The Anaheim Ducks, Boston Bruins, Buffalo Sabres and Dallas Stars have finally released Android apps. Official apps for NHL teams have been slow to come. Some have had them for a while, but since they're not all developed by the same company, their releases will be staggered. These four teams are developed by the same company, so the apps follow a consistent layout. Once you open the app, the home menu will display the most recent media produced by the specific NHL team. Clicking on the Menu button at the bottom will bring up a variety of options:

  • Live In-Game
  • Media
  • Player Info
  • Standings & Scores
  • Link to team-specific arena information
  • Schedule
  • Tickets
  • Promotions
  • Fan Zone
  • More (whch includes About, Preferences, Feedback, and FAQ)

In addition to the recently released apps, please find links to the other official NHL apps after the break. Enjoy puck nuts!

Buffalo 4  Buffalo 5

Buffalo 2  Buffalo 6

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Just a Guy says:

First.......as in if my Blues win tonight at Vancouver they will be first in the NHL :)

thebignoob says:

I registered here just to upvote this.

And I find it funny that one of the best teams in hockey right now doesn't have their own app, might have something to do with no visit's from Lord Stanley.


Salacon says:

Yeeeaaah! C'mon, Blues! It is a shame they don't have an app, too, because I would definitely use it.

reggie18 says:

The Penguins' link takes you to the Capitals' page...I call shenanigans

Sean Brunett says:

Fixed, thanks!

sevy says:

I swear to God I'm going to pistol whip the next guy who says Shenanigans.

pwnst_r says:

Someone could say the same thing to you for your use of "God".

sevy says:

apparently you haven't seen the movie Super Troopers.

theproman23 says:

Hey Farve, what's that place with all the goofy Sh#$t on the wall that you like? Farve: You mean shennigans?

pwnst_r says:

You should have quoted! *adds to queue*

sevy says:

gotcha...sorry lol

Good call

Lanhoj says:

Your link to the Vancouver Canucks isn't quite right ... it goes to the Developer's page instead of the App itself.

yankees2323 says:

Go Rangers!! First place!!

radgatt says:

i guess the carolina hurricanes suck too bad to have an app

maddog2727 says:

Buffalo Sabres take center stage on an android site. Awesome.

agree Its a great thing to see

Nosferatu524 says:

GO Devils! No app but oh well.

Anyways NHL fans, I picked this wallpaper up a while ago. I've been using it for weeks and haven't noticed any extra drain on battery compared to a non-Live wallpaper.

If you like your NHL team check this out.


icebike says:

Would be nice to have a single app that you could just select a team from the pull-down menu.

That way you could check out the opposition that will be coming to town, or dig up player info on impending trades.

Probably harder to sell that to the team's front office I imagine.

Woooo Lets go Buffalo!!!! Good job way to give the B-lo some love!!!!

MitchRapp says:

Canadiens. not Canadians...

There is an unofficial app for the devils.

Give me an app like the Mariners did with the Nintendo DS's? a while ago. Let me order my food from an app at the stadium and have it delivered to my seat so I don't miss any action.

demonjrules says:

Lets go DEVILS!!!

svenEDGE says:

This post makes it sound like these teams JUST came out with these apps. Maybe the other three but after looking at the Duck's app it says it was last updated on the 2nd of February...

aflores1285 says:

Nice! I can't wait for my Colorado Avalanche to release their app!