Nexus One

Let's just get down to it: Gizmodo got some leaked screen shots that show Google selling the Nexus One Phone (looks like that's gonna be the official name, btw) for $529.99 fully unlocked and $179.99 with a two-year T-Mobile plan. And if you do go the T-Mobile route, you'll be signing up for an $80-a-month plan, data included.

Nexus One pricingAlso, the desktop dock that we've seen go through the FCC will run for $39.99, and the car dock we just saw will cost $49.99.

More fine print from Giz:

  • Existing T-Mo customers can't keep their current plan if they want a subsidized phone.
  • The subsidized price only works on accounts with single lines. Family plans, Flexpay, SmartAccess and KidConnect plans must buy the phone at the full $530 unlocked price.
  • You can onliy buy five Nexus Ones per Google account.
  • Looks like it can be shipped outside the U.S.
  • It'll be sold at
  • And if you buy the Nexus One at the subsidized price and cancel before 120 days have passed, you have to pay the difference -- $350 -- or return the phone to Google.

One big question we have involves availability. Will the Nexus One be available at brick-and-mortar stores? Hopefully we'll find out before the Jan. 5 event.

Update: Engadget has published the entire terms of sale -- note that it's for the "Passion," so that question also is answered. (Warnings: pdf link; and legalese ahead)

Update 2: More discussion and a poll going on in our forums.


Reader comments

Nexus One reportedly $530 unlocked, $180 if you roll with T-Mobile


I think I'll take the plunge. I'm sure I can get a good penny for my MotoDroid or just give it to my girlfriend. I was a TMo customer back in the day and their service wasn't bad.

If it wasnt so much unlocked (I know itis the usual price for a non subsidized smartphone) Id consider it and activate it on VZW... but ill stick with a subsidized droid when I can upgrade soon.

You are aware that it's a GSM only affair right? It will only work with T Mobile or AT&T. And the 3G bands are only for T Mobile.

If it wasnt so much unlocked (I know itis the usual price for a non subsidized smartphone) Id consider it and activate it on VZW... but ill stick with a subsidized droid when I can upgrade soon.

well if they only give u 500 min. will we be able to use our Google voice number to make free calls?? that wouldnt be soo bad...

if google converts the price directly to pounds this is going to be the steal of the centuary, £350 (with US 5% sales tax), I know you in the US think this is expensive but compared to the UK you get your phones unlocked (read: uncrippled) at prices that could be considered an impulse buy, for a phone, here.

unfortunately this never happens and it will most likely end up being arround £550 which is what happens to every product which is brought to our shores, hey it probably won't even be sold here anyway or we will just get it when you guys are getting the 'nexus two'

So I have a family plan meaning i'm fcked for subsidizing! Nice wait to hit me in the ass for being a loyal customer with 3 lines. That's BS! IF we buy it from google does that mean we can't get Tmobiles monthly payment plan for the phone either? This makes no fcking sense. Tmobile has a chance to land a good phone and they are whipped like red headed step children by google. Unbelievable.

I feel the same way. I've been with t-mobile for the last 5 yrs and have been drooling over this phone ever since the pictures were first released. i think its complete crap that I will have to get out of my family plan to get a reasonable price for it. $530 for a phone. GTFOH. is this a misunderstanding? cause I don't understand

I wonder if they will have as many customers as they would have if they open up for family plans and other upgrades. It doesn't make sense for such restrictions. I am also f'ed because I just returned my Behold II after my 14 days and now I don't have a phone....

Even if upgrade phone for another 2 years contract for $250 I would get it. With them requiring data plan on this phone, they are milking it big time.

And also TMO's add is just weak. Their price is not 1/2 but may be $10 cheaper. Plus their new cheaper rate has a catch... not discount phones.

Hmmm...with those terms (no Family plan, can't use existing plan, $530 unlocked) I don't see the point. Sure, it's a nicer phone than my G1, and maybe it'll even be usable (my G1 is extremely sluggish) but this deal is not compelling at all.

