Android on the Pre

File this under "Ain't gonna happen." The rampant rumor that Palm's going to ditch webOS for Android just isn't true. Are things kinda dim right now for the boys and girls from Sunnyvale? Maybe a little, depending on who you ask. But, no, they're not about to scrap the OS in favor of Android. Feel free to hash this out among yourselves, but this one's really much ado about nothing. [via PreCentral]


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No, Palm's not switching to Android


I didn't even know that rumor was going around. Palm is definitely a company begging to be bought out. Right now, other companies are just sitting on the fence to see what kind of deal they can get. As for Job Rubenstein... He needed to be gone a year ago. He has brought nothing but bad news and I'm tired of his bitching and moaning.

It could be nice if palm were to switch their OS to Android and just skin it to look like the current os. I don't know that's just me

As an Android fan, I'm glad they'll be sticking with WebOS as it provides needed competition and ideas in the smartphone market.

I finally got to play with a Palm Pre Plus the other day and was impressed by WebOS. It seemed to be very well designed (despite the lack of 'home screens') and ran very smoothly.

The hardware on the other hand... not so much. The device felt flimsy and clunky and I found the keyboard to be unusable. Perhaps I would get better on the keyboard with time, but it just seemed to cramped for me.

They should switch , WEBOS is not worth crap compared to Android , and it will never gain the market share it thought it would , in a few years Palm and or WEBOS will be gone

I switched from the Pre to an Android phone, and having used both, can easily say WebOS is much smoother. Settings on the Pre takes fewer actions to get to, switching windows is easier, and multitouch is great(only some android phones currently have that). Unfortunately, the Pre hardware is built like garbage, and the app catalog isn't very big.

It would be a shame to see WebOS die. Its by far the slickest mobile OS I've seen. Hopefully someone buys out Palm and improves on it. It would be great to see Android combine the best of both worlds...

I've never used the WebOS, but based on reviews and feedback I've read the OS is very solid. Due to lack of marketing support, provider exclusivity (until recently) and poor advertising the Pre never caught on.

Logically, Palm won't ditch WebOS for Android because WebOS is Palm's strongest asset. Keeping in mind that Android and WebOS are both Linux based there could be a very easy transition if Palm were to be acquired by Google. Acquiring Palm would give Google a wide swath of patents and innovative OS designers who worked on the original iPhone at Apple. If the finer points of WebOS were integrated into a future version of Android, I don't think anyone would complain about it.

I owned the pre on the 1st day of its release and now own the nexus One , there is NO COMPARISON , the N1 is FAR better than anything Palm has to offer and Android 2.1 BLOWS away WEBOS

You know what I kinda agree. I had the Pre since release as well and WebOS's cardview is about the only thing good and innovative about it. The OS itself left a lot to be desired. For one, it was slow (took over 2 minutes to boot with apps taking several seconds to open). That may not sound like much but believe me, it got old after a while. It also had memory leaks and other weird glitches (e.g too many cards open errors) that Palm hasn't been able to completely eradicate. It's hardware requirements are also higher than Androids in order for it to run at an acceptable speed. To someone who's new to it, it may seem slick and cool but once you start using it, it's another story altogether. The use of gestures were nice but one can easily get used to not having them. The biggest frustration (besides the hardware design flaws and screen size)was the speed coupled with the lack of basic features found on other phones (they've now included video recording in the latest update). For Palm, I think the point of no return has already past. WebOS is a nice OS yes, but it's not the greatest thing since sliced bread. It's amazing what a little eye candy can do to some people's perception.

Palms gem is WebOs sitting on boring hardware. There's room for 3 big OS's (Apple Palm & Googles Android) but WebOS will eventually die out due to lack of support because their products are not selling. The easy solution would be to let other manufacturers use WebOS for their hardware but I'm thinking now it' might be too late since Android is far more established.

Okay, it's 3:00am, plus I'm not as much of a technophile as the rest of y'all, but hopefully I'll state this somewhat correctly.

I loved my Treo, but I left it for the Droid. Why? Beyond the sheer awesomeness of the Droid itself, the Verizon rep (and a Palm rep) made it clear to me that the Palm system I was used to (why I bought the Treo, I had won a Palm in a sales contest at Circuit City back in 2000) would no longer be supported. Palm would only support Windows mobile phones at Verizon. Uh, no. Maybe it's the distinctions between Verizon, ATnT, and Sprint and which phones are where that may be the genesis of these stories. I'm kinda confused now myself. Good night.