Nexus 5 vs. HTC One

Two different approaches to making a great phone

Each time a Nexus device is released, it garners quite a bit of attention. And rightfully so, when Google releases its own phone once a year it's a pretty big deal for Android enthusiasts. Once the dust settles on all of the new device news, we start to compare it to other top-notch devices that are at the top of everyone's minds.

We kicked things off with a comparison that most were drawing before the Nexus 5 was even released — the LG G2. Next up, I'll be looking at the Nexus 5 side-by-side with one of the most popular devices of the year, the HTC One. These are very different devices, each with their own strengths — let's take a look at how they compare.


Nexus 5 vs. HTC One

It's hard to disagree that HTC set the bar higher than any other manufacturer when it released the HTC One. The solid metal design is crafted with extreme precision, and feels just about as good as it looks. On the other end of the spectrum, the Nexus 5 is definitely a plastic phone. While the white model we have here might be a bit more noticeably plastic with its glossy edges, in either color you won't get the premium feel of the HTC One.

The Nexus 5 fits a larger screen into a nearly identical footprint

There are slight differences in ergonomics as well, with the HTC having large bezels to accommodate capacitive buttons and BoomSound speakers, as well as a top-mounted power button that can be difficult to reach. The Nexus 5 fits a larger screen into a nearly identical footprint as the HTC One, and with side-mounted power and volume keys can be a little easier to manage in the hand.

We're still convinced that something is magical about the screens HTC sources for its devices. There's no better example of this than the SLCD 3 panel used on the HTC One, and we find ourselves using it as a benchmark for what all screens should look like. At 4.7-inches and 1080p resolution it's insanely crisp, and even though the Nexus 5's 5-inch 1080p screen has drastically improved over the Nexus 4, it just isn't quite there yet — the One still looks a touch brighter to our eyes, with more accurate colors. We're happy to say you won't be disappointed by either screen.

The HTC One still takes the cake in terms of look and feel for a smartphone

While we can see the merits of both designs, if you're not put off by the little extra weight of having a metal phone, we think the HTC One still takes the cake in terms of design and feel. There's a level of precision and quality shown on the One that you just don't find on the Nexus 5. We still wish that HTC could have gone with a side-mounted power button and something more traditional in terms of navigation buttons, but it's hard to find any meaningful faults in the One's design.


Nexus 5 vs. HTC One

You're getting very comparable specs in either one of these phones

In terms of the spec sheets, these phones are pretty well matched up. We've covered the fact that the screens and overall sizes are very similar, but there really are few differences at play here. The HTC One uses a Snapdragon 600 processor, while the later-released Nexus 5 has the newer 800, but both are paired with 2GB of RAM and generous storage options — although the One comes out on top by having a 64GB model available in some areas.

You'll be getting 802.11ac Wifi in both cases, along with plenty of sensors you expect and the same 2300mAh capacity Lithium-Polymer battery. The camera specs may be the biggest breakdown in spec differences, but we'll get to that in its own section below. 

The HTC One may have been released several months before the Nexus 5, but these are both completely capable devices from an internal specification standpoint.


Nexus 5 vs. HTC One

Being a Nexus device the Nexus 5 will always have the "advantage" of being the next point release of Android ahead with KitKat, but HTC isn't at all far behind now having pushed Android 4.3 updates to nearly all HTC Ones. Even with the new features in KitKat, there are very few functional differences between what the Nexus 5 and HTC One can accomplish.

Sense 5.5 is a very refined experience, but the Nexus 5 offers something new all together

HTC has put a ridiculous amount of time and effort into making Sense 5.5 feel like a consistent and snappy system, and the work has paid off. Not only do you get headline features like a great camera interface and gallery, but system-level features like better sound output and scrolling. In the end it really has to come down to your own preference here. If you're a fan of Sense you'll feel right at home on the HTC One and enjoy many of the new features — and if you're looking to hop onto the bleeding edge and like that "Stock" look, the Nexus 5 will greet you with a great new launcher, refreshed design and perfect integration with Google services.

While we're comparing the Nexus 5 to the original HTC One that runs Sense 5.5, we'd be remiss in our comparison if we didn't mention that you can buy an HTC One Google Play edition that runs nearly identical software to the Nexus 5. It's only a matter of days before that model receives the update to Android 4.4 KitKat, bringing in all of the same features that differentiate the Nexus 5.

