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Three UK has announced that it's begun stocking the 3G/HSPA version of Google's Nexus 7. The ASUS-made 7-inch tablet will be available from today at Three retail stores and the network's website -- although the device isn't anywhere to be found on Three's site at the time of writing.

Three says it'll sell the 3G Nexus 7 for an up-front fee of £49.99 on a £19.99 per month contract, which includes a 5GB monthly data allowance. Spec-wise, you're looking at the same Nexus 7 we've known since June -- stock Jelly Bean on a 7-inch display, with 32GB of storage.

The 3G Nexus 7 has proved successful in the short time it's been available. The device was briefly sold out on the UK Google Play Store before more stock arrived this Monday.

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Nexus 7 3G now available from Three UK


I've rang Three, tried getting hold of one, but the release is now held back until tomorrow (Friday 30th November).

Also the deal isn't £19.99 for 5gb, but is £19.99 for 15gb per month. Not sure on contract duration, but probably 18 or 24 month. £49.99 upfront fee is correct.

The data allowances may be generous but not essential for most. The cost of these devices over the 2 year period of the contract just doesn't make sense, but havaing said that it nay do for some.

I have got hold of a Data only Micro SIM from 3 with 3Gb of data valid for 90 days, I will see how long this lasts before I consider what data allowances I need for the future and if you shop wisely these can be picked up from between £10-20

These devices seem to be in short supply everywhere at the moment. Just contacted Three enquiring about the prices.

These are 24 month contracts

£25 per month and tablet price of £49 total £649


£29 per month and tablet price of £29 total £725

Sorry if I'm missing the point but you can by directly from Google at a one of cost of £239 with something like a SIM only data card on a 30 day rolling contract starting at £7.50 per month available from most of the carriers these days

This would add up to a more palatable £419 over the same 2 year period.

For this reason I'm out.

Google can I have 1 Nexus 7 3G please