Nexus 7

It's that time of year where we start seeing some great deals on smartphones and tablets. We saw the Nexus 4 go up for a "discounted" (if you don't count the Play Store price) $499 yesterday, but we have a deal here regardless of what you compare it to. The Nexus 7 has been around long enough that we're starting to see it pretty consistently discounted on various sites, but the savings here come from your ability to save on shipping (and often sales tax as well) over what Google Play charges. Might just save you 10- or 15-percent overall.

Take a look at the source link below if you're interested in grabbing one of these at a great price.

Source: 1 Sale A Day


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Nexus 7 32GB hits '1 Sale A Day' for $249.99 with free shipping


I thought that the 32Gb is 249.99. The 32Gb HSPA is 299.00. I am not a member to see which one they are offering. But with the title that you have it sounds like just the WIFI model.

its the wifi model. someone must have just looked at their MSRP claim and assumed it was the 3G model... which is kind of a silly thing to do after yesterday's "$800 MSRP" Nexus 4.

We got one at Staples too and used the $25 off coupon. The Nexus was not included in the exclusions.... (did I really just use included and exclusions in the same sentence....) mehh

Aw man... I paid $249 for my Nexus 7. And here I could have gotten it for $249? Of all the rotten luck...

Depends on the state. From what I remember it's like NY and FL. At that point you can get it from the many NY retailers like J&R and B&H (which has it for $5 cheaper) if you don't live in NY and don't want to pay tax. I would at least trust these guys over 1SaleaDay.
1SaleaDay has pretty lousy customer service (and only by e-mail) from my experience while J&R has been pretty good and you can reach them by e-mail, twitter, and on the phone.

Can someone find a place that sells this for more than $250? Do they let anyone post articles now? NOT A SALE! Many places had this for less than $220

Andrew...this is not a discounted price. This is the same base price you can get the device at every other retailer, and other retailers also offer it with free shipping. And even better, you can WALK into a store and purchase it and have it right then and there.

1 Sale a Day has some "interesting" deals from time to time, but this one isn't that big of a deal. Most of their stuff is Refurb, and they are S L O W to ship.

So...regular price is a deal? I just got mine for $230 (free shipping, no tax) from Buydig, and it's been in the $215-225 range after discount/coupons at some online stores (office max, sears). If you want a deal, pay attention to, not here I guess.

Double fail. The price sucks and the link you provided is worthless without registering for an account with 1saleaday.