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Nova Launcher has made it's way out of the beta stage and into the Android Market. This Ice Cream Sandwich launcher is chock full of features you won't find in the stock launcher, and comes highly recommended by our own Android Central forums Super Moderator Cyber Warrior. A look at the feature list and we see why:

Custom homescreen grid
Scrollable dock
Scroll effects
Infinite scrolling
Custom folder icons
Custom app icons

The paid version offers up even more, like gestures, dock swiping, and the ability to hide apps in your app drawer. 

If you found the stock Android launcher in ICS a bit lacking, you should really give Nova Launcher a look. It requires Android 4.0 and both free and a paid $4 version are available in the Market. We've got a link to the free version after the break.

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Reader comments

Nova Launcher now available in Android Market in free and paid versions


Also running AOKP25 on my Samsung Fascinate. Love this Launcher...has the same look and feel of the stock ICS launcher, but with lots more options/effects/customization's.

I've been using GoLauncher EX on my ICS Touchpad (Cyanogenmod 9 Alpha 2) and it works flawlessly. While this is indeed a 'nice' launcher, paying for features others give you for free seems a bit counter productive for me.

According to the reviews in the market there are still a few bugs with tablets, and scrollable widgets as well.

I'm looking forward to TSF Pro Shell however, now there's a launcher with all sorts of interesting features.

Not knocking the dev, cause I'm sure it takes a long time to come up with these apps, but US$4 seems a bit high (my own personal view, others no doubt will disagree). After getting burnt by paying for Launcher Pro & then the developer stopped supporting the app, not sure if I want to pay so much for an app. US$2, sure, but US$4, hmm.

Go Kevin at Tesla Coil! I've been using Widget Locker(through beta as well) & Nova Launcher. A great Dev to deal with. Worth buying. Though, price does seem a bit high. I'd like to see support all the way through ICS on other new devises & Jellybean 5.0 hopefully. read where both the article above & the app description in the Market both say "available for Android 4.0 devices only", right?

To the folks who say $4 is too much. Think about how you burn through $4 over the course of a day or week. Skip a coffee one morning or don't Super-size your order for a couple of days. It's worth every penny of $4 to show support for this fantastic launcher and support the Android community.

While I don't have this app (yet), I highly recommend anything by Teslacoil. They are a top notch developer. Nearly 2 years after purchasing Widgetlocker, I still consider it the best app I have ever bought.

Seems to somehow be faster than the stock Launcher on my Galaxy Nexus?!
Definitely worth the 4$ for the paid version!

Yes, there's landscape, even in the homesceen!
+1 on it being worth $4
I was using it free long enough to know I wasn't going to stop and the developer had already earned my money.

Landscape rotation looks bugged. In landscape I see the Google search bar on both the side and top of the screen. No need for two search bars and it's wasting a lot of screen space, causing the icons to get all smashed together. Looks pretty ugly in landscape.

I LOVE this launcher! I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus and was looking for a good launcher. I tried GoLauncher, ADW Launcher and Launcher Pro. They all had great features, but were slow and frequently crashed on my Galaxy Nexus (due to Ice Cream Sandwich? Don't know). Yesterday I saw posts about Nova Launcher and decided to give it a try. IT'S GREAT! It's snappy and STABLE. It hasn't crashed once on my device and already has a lot of features comperable to the other launchers I tried. As a 1.0 version, I feel that it can only get better. I would like to see customizable dock backgrounds and the ability to add even more than 7 desktops (like ADW launcher), but to me this launcher is a definite keeper! :-)

P.S. Yes it has a landscape mode and the $4 is well worth it to me.

I think it's worth $4.00, if the $4.00 upgrade actually functions. I bought it, and installed it, and I still can't access the Prime features. Is anyone else seeing this issue?

I wrote the developer. He sent me an activation code, but I didn't need it because he told me to try the following first and it worked!

Can you try Settings > Restart Nova Launcher and seeing if that helps Nova detect Prime?

If this does not help, write the developer. He's VERY quick to respond.

Thanks for the advice, Shelly. No luck on the restart helping, but I'll drop the developer a line.