This is not the Galaxy s III

Hey look, it's the Samsung Galaxy S III! Oh wait, no it isn't -- it's yet another obvious fabrication.

Yes, another alleged Galaxy S III render is doing the rounds this morning, claiming to show Samsung's upcoming 2012 flagship. The problem? A little research will reveal that someone's just 'shopped a Galaxy S II press shot onto the Galaxy S Wifi 4.2. Observe --

Galaxy S IIAndroid Central

So no, that's not the Galaxy S III, and we're willing to bet this, this, this and this are equally bogus. Hold tight, folks, we're sure we'll look back on all this and laugh when we finally have the real deal.


Reader comments

No, this is not the Samsung Galaxy S III either


And why do these fakes keep using the 'unpacked event' wording? Is a Samsung speaker going to come on stage with a box and start unboxing it?

Who f'ing cares about this?! Write an article about the galaxy s3 when it actually shows up! I don't get the point of this article ... this is me assuming people aren't completely stupid and can figure out for themselves a fake when they see one. Hence my view on this article being completely unnecessary... end rant ...