because they go through Proxy servers. So their site thinks the computer accessing it is coming from the location of the Proxy server not the phone. They are only allowed to show the content in the USA. Since the person could be in England and access the site, the site will still think the computer accessing it was in the USA, if the Proxy server was. At least that is what they told me. I personally think they are planing a mobile version they charge for.

This is b*llsh*t.

Now that we know there's no benefit to getting Stock Android, I will go scream in a pillow.


The N1 runs stock Android OS as well. The N1 getting it and your Droid not getting doesn't mean anything as far as any benefits to having stock OS.

And yes there is a benefit. You will get FroYo long before I get it on my Incredible.

Stop Bitching, you just got Eclaire. Have a little patience.

There is no proof of this. I'm tired of people saying that sense UI devices are plagued from updates because its a custom UI when plenty of phones with Stock Vanilla Android suffer just as long (and longer for some *cough Mytouch3g/g1 cough*)

Oh God, now some Apple fanboy with a iPhone or iPad will quote you and say "Someone on an android forum said Flash destroyed their phone!"

So how a does the Flash perform?

Since posting this, nothing new?

Shall we assume your battery melted down and you had to run out and get a new one? ;-) Your processor got too hot and the phone shut down? You were instantly Powned by some malware?


how does hulu recognize that this is an andorid device ?
if u use an I-net agent to swap the profile would that help ?

I haven't done any tweaking or anything. Just the Android Browser after installing the Flash Player. When you go to Hulu, it looks like it might start playing, but then they toss out the "unsupported platform" message.

They very specifically block Skyfire, and now the Android browsers.

They probably just read the user agent (no other way to 'detect' it I think). In that case you could just use a browser that allows changing the user agent string (not sure if the stock browser does that) and be good to go.

Sprint is releasing the Evo with 2.1 in June, then the update to 2.2 will be in July. So there is not much of a wait. Which does suprise me. It took them almost a year to get WinMo 6.5 on my TP2

I hate you Nexus 1 users getting Froyo 2.2. Actually no I don't because in less than 2 short weeks I'll be getting the EVOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

And then magically Sprint/Google/HTC will get their act together and OTA 2.2 for all of us EVO users so you won't be the only one.

We'll see. Booya.

Looks like the roll-out is picking up pace. According to AppAware there have been 68 installs of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 in the last 24 hours. They are all for Nexus One devices.

I'll be joining the party as soon as my N1 gets the love it deserves.

Does someone not know what "Beta" means? If you are having issues like this, report it to Adobe. This way when the full version (not beta) comes out, it may not have these issues. If you are not tech enough to run a Beta program and know it is going to have bugs because it is a beta program, you should not be running beta apps. I do not mean this as an insult, just a suggestion.

If I was going to insult you, I would have said, "Why is an iPhone user posting on an Android forum?"

Installed it. Bleh. Can't get plants vs zombies to work, and even this site now has choppy browsing thanks to 3 flash banner ads. It was a good 10 minutes I guess. Goodbye

Edit: after just a few minutes my battery dropped 5 percent and for battery use browser shot up to 15. Thanks adobe. Same old bullshit.

For now my only option if I keep it is to turn off plugins

A mobile device is not a computer in terms of memory and performance. FP 10.1 is mad optimized in both aspects (compared to FP 10.0, and HTML5 equivalents) but Adobe can't do miracles.

Flash works really well for me, even scrolling around while viewing a flash site is still smooth. Audio and video come through perfectly. I also have flash lite on my other phone with sense ui and 10.1 is 100x better on froyo. My main test site is blizzard.com. The whole top part of blizzard.com is flash and it all shows up perfectly on the nexus one.

After playing around with it testing various flash video sources, I've concluded this "beta" has a long way to go before it becomes useful.

You can't navigate any video controls like volume or the full screen toggles. And when you do as it tells you to double tap the video to expand, it wont do full screen.

@saneless I am not having the problems you ate having. With the flash plugin, all flash material on a site loads after everything else is pre loaded. Androidcentral even with flash ads runs and looks perfect for me. Also my battery life is exact same as before. No major hits. This could be because of the new free memory available in froyo. Now when I open the task killer on my nexus, even with apps open I still have like 220 mb of ram left. I think this is helping battery life. So far flash is amazing and if you don't like it, you can turn it off. So I am happy! Choices are good.