But it sure is fun as hell to watch in slow-motion.

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That was glorious.

Jonneh says:

Beautiful teardown video.

crazace says:

Thats funny!

eahinrichsen says:

I don't think the heatsink worked very well.

NoNexus says:

I loved how they showed which pieces were which

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Jacques says:

The slow motion part of the video was hilarious!

ucfgrad93 says:

But, will it blend?;)

duanedude1 says:

This is much better than blending. The blend guys need to up their game!

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sakasune says:

The "will it blend" thing should be replaced by what these guys did. "Will it blowup?" :D

unopepito06 says:

Straight up thought that was Smooth McGroove for a few seconds at the beginning.

hodan says:

Fuck I love the internet.

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Fable says:

I'm more horrified than usual at this.. Normally im like they are tearing it down to show us whats in it.. ugh.. these dudes just wasted good hardware. I get the humor factor of how it was done.. but such a waste of a good portable gaming device :( I may be permanently scarred.

C Sweatt says:

That was awesome! These guys would fit in with the Mythbusters crew

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Abionic says:

One stream recycling!

Get there faster!

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Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen

bigdaddytee says:

Analog thumbstick, son!

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jean15paul says:

I love the sig. I assuming you're referring to (my beloved) Sprint Galaxy Nexus?

reddragon72 says:

Best tear-down video ever!

ok that was awesome, but still, why? how can someone just throw away all that money. depressing.

tostler says:

Best tear down video eva!

But it also illustrates why things are so expensive - because we* are willing to throw away hard earned cash on precision electronics just to blow them up.

*We being society.

lnx4tw says:

Well that made my afternoon

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That was awesome! I LOVE how they labeled the parts mid-explosion; very cool.

MarkSeven says:

Poor Shield...

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Gearu says:

For just 1 minute I didn't hate Ashton Kutcher.

plunder says:

I think Ali does nice teardown videos, but that WAS fun.

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I don't think explosive teardown would be covered under warranty