Nexus One

You read that right, folks. The update to Google's Nexus One that we thought would just be a basic 3G fix instead has been loaded with other goodies, including:

  • Google Googles will now be baked into the ROM.
  • Google Maps is being updated to sync starred items and search suggestions with the desktop version, and it automatically switches to night mode in Navigation to make it easier to read.
  • The aforementioned 3G fix.
  • And pinch-to-zoom. (Squee!) Yes, multitouch in the browser, gallery and maps.

Keep an eye on your notifications bar, which is where you'll be alerted that the update is ready for you. Google says it will be rolled out gradually (sorry, that's just the way it is), and that you might not get the update until the end of the week. Let us know if and when you get it! [Google]


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Nexus One update bringing pinch-to-zoom, Google Goggles, updated maps, T-Mobile 3G fix


Lets hope they do it very soon! Unless they really REALLY wanna piss off 99% of their customer base.

Updating the N1 BEFORE the Droid is a quick way to send people packing to the Pre+ or one of those new WM7 phones that we are hearing so much about.

I am thinking that the droid will get this and the only reason droid has not been updated yet is to include all these goodies!

I guess since S. Job's comment about Google, Google said fuck it lets piss him off more. Multi-touch that Nexus!! Show 'em who's bullshit!!

Awesome!! Now all they need to do is release the N1 on Verizon and I will have it on release date within the first 5 minutes!!!

I don't like pinch and zoom. Its a gesture that uses 2 hands/2 fingers. Double tap with the thumb in one hand is pefered. I installed the Milestone multitouch broswer on the Droid and it is not good at all. While scrolling and zooming in the fonts become a little looked cheep and unfinished.

I demand a new picture for this article. Wife says no more phones that aren't activated so I have to live vicariously through others until I decide what to sell :)

Anyone has any idea when we are getting 2.1 on droid. This is driving me crazy. I want dynamic wallpapers and pinch to zoom and night mode in maps :D

Complete BS... The Droid is fully capable of this (obviously, Milestone). Google knows that MT is one of the biggest features missing from the Droid (and most demanded)...yet they ignore us for the N1 first? Aren't there more Droids on market?? Would seem to make sense to update where the money is at...

The Droid is sold and marketed by Verizon, The Nexus One is sold and marketed by Google , so the Google phone will ALWAYS get the updates and improvements 1st, this is why I waited and bought the Nexus One !!!

Updating the Nexus one before even giving the Droid 2.1, I guess that shows that Google will be slowly abandoning other devices for their phones only. Which company is evil again?

If comments had a troll rate, I'd use it on your post.
This update was expected to address 3g connectivity issues. They threw in a couple extra goodies.

I'd put money on your being an impatient droid owner (wait for 2.1!) or an iPhone owner.

edit: didn't notice the stars! updated as such!

Impatient not at all. Update all your other phones first before the latest one. For all the talk about Motorola updating the phone. Google has to give 2.1 for Droid to Motorola in order for them to do that, no worries, I got stars for you to friend.

Google doesn't have to GIVE anything to ANYONE. It's ALL there in the source tree .. all Motorola has to do is download, hack anything they want into it and push an It's NOT up to Google.

Google updated their branded phone .. so let's bitch at Motorola for lagging .. not Google.

Google doesn't update the Droid, Motorola does. Motorola is the only one that can update Motorola's phone, Google has nothing to do with the rest of the phones not having the latest OS version. In case you don't know, every phone wether is a Google's Experience phone or not needs to be updated by each manufacturer, because of drivers,etc. The difference with the Nexus One (I think) is that they have complete control over it, or at least more control than the rest, hence the N1 gets the latest updates very quick.

Now let the games begain, let's see what the iphone fanboy's will cry about next I guess the mp3 play will be next for a update. Nexus one will be if not now the iphone Killer!!!

I'd be willing to bet that the 2.1 delay for the Droid was because of these features being implemented. Hopefully we will see it soon.

YES!!! I'm so excited, hopefully there is multitouch in the keyboard too. If that is there I'll be able to type much faster.

Multitouch is already enabled on the N1, they are now just implementing pinch to zoom, I know that because I can type much faster than on my MT3G, and I tend to drag my fingers

if ive rooted my device, will i still be able to receive the update? if not, is there any way of unrooting it?

To: all the people complaining about "The Droid".

Rather than being happy that a) Google has flipped off Apple B) This means we will ALL get MT soon as a native part of the OS .... You have decided the best way to celebrate this awesomeness is to complain.

Please rethink your position on this sweet sweet announcement and react appropriately. Thank you.


P.S. No, I don't have a Nexus One. Yes, I do have an Android device so I see this as a win for everyone.

So you want me to rethink my position... ok done that

You think that one phone that is not yours getting an update is a win for everybody? Thats like saying the Saints winning the Superbowl is a win for everyone who is a fan of any NFL team, seriously?

The point here is the Droid is more popular, has sold more units, and was out before the Nexus. You don't want to update the Droid till all other phones are running 2.0? I can deal with that, but this is just a slap in the face to all other android phones that are "the google phone" for shame.

his point is that until MOTOROLA rolls out the update for your phone, complaining about what Google does is moot

Motorola is the reason you don't have an update yet, not Google

There are many comments in this thread that you can use to educate yourself on how the OS updates work for Android.

In the event you don't have the time to read them I'll provide the short version: Google does not control, under any circumstances, when your phone receives an update. Google simply builds the OS. It is the responsibility of your handset manufacturer and cellular service provider to then ensure that OS has the necessary components (Drivers, Ect.) to function properly on their network. After this is completed, your handset manufacturer and cellular service provider then work together to push that update out to the masses. This is where the Nexus One varies, You may or may not have heard the phrase "Google Phone" thrown around while discussing Nexus One. What that means is despite HTC building it, despite T-Mo being the service provider, Google is the company responsible for the OS beginning to end.

