HTC One Max

'The current HTC line up of devices is sufficient for the Canadian marketplace'

U.S. carriers Sprint and Verizon might be getting their hands on the HTC One Max later in the year, but there's no such luck for anyone looking to pick up the gianormous HTC handset north of the border. A statement from the company's Canadian arm confirmed to MobileSyrup that there are no plans to launch the 5.9-incher in Canada —

“HTC devices differ from country to country, we work closely with carrier partners in each region to determine what is best for their consumers. Every market is different and has specific needs and demands. We consider a number of factors such as, the HTC devices currently available, the competition etc. At this time the current HTC line up of devices is sufficient for the Canadian marketplace.”

On the other hand we weren't exactly blown away by the One Max during our time with the device, so with the more compelling HTC One already widely available in Canada, perhaps Canadians aren't at such a disadvantage.

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No plans to bring HTC One Max to Canada


Phone sucks and the Canadians are the only smart ones not to pick it up its a waste of time after all these years of drama and happiness I am done with HTC and heading to Samsung

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The phone sucks, yet you haven't used it, and won't be given the chance to.

Oh, and Americans are dumb, because two of our carriers wanted to offer the handset to their customers?

Wow, bitter much?

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Well, to be fair we are quite dumb. But not for that reason. And seriously what happened to "don't knock it til` you try it". I think no one is giving the one max a fair chance

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Paid Samsung trolls aside...

Gianormous handsets are niche market items. They are of greater demand among Asians.

Mini's in the US will fulfill a larger market. Example: Apple isn't stupid.

The acclaimed HTC One grabs the sweet spot.

Paid HTC trolls aside, not many people really care about this phone anyway. The Optimus Pro G and Note 3 are better choices from what I've seen.

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Is it the massive battery or maybe the expandable storage, oh wait it must be the boom sound speakers and a 5.9" display yah I can see how the phone sucks lol .

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Don't make us come up there and annex you.

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Not going to lie, I don't think this device would be a big seller here in Canada anyways. I'm sure if people really wanted it here, they can just go to their local Chinatown phone shop and pick up an international/unlocked version anyways. ;-)

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I expect they aren't expecting it to sell the phone in big enough numbers to justify a AWS version of the phone, I haven't heard anything about T-mobile getting it either.

That's not good. It may not capture the majority of the market, but at least one Canadian carrier should give buyers a chance to get it. Rogers initially snubbed the BlackBerry Z30, then changed their mind. Maybe someone will do the same for HTC. But BlackBerry is a Canadian firm, so that could be the sole reason Rogers is offering the Z30.

Rogers changed their minds, because they were bombarded by fanboys that threatened to cancel their service.

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That is not surprising, considering BlackBerry is based there. I would expect to find more BB fanboys in Canada than anywhere else.

And with good reason.

A huge portion of Canadian BB users are on Rogers due to their long-standing relationship with BB (née RIM). So for Rogers to bypass one of the most anticipated BB devices in a long time was a big slap in the face to those users.

Every platform has it's die-hards, who like it enough to stay until (and well past) it's dying breath. Just go to WebOS Nation for a clear example. Rogers underestimated this.

I don't think this phone would sell will in Canada anyways. It makes the Note 3 look tiny.

Imagine you have a Note 3... make it bigger to support a bigger screen... and THEN make it a lot longer so it can have two front facing speakers.

This really is a niche device. Somebody that wants it that bad will just import it anyways.

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I'm sorry Canada but this is a lame decision. You've been polluting us with the Z10 for more than a solid year now.

Not our fault your carriers carried it. We didn't force it on you, and we got saved from getting this waste of time Max. The original One is a way better choice or the Note 3 if you need a bigger phone.

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Meh, its an OK digivice. I wouldn't go as far as saying its a great device. Yet again HTC leaves us with no choices in their products. No big deal, I mean Samsung is the number one seller here. (Nope not fanatic, I'm a Nexus guy all the way) BUT, it would be nice to have choices if HTC would stop treating Canada as a 3rd world country. Throw us something new every once in a blue. They might get a more loyal following Canadian style. Personally I myself am more interested in the HTC One Max than the Note 3. Every 21 year old young adult and their mother has some sort of Samsung Note model. And that just makes me wanna *YAWN*. I even bored myself out of this ramble about HTC and Samsung. Sorry people...

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While I am not sure of the sales figures here in Canada I almost always see the HTC One in the flyers at giveaway prices.

I don't think the sales have been great.

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