Comparing cameras

Nexus 5 vs. HTC One

The HTC One's camera may be faster, but the Nexus 5 can offer better pictures

HTC's move to a large pixel "UltraPixel" 4MP camera in the One may be one of the boldest moves in smartphone cameras in recent memory. It tried to break the mold of "bigger is better" when it comes to megapixel counts on phone cameras, and with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and some clever post-processing it actually made a compelling argument. The Nexus 5 goes a more traditional route with an 8MP shooter and a basic camera software suite, but keeps the OIS around to help with steadying your shots.

In our head-to-head tests, we found the cameras to actually be very comparable to one another. While they each excelled in different areas, we found they also had an equal number of faults. The HTC One's camera starts up, changes modes and captures pictures faster in any mode, making the Nexus 5 just look sluggish in its time to the first shot. Speed is important, but so is quality, and we found the Nexus 5 to consistently offer better pictures in nearly all scenes.

Nexus 5 camera sample HTC One 5 camera sample

Nexus 5 (left) and HTC One (right)

One of our biggest complaints about the HTC One is the over-processed look it gives pictures, and while we know that comes out of necessity with only having a 4MP camera it just comes off looking wrong to our eyes. In both auto and HDR mode, the One took consistently brighter pictures than the Nexus 5, but did so at the expense of adding lots of processing and grain to pictures — often over-exposing them far more than we'd like.

The Nexus 5 pictures looked more natural, with a better range of colors and accurate exposure

Although it took darker pictures when compared side-by-side to the One, we found the pictures coming out of the Nexus 5 to be more true to life, leaving shadows where they should be and highlighting other parts just the right amount. The difference is even more dramatic in HDR+ mode, which seems to gather a drastically better range of color than the HTC One's HDR mode.

For all of the great results we've been seeing out of the Nexus 5, it still comes up short in terms of speed and versatility. There are far more adjustments, shooting modes and options on the HTC One that can help overcome the limitations of a 4MP camera, and in the end the one that's best really comes down to your needs. The Nexus 5 better suits us because we're looking for the best possible image quality rather than versatility, but that may not be the case for everyone.

The bottom line

Nexus 5 vs. HTC One

In the end it's hard to argue against buying either one of these phones today, even though one is a handful of months older than the other. Across hardware, software, specs and camera quality, the Nexus 5 and HTC One are very comparable, each one edging out just slightly in different categories.

If you want some of the best phone hardware (Android or otherwise) out there today, you still can't go wrong with the HTC One. And with the latest Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5 update, and KitKat on the horizon (and even closer if you choose a Google Play edition), you're getting one of the best software experiences as well. The camera isn't on the bleeding edge as it used to be, but you're still getting a capable shooter with tons of software features to back it up.

In terms of pure value, the Nexus 5 comes out way ahead at $349 unlocked, or even at $399 if you want the bump in storage. It also offers a refreshed and redesigned software experience with fantastic Google service integration, as well as the best camera performance of any Nexus phone to date.

Between these two phones it's a toss-up on which one to get, and it really comes down to which features suit you best. In either case, you're going to be getting one of the best Android phones available today.


Reader comments

The Nexus 5 vs. the HTC One


Had a black 32gb HTC One and didnt really care for it. I would choose the 32gb N5 over it any day.

Posted via Android Central App

That's exactly what I did. Went from 32GB One to 32GB Nexus 5. Not looking back

Posted via Android Central App

Owning both silver 32 GB HTC ONE and White Nexus 5. whether it's about UI (Sense 5.5 vs Stock Android) or Design (No gap full Alluminum body vs Plastic) honestly there's no other phones out there now can compete with the ONE

The only thing worthwhile on the Htc One is the boomsound speakers that's it.

Otherwise it falls pray to the same montra poor battery life, crappy camera, regardless of 4.3 and so called build quality.

The Nexus 5 and Htc One share crappy cameras and putrid battery life. They could definitely pass for twins when it comes failing where it matters.

Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Firstly, the only thing worthwhile *to you* on the HTC One is the boomsound speakers. Plenty of other people find a lot more things "worthwhile" with it. Just because *you* don't, doesn't mean everyone else thinks the same way, idiot.

