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Some interesting accessory news coming out of the Interwebs for the recently released Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire today. The folks over at Readerdock have come up with some pretty sweet looking  new docks for both devices which they're due to launch in February. 

The "N-Station" will also be compatible with the Nook Color, hardly surprising given they're practically identical, and will come complete with a pair of speakers and a charging port and will hold the device at various angles. 

The "Firestation" is the similiarly featured version designed for the Kindle Fire. Both will be available to pre-order some time this month, being due to commence shipping in mid-February. 

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Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire getting their own docking stations in February


Get a app from the market called TetherGPS it will tether your GPS from your smartphone to your tablet and you will have GPS on your tablet with a bigger screen, can't remember if you have to be root or not but check it out it might be what your looking for.

I've got a Nook Color (n2a cm7 mod) and have been dying for a charging stand - bulk could come from the built in speakers but either way, I'm getting one when its available!

They've finally got all the product pricing and photos posted up for the Kindle Fire docking station AND the Nook docking station on!!

It looks pretty awesome. They added an output jack so folks can can use headphones, connect to computer speakers, or plug the either docking station into stereo systems to watch movies with bigger sound.

They are going to be accepting pre-orders soon and are offering free shipping and a $5 discount on preorders.