What does all that mean to you? First, Google isn't snubbing you ... Neither is Verizon/Motorola for that fact. For all you know this could be the 2.1 update the Droid is getting which leads me to my next point. The 2.1 update Verizon/Motorola has promised you may now include multi-touch. In case I'm not being clear, prior to today, you (Droid) were not getting multi-touch and now you (Droid) may be get multi-touch.

So I stand by my original statement in saying stop crying, stop being short sighted. This announcement benefits ALL Android users.

While this is most likely the case, if the 2.1 update comes to the Droid without Multi-touch then there will appear to be no reason for the waiting, so we shall see who is right, lol

What's with the gnashing of teeth over the Droid and Google? It's a Motorola phone with a Verizon ROM, and firmware updates come from the manufacturers (check the Hero). Don't blame Google, blame Motorola and Verizon.

Another example: Google delayed Android releases in China, but Moto is moving ahead with it.

Agree, I think people are confused about the update process. Google has no control over the OTA update of phones that are not the Nexus One, is all about manufactures and carriers.

Does the Droid's version of Android have some sort of Motorola customization like HTC's Sense UI that would require Motorola to do some additional testing first?

Likely, it'll be included in the 2.1 update for the Droid anyway.

Moto was given the freedom to build Android from source just like anyone else. I do believe they are under some sort of clandestine midnight agreement to keep it vanilla, but that's another discussion.

Now that native multi-touch is in the source tree, Moto is free to build and distribute it as they like. If nothing else as soon as the new source is checked into the public tree, anyone can rebuild vanilla 2.1 for the Droid and include whatever they want. Cyanogen already did this for the Nexus One.

Moto needs to build this (I'm betting they already have), test it in house, send it to Verizon for their in house testing and approval, then decide the options for distribution.

Google on the other hand, only has to test in house and release. That's the plus of them providing the support for the phone.

Apple and Google officially hate each other now. The only reason multitouch wasn't enabled in the US had to have been Apple. Why else would it be enabled by default in EVERY OTHER COUNTRY?

Wish I could agree with that. The problem is that there are Android phones now in the US that have this feature already. Another thing, the Droid has MT which is used by certain apps from the Market. I would think that if this was the case with Apple vs Google thing, that Google would not have implemented the ability into their OS for the US market.

But the phones in the US that do already have this are using 3rd party solutions. HTC built and added multitouch, not Google.

I know, but what I'm saying is if there was some sort of "Apple infringement" with the MT that Google would not have included the ability in the Android OS to begin with (for the US market at least). It makes no sense that one company does it but the other doesn't. Motorola for example, they permitted the functionality in the Droid but only certain third party apps can presently use it. In EU though, they have fully integrated the ability in the Milestone. I don't understand this 'pick and choose' or why Google doesn't explain any of this. I know I'm not the only person confused by all this. :P

I'm willing to bet this "no multi-touch everywhere but here" has everything to do with US Patent infringement laws. Gotta be.

Laughing at the Droid owners. (but in a good way) You guys think you have it bad, I have an Eris. :)

May just be stuck in 1.5land for a looonnnggg time. You guys will get your update.

Jesus, would everyone just relax!! They just friggin released this. Holy crap we really do live in an "immediate satisfaction" society.

I have a Droid and I don't want this update until it has been fully optimized for the device. If Moto/VZW released a buggy version of this, then you all would be complaining about it being rushed (ala BB Storm). Give it some time.

This must mean its all out war between Google and Apple. Bony to be default in safari etc I guess.

Now, what N1 needs is some way of getting sense.

It is just a phone. Taking it as a slap in the face just because the N1 got an update first just shows your stupidity. Get over it, you will get 2.1 when MOTOROLA decides to give it to you. Until then take a chill pill and quit complaining and speculating on it. I am a droid owner also and could not care less when I get 2.1. I love this phone as it is now.

The only reason the Droid doesn't have the update yet is obviously because Google is still adding a fix for the whining bug/problem that seems to exclusively effect Droid users.

Seriously, the Droid is 100% Motorola and Verizon's responsibility.

The Hero, which is HTC's responsibility, is still on 1.5 for god's sake, and you Droid people still whine....

HTC Hero running 1.5 here. Waiting.... waiting.... waiting!

Wondering how long it takes Sprint to test the 2.1 update for goodness sake. Sense UI or not!

Come on Sprint, give us some 2.1 love!

Good stuff Google, giving customers what they want.

Now how about letting us install apps to the memory card and have an on/off setting for the censoring of swearwords using the voice to text.

So nice to be able to comment. Engadget won't let me. Cry babies

Nexus One owners with 3G woes will start having their prayers answered today as Google has announced an OTA will begin shipping today.

Great! Worked on the first go. I used Astro to rename and move the file. Adios Dolphin browser. 10 more MB free. I thought the trackball was going to change colors for different notifications, but I looked today and in the users guide it just says the ony other color is blue for when you're using bluetooth. It's a shame that I can't customize it to show green for emails or yellow for text messages, etc. As far as the 3G problem being fixed I'll have to test it out today and get back to you. Now if only I could buy a Car Dock. Any day now...

Awesome! I would immediately purchase this if I don't have an iPhone yet. Or it's better to have both? I'd be totally stoked if that happens. :)

The pinch zooming on google maps is great, on the gallery I love it, on the browser, not so much. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the update, but unless I'm missing something the screen text doesn't auto wrap. In this case, bigger doesn't mean better. I'm sticking with the dolphin browser which had pinch zooming on 2.0.1.