Secondly, most of the reviews I've seen on battery life and photos/videos of the HTC One have ranged from average at worst, and above par at best. Besides, what would you know of any of it besides what you too read on the reviews? You've never held it outside of a carrier store, and probably not even inside one given your claims of "never touching [it] with a 10 foot pole". What a joke.

jackiechanwhat.jpg It is his comment, so no *asterisk* are needed to imply it is his opinion. He never stated *everyone* or *most people*

And yet the sentence "The only thing worthwhile on the Htc One is the boomsound speakers that's it" reads like a statement of fact, not opinion. Also, given his overly ridiculous viewpoints and long list of pro-Samsung comments, which sometimes reads as if he'd like to have sex with his beloved Note 3, it's not hard to realize that he intends it as a statement of fact. He says Samsung IS "boss". That Samsung "rules all". That his Note 3 "pimp slaps" all other devices, even unreleased, unannounced, or rumored ones. He makes claims about devices he's never even seen with his own eyes, usually about how they're "useless" or "don't compare" to his all-mighty Note 3, or the Note 2 before that.

I take issue with assuming I want an embarrassingly large phone with poor build materials and negligibly different battery life. Each will suit a different kind of user.

Posted via Android Central App

LOL beside the camera and battery size what else Samsung can beat the ONE? Maybe it's about its budget of advertising campaigns. Touchwiz is lag and delay like hell. more features??? they are just jokes. where on earth one can find it useful in real life. to me NO GAP and NO LAG of the ONE can be called ART. it just got the award for the best phone of the year last month anyway

I have owned an s3, an s4 and an HTC one. The one, for me, just delivers a WAY more solid experience. Touchwiz is ok, i dont really mind the colors too much, but performace compaired to sense 5.5 is pathetic! The camera on the s4 was better in most cases, but other than that, i enjoy the hell out of the One. I find that most people that bash on the ONe, either a: have never owned one and think their en expert becuase they read a few reviews, or b: owned it for a week, begrudgingly and with prejudice, then took it back before the return period was up and got the Samsung becuase they have seen it marketed more. Not saying thats what everyone has done, but i would bet its an extreme majority.

Sorry but you missed some points, i own both a 64gb One and a 32gb N5 and the One also has a nicer IPS LCD display than the N5 of course my One has double the storage capacity

Posted via Android Central App

Hate to break it to you, but Samsung makes phones that work great.. For a while.. Give it 6 months and it starts to malfunction, slows down like I'm using a G1, bearly manages to load contacts in 15 seconds and is overall, total Shit!

I bought an S3 last year and it's one of the worst decisions I've ever made! My old HTC desire running gingerbread still works faster than this godforsaken phone!

Trust me, HTC has it's shit in order. The user experience is more importantly than stuffing your phone with useless "innovative features" that users will use barely for a month.

bad battery ? on my htc one i regularly 25 - 27 hours a charge cycle this is not poor battery life lol

You are comparing Smartphone with Phablet that shows how matured you are...
And if nothing beats Note 3 why did you read this story and thought "I need to Comment on this ".....

"putrid battery life"???? I very rarely get less than 20 hours out of my battery on my HTC One and I'm a medium to heavy user so I'm not sure where you get that.

The front, stereo speakers seal the deal. The HTC One GPe FTW.

Posted from my HTC One GPe via Android Central App

Yeah, that is a MAJOR thing to leave out of the comparison... sound. HTC clobbers the N5 and pretty much any phone out there. Also left out dark/night shooting comparison in the camera comparisons in which the One will, of course, win. But he also left out the wireless charging- one advantage of the N5 (other than price & updates).

Performance is likely to be about the same. For the price, the N5 does a very good job of approaching the One in several areas, but I think it still trails behind in most metrics (screen, build, design, sound), as can be seen by this review.

I mentioned the improved sound quality. And mentioned that you're getting BoomSound speakers as a tradeoff for larger bezels. The sound is better, yes, but that may not be quite the selling point that everyone thinks it is. Same goes for wireless charging — yes the Nexus 5 has it, no its probably not a selling point for many people.

And no, the One does not "of course" win in low light photography. In my time with both phones (had the One several months now, the N5 a week) the Nexus 5 does better in low light than the One does. Better processing, less noise and the same amount of blur from using HDR. As I said, the One isn't the leading camera it once was — it was good when it launched, but other phones have taken its recipe of good HDR mode and OIS and done it better with higher megapixel counts. The low-light pictures I've taken with the Nexus 5 beat it, and both are destroyed by the LG G2.

