Nike+ FuelBand launches for Android, at long last

Nike's Fuelband SE is now finally a viable fitness band for Android owners. The official app launched today, ready to gamify exercise. The Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Nexus 5, HTC One, and Moto X are currently supported.

In addition to estimating calorie burn, tracking time of workout, and setting goals, Fuelband awards points for your sweat, which puts you in friendly competition with any of your friends wearing one. Fair warning, though: there were rumors that Fuelband won't be supported too much longer.

Dive into our review of the latest model for a good look before taking the dive and buying one. If you're really into this stuff, be sure to check out our MobileFit content being featured throughout the month.

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Nick8539 says:

The app only supports Nike Fuelband SE.

buffdaddy72 says:

Wait, I thought Nike was discontinuing the Fuelband?

Yeah, they said that earlier this year. I wouldn't spend a cent on Nike products. They clearly have no clue about anything these days. "Our stuff isn't selling, and we can't figure out why?! Surely can't be because it only works with devices owned by around 15% of the potential buyers, can it?"

eahinrichsen says:

15% of total smartphone users worldwide. I doubt Nike considers people in developing economies, or relatively low-income people in developed countries to be potential customers. Apple users make up a much higher percentage of the demographic that devices like this target than is reflected by worldwide device trends.

That said, delaying Android development for so long really is just pissing away potential money, and developing the app after the hardware program has been discontinued is just baffling.

lkovach says:

My fiance got one for Christmas and had a hard time setting it up. It's still sitting in the box unused. I would go with almost any other fitness tracker over the Nike. I had the Fitbit Force until they recalled it. It was a great product aside from the rash.

Smart move now that Nike pulled the cord on Fuelbands.

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alexl3arrios says:

Support all the way down to the S3, but none for the note 3? SMH....

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smithsquared says:

it installed on my note 3 just fine

nblackst says:


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Worked on my Note3, quick and easy

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gmtom1 says:

Sorry Nike, too little, too late. I already sold my Fuelband last year when their promises of android support disappeared.

stoneule says:

Too little too late if you ask me. Nike had no interest in android for the past 2 years, and now that there are some great android wear products in the works Nike wants my dollars? Not a chance. Everyone, just wait a little longer some great things are coming after Google IO. Tell Nike they missed the boat 2 years ago by going exclusive for iOS. They don't deserve our business.

benthe1 says:

Can I get an amen?

munnarg says:


a2Squard says:

Well said - I'd have been all over this years ago if Nike decided to pay attention. Too bad, so sad


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A895 says:

This may be awesome when I get a Moto X. I need a fitness tracker for real, I need to stay in shape.

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dadathepanda says:

So this band estimates the calories burned, tracks movement and logs it in the phone. And costs $100. You know what performs the same functions and is already paid for? My GS5!

The panda has spoken

tr-1 says:

Sorry Nike but your total disrespect for Android (based purely on relationship with Apple) is why I will never buy your gadgets. I like your sneakers but that's about it.

OmahaPlaya says:

Love Nike gear but they pisssed me off with the lack of Android support and now they do this when they are getting rid of the hardware division. Smh.

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ultravisitor says:

Gotta find a way to move all that inventory now that the band has been discontinued, I guess.

technomom says:

Fuck 'em. A day late and a dollar short.

OOO wow thanks Nike for final coming over to android right after you said that you will discontinue making the fuelband. i guess that apple money you will be getting soon must be nice.

uultramann says:

I think this was more of a stunt to sell the remaining inventory of their FuelBand SE devices.

I am also hoping, however, that this is a sign that Nike+ sees a future with Android, more specifically with integrating their API into Android Wear, especially with the rumors of next week's Google FIt announcement.

Mr McScooby says:

So no support for V1 bands and you can't even access the app without turning bluetooth on, what a waste

wpmetts says:

So the app only supports those devices..?? Kinda lame of Nike..

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evoben24 says:

Too late for that I'm just gonna get the moto 360

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GWaLL13 says:

Screw the fuel band, it's a toy with a ton of useless information... Go with the Up band... Much better investment

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SpookDroid says:

Weren't they about to kill off that Nike product?

frettfreak says:

Screw you Nike. Already bought a fit bit. Too little too late a$$holes

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2 late , sold my fuel band and bought a vivofit