Not from Google but this phone is nothing more than the HTC Passion/Dragon which has long been rumored to hit Verizon after the new year.

Hmmm, I might have to make the jump from Sprint to T-mobile, wonder how they are here in Florida. Oh and with Sprint increasing fees I can get out of my contract ETF free!

umm, they need to work on this if they want to sell this phone, no one is gonna pay that much for a phone(well it better be hella nice with no probs or lags), forget it, I'll just get an iPhone and unlock it. Or I'll just wait for the next gen iphone this summer, hell I waited this long to be disappointed.

why wouldn't anyone buy it? it's $180 on contract and $500+ off contract which is pretty much the standard prices on high end smartphones these days.

And just how did you come to this conclusion? There aren't any ads for Google displayed on the phone aside from the usual Android markings, the phone is being sold at a subsidized and unsubsidized price just like every other GSM phone.

eh i'll only get this if it comes to verizon eventually. tmobile sucks with coverage for me so it's not even in the cards for me to switch to them.

Can't get the subsidized price on family plans, locked into one plan, and on T-Mobile which has horrible coverage where I live. What a joke. Guess it's Verizon and the Droid for my family and I.

In the entire terms of sale PDF, there is a misprint on page 2 and 3. It states "if unlocked device without service plan is $429 USD and the price you paid for the device was $179 USD with a service plan the equipment recovery fee will be $350. Lets do the math (350+179=529) and notice the lack of USD after $350. Makes this document a little unbelievable or Google's lawyers a little sloppy.

What I'm most interested in knowing is, will this available in a Tmobile store? I don't like buying things online and individual Tmobile stores sometimes have varying prices that may dip below the suggested retail price

Im so mad i was looking forward to my 2 year upgrade and now I cant get this because i have a family plan this BLOWs.... I might just wait for the HD2 then

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I got tmobile family plan too and I don't get it. I was just about to order an upgrade and I don't qualify. This makes no sense whatsoever. Maybe it's some sort of a dumb marketing gimmick.

I am really pissed at Googel....being on family plan and treat me like a scum bag for not giving the phone to me since I am with T-mobile for 5 years....why does it matter to googel if I am on family plan or not...i guess if any of u Google marketing ppl reading this then listen after my contract finishes with T-mobile ...i am going for iphone...i was folowing the Android release for last one year and finally decided to take the plung and upgrade to Google phone but u screwed up big time...sorry google and sorry t-mobile for no fault of u r's....

does anybody know who we should call or email to complain? i cant believe i waited this long and now i cant even upgrade because i have a family plan. i pay t-mobile for 4 lines, how in the world could they justify this, what a stupid idea, somebody really should get fired for making this kind of decision.

btw i have 3 G1 phones on my account, i was one of the people that pre-ordered it before it was even released. what a great way to treat your loyal customers Google, HTC and t-mobile.


I just went to

and told them I am not happy. Being with TMO over 10 years and had just gave up my behold II that I waited since I learned about it to upgrade to this and to find out that I am not eligible because I have a family plan is just BS. Family plan people count for about half of TMO customers and if they upgrade together, they can sell at least 2 phones in on one plan.

Plus, each line will have a data plan requirement. That is another $20 - $30 each line.

Plus they will have double the chance to puchase apps and without these apps, Google will not be able to compete with iphone.

What they heck are they thinking when coming up with these requirements?

So if everyone write and tell others to do the same, I am sure they will reconsider.

How the hell did Tmobile land the two best phones of the year (nexus one, and HD2) Seems like a waste on a network with such limited coverage area. Verizon needs to pull their heads out.

This sucks. I have family plan since 2004. I wanted iPhone .... i waited for this one and I can't get this? I will now go to AT&T

Guys - I'm in the same boat. 8 year customer. Pissed as hell about this slap in the face.

If we make enough noise, they might do something about it. Call Tmobile and escalate. Email them. Also please sign the petition by googling (LOL) 'Tmobile Google Nexus One family plan petition'. There are 1850 signatures so far. That's a good start.