You see, this is why I like Mr. Martonik. After he post his thoughts or information, he goes to the comments section to answer questions or explain why he wrote what he did. I see him do this more often than other writers. The only other person I see do this as often as him is Chris Chavez from (thats one funny dude :-D). Great post by the way, and please continue the great reviews.

Posted via Android Central App

Other reviews and comparisons clearly indicate that the Nexus 5 camera noticeably falls behind the One's in low light. So pardon my skepticism at your conclusion.

Well this post isn't meant to be an aggregation of "other reviews," it's meant to be our findings of using both phones extensively and doing head-to-head tests.

Just because the One has been heralded as a top-notch camera with excellent low-light performance doesn't mean that another phone can't be better. UltraPixels and gimmicks aside, the One has a 4MP camera that over-processes its images and causes weird artifacting, especially when taking pictures in low light. The Nexus 4 5's HDR+ mode doesn't have any of these issues, and has double the resolution with an 8MP camera to cut down on grain. Side-by-side comparisons that I (and Alex in his camera testing) have done back this up, and that's what we can say here.

After owning the HTC One since its release, I have used its camera extensively. I will say that from a hardware standpoint the Ultrapixel tech "appears" to do as intended. I've seen it collect light on its sensor that I couldn't see with my own eyes. I've owned 3 HTC phones so far and ALL of them in my opinion, have been handicapped by the software. In low-light, they are doing post-processing that really isn't necessary, especially given the OIS it has. Its like they're trying too hard to prove how good the low-light prowess is. The results don't match up with the EXIF data? In ample lighting it seems they are trying to get 6MP LOD out of a 4MP image, along with inconsistent color balance, focus, and saturation that seems too low. When using the flash, the results are good IMO. I hope they can get the software perfected to do their technology justice.

Posted via Android Central App

I would have to agree. It's the software not the camera. Its HDR mode drastically overexposes the highlights.

Posted via Android Central App

I have both of these phone and was surprised to find that I agree the Nexus 5 camera takes better overall pictures than the One. Most reviews/opinions don't agree and Josh derided it on the Verge podcast last week, and I makes me wonder if they've actually spent any time with these cameras.

Posted via Android Central App

THIS!! I have a One, and while the sound from the speakers certainly has more range and clarity and is better quality than most phones, its not one of those "i have to have this phone" features, and it certainly isnt any louder than most other phones. Just better quality sound.

Clobbers pretty much any phone? Ummm you're pretty much an HTC fanboy alright. Thanks for the laugh.

Not at all. I just say it like I see it. Besides, my comment was specifically about SOUND. You think there is something better than the One for sound????? By all means, share it with us.

As for as overall (which is not what I was saying), if there were something better it wouldn't matter to me who made it. I have switched brands before and likely will again.

I have to agree with OP regarding sound. I have both the One and Nexus 5 and there is no comparison. As for all other phones, is there one you have found that sounds better than the One's front facing speakers with 'boom sound'?

The sound from the Moto X is pretty darn good and it's louder than the HTC One especially when you put the phone down on a table. The placement of the speaker on the back was probably a better decision than putting it on the front.

I don't know if this counts but I rooted my S4 and went into the system settings and raised the maximum volume. The phone is so loud that it scares me sometimes when it rings. The volume now is way louder than the HTC One but there's a degradation in sound quality and I'm probably ruining my speakers. Also, the mic on the S4 is substantially better than the HTC One even without being rooted.

Actually, I disagree. In the night shots that I've seen, I far prefer the Nexus 5. That's actually one place of strength for the Nexus 5 camera IMO.

Lot more detail and color (even though the blacks are not really "black")

Htc one is damn overrated because it's metal body, i don't care much about build quality i always case up my devices.

Posted via Android Central App on my VZW 4G LTE GS4

No, they make them for tards who are attracted to shiny things, and use their phones as fashion accessories. There's nothing 'premium' about the aluminum on the HTC One, or any other aluminum phone. It's just marketing hype. The Nexus 5 has a solid, plastic shell that will last just as long as the Nexus One will, and for about half the price.

Wow, the One is for tards? What, are you 12? The One feels more premium than the 5. If you think otherwise, you're out of touch with reality man. Get a grip.

