T-Mobile Samsung Nexus S

The Samsung Nexus S is now live on Google's phone page, and we finally have full and official specs. Let's break 'em down:

  • Carrier: T-Mobile
  • OS: Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • Screen: 4-inches @800x480
  • Processor 1GHz Samsung Cortex A8
  • 512MB RAM, 16GB ROM
  • Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • GPS
  • Near-field communications
  • Size: 63mm x 123.9mm x 10.8mm
  • Weight: 129 grams
  • Camera: 5MP

What we don't yet know: Will it be unlocked? And how much will it cost, where can we buy it, and when can we buy it. Inquiring minds want to know, Google! [Google.com/phone] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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tim242 says:

Gingerbread is the only thing to get excited about with this phone. Well that, and this is the first phone from Samsung that can count on timely updates.

Droid King says:

Ikr. iWant One, But On Sprint.

mhmmdy123 says:

I wouldn`t be excited for it after my wife she dropped the HTC EVO for the EPIC,she`ll have the new year holiday and it seem it`ll be one more phone out there before she`ll get her update for the EPIC,
I`d say thanks to Samsung but no thanks.

miniZ says:

I was looking.. There is no headphone port. What the poop.

mhunter995 says:

I was about to comment on that. You think its an error? Cause i don't know of a single android phone without a headphone jack.

Beatnik says:

Look at the back of the phone photo on lower left, isn't that a headphone jack?, Anyways, I'm not sure but looks like that.

Gallery page shows it on the bottom of the phone next to the micro-USB port.
Don't you guys explore?! O_O

miniZ says:

Just looked at google.com/nexus. It says there is one (Thankfully!). Google.com/phone stated there wasn't. Confused me majorly.

Beatnik says:

YES it comes with headphone 3.5mm jack, look at the SPECS HERE:

frozencloud says:

it's there on bottom with an hdmi mini port i think. http://www.google.com/nexus/#!/gallery

flybass says:

anybody else finding these specs a little underwhelming?

flybass says:

anybody else finding these specs a little underwhelming?

Bla1ze says:

Ugh! Availability - T-Mobile (United States)

frozencloud says:

As i stated in another post, THank you Santa for 2.3, but middle finger to you Santa for not having the Nexus S on another Carrier!

dtreo says:

The timely updates feature is one of the only exciting things here. EVO running Gingerbread is more interesting to me.

Speaking of those two, why are the standby times so different when you click to compare those two phones (and even the Epic)?
Standby time (max)
Evo 146 hours
Epic 780 hours
Nexus S 428 hours

WhoIsThis says:

Trust me on this one - the standby times on the Epic do not live up to their claims. And I standby on Airplane mode a lot.

- Samsung Epic Owner

Lets hope that the standby times on the Nexus are that good.

dtreo says:

Would you buy the Epic again? Wonder when you'll get Gingerbread?

hmmm says:

Think I would still rather have the Nexus one. I like HTC phones better. So much for people saying this would have a dual core proc. We prob won't see those till June if even then. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the end of 2011 or mid 2012.

I like having the desktop and car docs for my N1 that use the contact pins rather than microUSB. I don't see the NS having those, although they exist for the Galaxy S.

No rush to replace the N1, probably will stick with it until Google stops supporting it.


It's unlocked! At the bottom...

derickso says:

Yawn no A9, no dual core, and no keyboard... neeexxxttt in line please.

I am less excited about this phone now and am happy with my Epic. What I am excited about is how easy it will be to port Gingerbread to othe Galaxy S devices, like my Epic!

sctwinslow says:

Hopefully this will help the other galaxy s variants get gingerbread sooner (yes I know I'm dreaming). At least I finally got froyo on my Epic.

txtmikhail says:

i guess the Galaxy S will be getting 2.3...
the specs are the same to me..

dachiefmizzy says:

So its basically a galaxy phone...some minor differences.

jmc2543 says:

And yet again Google.fails to.show CDMA any love. VZ is the worst when it comes to controling phones and.this would of been great to have. Sigh.

uansari1 says:

Blame your carrier. It's entirely their decision. Same thing happened with the N1.

uranidiot says:


icebike says:

Pretty much, yeah.

CDMA phones have to be provisioned by the carriers. You can't just pop in your sim and be up and running on a new carrier like GSM.

