Nexus One FRG83D update

The Google Nexus One just got itself a little update. It's still Android 2.2.1 -- no Gingerbread yet, folks -- and the 1.3MB download looks to be a bunch of patches and bugfixes. We've poked around it for a few minutes, and here's what we see:

The Froyo framework has been patched, as has the applications debugger. When we look at the system applications, each has a small patch, but Vending (the Android Market, which is now at Version 2.12), the Google services framework, and the GoogleEmail application (not Gmail) has a larger patch in place. There's also a small patch to the stock recovery.

So, no Gingerbread yet, but this this likely is an update to get us ready for it. For the direct download link and more discussion, check out this thread. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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icebike says:

But how does it affect us?
Is tethering killed?

Are there any user describable changes?

jj1814 says:

I just did a check-in and received notice of a two-part update. Installing now...

icebike says:

Hmmm, it generally takes Google over a month to push changes OTA to all Nexus Ones, and if this change is in preparation for Gingerbread that means it Gingerbread can't start pushing till a month from now, and won't finish pushing till well into January.

suizman says:

You can force to search for updates using this *#*#2432546#*#*

That doesn't actually cause the update to happen. I always try that a few times before I give up and manually do the install.

jj1814 says:

maybe you should say "doesn't always..." As stated above, I forced a checkin a few mins after this article was posted and got the update notice

Eric Schmidt said the next few weeks, I'm think its going to come out a few days before Christmas.

Gone24 says:

@icebike a month? If i am not mistaking It took about a week or two for froyo to be pushed to the N1...

techh10 says:

so i never got it what were the changes in 2.2.1

Paul627 says:

Must be nice... Nexus customers are already getting updates on Froyo and I'm still waiting for my upgrade to Froyo! Come on Sprint/Samsung!

Tried to play a video I shot with nexus on my computer and there was no audio. Wonder if it'll fix that.

Try playing the movie in VLC. It should work, which probably means you have an audio codec issue on your PC stopping the audio from playing on whatever application you initially tried with.

Sound works fine for me!

That's the media player I use and it wasn't just my computer it was also my brother's. And when I emailed it to myself and opened it on my nexus it still wouldn't play the audio. Thanks though.

fangorious says:

I got this on my MyTouch 3G on Monday.

nexusberry says:

I think I'll just wait for gingerbread, CM 6.1 till then

No brainer

Anyone know if this kills this RATC exploit to gain root without unlocking the bootloader?

Hope so. Crap like that is more reason for manufacturers not to sell unlocked phones.
lol. True, but not the answer he was looking for.

alexisrud says:

Does this kill root again? I am not downloading until I know?

icebike says:

Kill root on a nexus one???

hotkoko says:

Cant imagine the Moto DROID 1 is going to get update

dtno9#AC says:

Anyone think they are ever going to fix the calendar bug? The one where it invites you to your own event?

icebike says:

Never ever saw that happen.

vinny#AC says:

Damn, I love my Nexus One. This thing does it all.

swallowevil says:

wifi tethering still works, on it as we speak.