The relevant question here is, is the One ACTUALLY more premium than the N5? No, it isn't. If you go bareback with either one of them and drop them onto a hard surface, you're pretty much boned either way.
It's just that Apple did a masterful job of convincing legions of mouth breathers that a phone made of aluminum was more 'premium' than one made of plastic. (And then they went and released a plastic phone themselves, but I digress.)
Unfortunately, this nonsense has spilled over into the Android world, and so phones are given much more attention than they deserve, for absolutely no other reason than they are aluminum. If this phone had been released in a plastic shell like the S4 or N5, nobody would've given two sh*ts about it. That makes it a fashion accessory, much like the iPhone.

WOW, you sound like a real Nexus fanboy....The Nexus 5 is a really nice device. But I'm not wanting a top of the line device made out of plastic. That's just my opinion. HTC really set the bar high with the "ONE". Excellent screen/build/sound/interface. And HTC has really done a GREAT JOB with updating their phones to the current Google updates. The regular HTC ONE will never update as fast as any Nexus device, but it will update faster than all others. Both phones are pretty evenly matched, but I'm willing to bet that if the Nexus 5 had the same build quality as the "ONE", the Nexus would win this comparison by a wider margin.

You mean if the Nexus 5 was aluminum, it would win by a wide margin. It's just too bad there are so many idiots who have been brainwashed into believing that aluminum = better build quality.

I know, whatever happened to call quality, usability, battery life etc.

When weight and 'how good it feels in the hand' are more important rating categories you know the human race is doomed.

I really hope not. Love my gs4 and its common knowledge that urethane's are better suited for a mobile application.

Being durable doesn't make something premium. To me, the One is made of more expensive materials using a more expensive manufacturing process, thus it is more premium. Does a Ferrari hold up better in an accident than a Camry? Hell no. The Camry will fare better. Is the Ferrari more premium? Ha.

It is more premium because it is more expensive to make, but isn't any more durable. But yet, it has a better build quality?

This kind of f**ked up logic keeps me awake at night. Consumerism at its worst.

You should watch CNET's torture tests on the One. They threw it out of a moving vehicle onto a road twice and it still worked fine with not much to show in cosmetic damage either

Posted via Android Central App

How is that "test" relevant to anything? How many people are going to throw their phones out of a moving vehicle?

People will say or use anything, to validate their purchase, lol.

Posted via Android Central App

You are being silly. The idea is very simple. If it stands up to extreme violence it will easily withstand casual mishaps.

My HTC One slipped out of my pocket on to the floor (about 20" drop), and the silver frame is badly dinted. I dropped my old S3 from 5 feet on to concrete and it fared much better. Aluminium is a terrible material for a phone as it is too soft.

I'm really pleased I purchased a Nexus 5, as the overall experience is better than the HTC One. The only thing better (in my opinion) on the One is the speakers, but I never use them as it just annoy people around you.

Have these ****** even had the ONE for 1 whole month? or they just listened to other ******* COMPLAINERS? Honestly Sense 5.5 is smooth and has classic + luxurious + premium looking ever. I just wish everyone had a chance to experience the ONE for at least 1 whole month then they would recognize how it was made either by accident or luck or hard-working from the company

A lot of people do care about build quality though. Just because you don't, that doesn't make the One's build overrated.

Overrated??? It only made forget about the note 3 and LG G2 after having both as an option... The phone is IMO the best android experience hands down..

Posted via Android Central App

So then when those phones get kk they'll run circles around the n5. Nice

Posted via Android Central App via bad azz VZW LG G2 ROOTED!

With worse specs and less optimized software? I think not.

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

By the time those phones get 4.4, the N5 will be on to the next iteration of KK.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

Unless you have actually been paying attention to ANYTHING AC has written or even actually READ the article your commenting on This article was link in THIS review)

GPE HTC one should have KK within a week (15 days from original release). Dev edition WITH SENSE within 30 and Carrier versions around 90 days.

Yeah.. wow. crappy HTC with those really crappy update times right? Totally see what you mean.

Oh I've been paying attention. I also know those are dates when HTC has said they will push updates to carriers (which isn't guaranteed to be met) and then we have to wait for carriers to approve them, and we all know what a picnic of a process THAT is.
Meanwhile, Google has on several occasions released updates within a couple months of previous release for bug fixes, etc. So yes, there is a pretty good chance that the N5 will get an update before the HTC One hits KK.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

Ya know, I've come to expect 95 percent of Verizon's customer base (registered at Android Central) to bash the Nexus 5, simply because it's not available on their network.