If carriers choose not to provision your 3rd party phone, you are out of luck.

CDMA = Ball and Chain. Enjoy.

msgnyc says:

The only thing that interests me with this phone is Gingerbread.
Aside from that, its just another galaxy S phone. Rather just have Gingerbread on my Streak.
Hell, in the one video awhile back when they used it to show off Gingerbread it still had the same GPS issues................

Scottish says:

Unlocked, eh? Can anyone tell me what the AT&T HSPA bands are? This seems to have a lot of bands supported.

Scottish says:

Ah, think I figured it out. Supports AT&T's Edge network but not 3G, if I read the specs right. Can anyone confirm?

frozencloud says:

it seems that way. i guess u can wait a few months for them to drop an AT&T version. But will you even bother with this since the dual core phone will be out.

Why are my comments being flagged as spam?

vinny#AC says:

Some of mine are also.

uranidiot says:


mfriedman79 says:

The question now will be if this device still suffers from the horrible lag that plague the other Galaxy S handsets. Hopefully Google forced Samsung to use a good file system on this one.

diverbelow says:

According to TMO on Facebook, "T-Mobile USA Introducing Nexus S with Gingerbread! After December 16, Nexus S can be purchased with a T-Mobile service plan from Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores in the U.S. Check out this link from the Official Google Blog for all the details." http://www.facebook.com/TMobile

Cool phone lol. I love that new os. Hope my evo 4g get update

vinny#AC says:

I want this device. Have the Nexus One, have to get the Nexus S.

Mptrh336 says:

The 1900 and 850mhz bands are both listed on the specs, will it support AT&T 3g?

uansari1 says:

Only for Edge.

Rafiboy05 says:

hope my Galaxy S gets an update too.

GameBoi says:

So spec wise, whats the difference between this and the Nexous one? I see the front facing cam, but what els? I was hoping for Super OMLD.
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sookster54 says:

A recycled Galaxy... and only 512MB ram? phones in 2011 will start releasing with 1GB ram.

Jerzyiroc says:

BOOOOORRRIINNNNGG.... WTF man. I expected something groundbreaking like the N1 was. This is just another Galaxy phone with Gingerbread... Yawn..

uansari1 says:

No dual core AND no HSPA+? I would have been ok with one of those being left out… especially since HSPA+ speeds, while nice, aren’t all that noticeable in real-life testing (based on my experience comparing my gf’s G2 with my N1). I really would have liked to see the Orion in this though… and 1gb of RAM would have been nice.

I’m not sure if I’ll buy this anymore. Certainly won’t be pre-ordering or buying sight unseen like I did with the N1.

yes, the bestnews of the day. im switching to t-mobile. im for sure gonna get the nexus s

matthiasj says:

I won't be picking up the Nexus S. I'm sticking with the N1 until the Olympus releases on AT&T

itmustbejj says:

MyTouch 4G with working CM6 > Nexus S.

Can the unlocked version of this run on Sprint?

uranidiot says:


ALUOp says:

No 720p? OMG!

GQ50 says:

Wanna know what you ladies/gents think. My 16 yr old son asked me this while we were talking abt this new Nexus phone. Do any of you think Google will make a Nexus version phone from each company? I mean HTC= NEXUS 1, now Samsung= Nexus S. Who's next Motorola= Nexus M? Just thinking maybe this is their way of putting out new OS for ppl to get excited abt...idk.

icebike says:

I was wondering the same thing.

They might be wandering the favor around to each of the manufacturers in the spirit of playing fair with all the Handset Alliance folks.

Or maybe only Sammy could meet their price/feature specs at this time.

Sammy is everywhere with the S series, so it is possible there will be versions for all the major carriers soon. It might have been that Samsung was just in the right place at the right time.

mavricxx says:

I can't beleive Google put its stamp on an inferior phone! This phone should have had been done with the BEST specs available meaning- dual HD cams like the LG STAR (also with 1080p recording), USB 3.0, HDMI out, Dual core processor, 1gb RAM, Expandable memory- via MicroSD card, 4G and World bands so those of us who travel abroad constantly don't have to be using a different phone if we switch SIMs. Also, if they made it with world bands it would expedite fabrication as they don't have to make 2 or 3 different phones, this is practically the MyTouch 4G with a slightly bigger screen, Gingerbread OS and no 4G!