Nexus One desktop dock

The first official accessory for Google's Nexus One Android phone is now available. The desktop dock goes for $45 directly from Google. (Click the "Get your phone" button then scroll down to "Accessories.")

Strangely enough, you don't actually get to see the dock when you're ordering the thing. You have to go to the Nexus One technical specs for that. And there you learn that the dock will automatically launch the clock app. From there you can:

  • Check the local time and weather
  • Set and clear alarms
  • Watch a slideshow of your photos
  • Play music
  • Dim your phone's display for nighttime use

The dock also comes with a 3.5mm-to-RCA cable so you can run it into your stereo, if you so choose. No word yet on any Bluetooth capability, or on the rumored car dock. Do note that this dock does not sync the phone with a computer. [Google]

Update: Sure enough, the printable user guide (pdf link) confirms that music is transmitted from the phone to the dock via Bluetooth, and then it can be pumped into your stereo. (Nice find, jdmoore81!)

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bofabses says:

Is there any possibility this could become compatible with the Hero?

Candace says:

I guess it could via bluetooth. Only thing is, is that the N1 is definitely larger than the Hero (CDMA) so I don't know how it would sit in the docking station...

z0phi3l says:

Doubtful unless the Hero has the metal contacts on the bottom like the N1

jdmoore81#AC says:

it has bluetooth capability i just read the user guide found and go to printable user guide at the bottom

Rick says:

No way to order more than 1 at a time.

jdmoore81#AC says:

i just ordered mine will post once i get it at leat it relies on the contacts instead of the actual usb but we will see how those contacts work over a 6 month time it could easily quit working due to dirt

Usman says:

Um... in which case you clean the contacts?

Anonymous says:

I was hoping for landscape mode.

Pinkmatic says:

usefull accessory I just ordered mine

Dan C#WN says:

awwww no video out?

Anonymous says:

Wow, they came out w/ this before the 3g fix...Thanks google for your awesome support.

I hate the N1 and can't wait for the iPAD.

Anonymous says:

Do you seriously think they JUST started working on this? Are you stupid?

Anonymous says:

what about the phone function while in dock? answering call and such?

Anonymous says:


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