People love to bash what they can't (think they can't) have.

Posted via Android Central App

It really does, I set it to ART mode since I turned it on so not sure if its because of it or 4.4 in general but I have yet to have a single app crash yet on my N5, thats something I cant say about every other phone Ive reviewed including the N4, HTC ONE, Galaxy S4 or more.
Like someone said above the HTC ONE build is indeed over rated somewhat (beautiful but not without its faults) as you still need a case on it just as much as any other phone you dont want a shattered screen from a drop. That and the fact that the metal build kills performance when the phone heats up. I did tests when I had a review unit sent to from HTC and performance dropped nearly in half when the phone heats up from gaming. Keep in mind that Im talkin about playing graphic intensive games like Real Racing 3 for an hour or 2 which alot ppl wont do but it does happen and is also why no reviewers talk about it as they never push phones when they test them like I do.

A metal chassis which can dissipate heat more effectively than plastic causes it to overheat worse than plastic? I'm not seeing how that's possible. Was the CPU throttled? What was the reading for the internal temperature?

Edit: How did devices composed of other materials faire in your stress testing?

Posted via Android Central App

I was thinking the same thing. What he's positing defies basic physics. There's a good reason they make CPU heatsinks out of aluminum and not plastic.

KidAndroid's HTC One gets hotter because he's one of those "everybody" who toasts his phone with a case wrapper. Of course it won't dissipate heat as efficiently. DUH

Erica (AngelofMusic1989 - check YouTube) did tests showing that the One stays cooler than the GS4, all thanks to the metal build you disparage.

Go buy a computer/laptop and play games lol. i still dont understand why on earth ppl use phones to rock heavy games and then complain. what the point of shrinking your game feelings into a 5" screen?

Says the guy that can't afford any of the phones requested for comparison, lol.

Posted via Android Central App

In my own opinion, these are the two sexiest phones on the market. I love my One, but if I were to choose any other phone, it would be the N5. Even though that would mean paying Verizon an ETF.

The htc one is still the best, there is still no phone that beats the htc one yet

Posted via Android Central App

Except the ones that do. Like the N5 with a bigger screen, better camera, faster processor, less bloatware...

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

Bigger screen does not equal better, except for those who want a bigger screen. For those who do not, a bigger screen equals worse. I can't understand people who treat their personal preference as an absolute.

But it is a bigger screen in a slightly smaller package than the HTC One. I don't know anyone who wouldn't prefer that.


Believe it or not (and I'm sure you won't), there are those of us who can discern the difference in pixel density. There are actually times when I wish the screen on my One was sharper. Apart from that, I can position the One in my hand in such a way that I can get full travel on the screen; I can't do that with - for example - the GS4, simply because the screen is too big (total footprint aside). I'll readily admit that this isn't the case for everyone, but for some hand sizes, 4.7" is perfect, regardless of bezel size.

If all else was equal, sure. But the screen on the One has better color and contrast. I played with the N5 at Sprint this morning and while the screen looks good by itself, next to the One the screen just doesn't look as good.

Agreed. Feels like almost every argument is cause by personal preference.

Posted via Android Central App

Bigger screen is a matter of personal pref. Bigger screen in smaller package is an almost universal win.

Then there's the better camera, faster processor, less bloat side of things...

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

But in the One, the smaller screen leaves room for Boomsound speakers in the same footprint. For some people, that's a good trade...

Posted via Android Central App

I don't technically own a One. I'm currently using a N4. However I bought a One for my 17-year old son. He is into music and it seemed a perfect fit with the fantastic stereo speakers.

What I found was that the phone is just badass all around. It's the smoothest Android phone I've experienced yet. The bloatware accusation just doesn't apply to this device. Sense 5+ is extremely slick and integrated and has more visual and design consistency than stock Android and way more than Touchwiz. There aren't a lot if extraneous apps and features either. I even like BlinkFeed though I wish HTC had allowed it to be turned off from the get-go.

Regardless of the arguments about premium materials the One is the most fully realized Android phone yet, in my opinion. I used to hate Sense. Now I'm a fan.

Your glib and shallow dismissal of the One is foolish. Unfortunately, I'm beginning to expect such black and white commentary from you as you try to shout down anyone with a dissenting opinion. Coming from the West Coast I'm tempted to chalk it up to the boisterous East Coast attitude. That would be too easy. I now am of the opinion that's it's simply a character flaw.


Probably one of those Jersey types.

To non natives it's clearly perceived as obnoxious character flaw.

For natives, it's highly regarded as a natural part of the pecking order.

There's something shallow and glib about having a better camera, faster processor, larger screen in smaller chassis, faster updates, etc?
I didn't say the One was a bad device, it would probably be my first choice after an N5, but the N5 is a better device for the features people use most often.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

I take it you don't have Sense 5.5 yet.. just wait, it's amazingly better.. especially BlinkFeed :)

I completely agree with you - overall, the One is imho the best allround phone ever made.

It's hard to find ppl like this. totally agreed. and yes 5.5 fixed A LOT OF bugs from 5. I cant wait for the 6. good job and hard work HTC. got my respect.

What Nexus fanboys call bloatware, most people call features, which are sorely lacking on the N5. It doesn't have a battery percentage in the taskbar! I'll take my One anyday over the plain, vanilla N5.

I am not taking either side of this fanboy war. But no percentage in the task bar... Come on dude... There isn't an app for that or anything. Smh.

A native battery percentage indicator is a simple, highly popular feature that every manufacturer short of Google puts on their phone. A 3rd party hack pales. It's stupid of Google to not have this as standard in 2013.

Posted via Android Central App

It's not a 3rd party hack, it's an app. And on a scale of 0-10 for features, that rates about a 0.2.
That this was what you chose to build your case for Sense around is sad.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

Exactly. And like actually knowing the exact percentage of battery left makes a difference. From a visual stand point the task bar looks less cluttered with less numbers.


It's not an exact amount either, it's a calculation (and not a perfect one) and subject to change. I'm sure you've NEVER seen that jump five or even ten points in the span of just a couple minutes. It's a nice option to have, but it's not all that precise... And certainly not something to mess your pants over. I think most people would take a better camera over a battery percentage guesstimate.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

Well I'm not sure about that. The camera is what it is and hopefully they'll improve the N5 camera because it's still not going to replace my NEX F3 anytime soon. As far as processor and bloatware, If I don't use the software, I could care less if it's there, I disable it, processors only matter if you are pinning the core to max, which again is subjective. Bigger screen is nice, but everyone says the quality of the screen is nicer on the One, I personally don't know as I don't have a review unit.

How would you rank the N5 against the HTC One Max then? out of curiosity.

IMHO S4 trumps the One in every area hands down but speakers (s4 speaker still amazing). Not sure how you feel so confident otherwise.

Inferior screen, build, software, native storage, low light camera performance, OS update speed...

Posted via Android Central App

OIS has always been mentioned in the camera specs for the One, just Google if you don't believe it

Posted via Android Central App

Yup. The htc one has OIS. When it was omitted on the mini, we understood. However not being on the one max was a bummer.

Posted via Android Central App

I actually spoke to a CPW rep yesterday who recommended the N5 over the HTC One purely because the One is getting a little old now.

Wrong call.

Best display, best sound, best UI, most innovative features, best design/build/materials.

Nexus 5
Best cheaper alternative at regular pricing if sound issues resolved.

Best UI and most innovative features... Ooh you are going to have to back that claim up somehow because I am just not seeing it. I would take stock over sense any day. And Moto X features are most innovative in the smartphone market today IMO.


I'm not a huge proponent of cameras on smart phones, but I recognize that for much of the market it is a very big deal. I'm a huge fan of the Nexus experience, but I would never buy a GP One over a stock One, that camera hit is too big.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

yeah. Puzzling. One of the few phones I would (and did) give a 5 to.

9 months later, still the best consumer Android phone on the market IMO, and the one I recommend to most people when they ask.

Agreed. I actually scrolled through these comments to see what was up with that? Where did this rating come from? The One has been almost universally praised: 4.5 out 5, 9 out of 10, etc.

Not to pee on anyone's parade, but.....
The GS4 has the hardware of the HTC one (processor anyway) and removable storage *AND* a removable battery.

I went GS4 because of those two things.
it might be the last good phone with those.

AND plastic AND tons of bloatware AND a worse screen AND less storage AND worse speakers.

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

Not always, especially when some companies partition their storage only allowing sd cards to hold media instead of apps and data.

Posted via Android Central App

So restricted extra storage is worse than NO extra storage? You have more than 16 gigs of apps on your phone?

No, you shouldn't buy a bloated high cost cheaply made phone with only net 9 GB internal memory.

Naturally one would feel the need for more storage. Those who have read and learned how the Android Opsys and Apps function, know external SD is not the answer.

There remain a dwindling cluster of thick heads who think Google endorses the manufacture of phones with no ext SD because Google is stupid or there is a cloud conspiracy.

Amazing how they and case r & r obsessive battery swappers remain so vocally whining.

Google is against it. Apple is against it. Even MS is against it. That should say something.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

Until your SD card fails or gets corrupted. Which will never happen to your phone's internal storage (well, by the time it does happen, the rest of the phone will probably be dead too).

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

Lets Do a quick comparison in terns of build and without the use of cases.

Plastic Pros-if i gets scrached its very easy to replace and at low cost to the consumer. Its lighter.

Cons-the shiney coating attracts Fingerprints and that for me was annoying.

Metal Htc One

Pro's- Great Premium feel and looks.

Cons-Once Scratched One must live with it, Heavier.

The Plastic option aint the dumbest option and one that i would choose over any metal design, i dont like cases i buy the phone for the whole design and i dont see the point in buying the diguising or playing dress up.

Bloatware perhaps but options for the many and i like bloat along as it doesnt effect performence which it hasnt on all my Samsung Devices the S2, S3, S4, Note 2, Mega, Or My Note 3 all ran smooth.

Screen on the S4 441ppi and Full Hd super amoled was crisp and many many if not all reviews will state that to be accurate.

Storage yes that was an issue thst did get tidyed up, and with the expansion still better than what was on offer then.

No phone is without its niggles as you can please some people sometimes, but you cant please the people all of da time.

Posted via Android Central App

When you say 'hardware' that means more than the CPU, sorry but choose your comparison terms better. One has better speakers, body and screen than the One, but lacks expandable memory and removable battery like you said. Also some people don't like Touchwiz UI, so it's neither a plus or minus.

Posted via Android Central App

Touchwiz is just awful. As someone who swore by expandable storage and removable battery for years, I can safely say it's overrated at this point.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

I agree about removable storage, but I'll take a swappable battery over a fixed battery and being tethered to a charger any day.

Really? Your system is so old you're still tethered to a charger all day. So 2010-11. It's time to upgrade

2013 high end phones with Snapdragon SOC 's last all day and rapidly recharge. Get with the program!

Battery swapping has OBVIOUSLY become unnecessary and is in fact IMPOSSIBLE for over 75% of all smartphones currently sold with only a couple vocally whining percent actually swapping batteries.

Either get with the program or get together in a single forum and beat your drums in syncopation so as to feel together however it makes you feel. Charged in the wilderness, I suppose.

"Battery swapping has OBVIOUSLY become unnecessary" Really? Worked great for me when I left your girls house early tuesday morning after 20 hours off the charger with my s4 and as soon as I hit my car swapped out batterys for another 20 hours with your mom. :) Chill out.

Both phones are great I like both a lot, If you have never heard the speakers on the one you don't know what your missing our phones are suppose to be media consumption devices the HTC One is awesome when listening to music or watching videos on YouTube or Netflix.

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Wow, THAT'S the One camera? So not impressed. I thought the images would be reversed. One's sky is totally washed out.

The One does not really seem to be better at anything. It does have better speakers, and arguably better build quality. At the cost of a weaker CPU and (apparently) a worse camera. Is that worth paying an extra $200 for?

I had the htc one a few times and loved it (I swap phones a lot) but I thought the camera was terrible

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This just seems bizarre to me. I was under the impression the camera was awesome. That was half the reason I was considering the One. All the reviewers were gushing about the camera.

Those people were gushing about the camera 6 months ago. Ultra Pixel tech has been surpassed since then.

If you leave the One on auto and never touch to adjust focus / exposure and never use any of the advanced settings, the camera is pretty meh. If you know what you're doing though, the One can get some great shots.

There's an HTC One pictures thread on the forums here. Check it out and decide for yourself, I say. At the risk of sounding like a giant fanboy (because I've already defended the One a few times in these comments), I believe that the One has a stellar camera. It's difficult to take a bad picture with this thing.

Well it depends on who u ask ... It's best at user experience... As to why many people like iPhone build quality user experience and fluidity of the phone ... It's damn good ... It has no hiccups.. unlike many other high powered Android phones... HTC one just down right works and looks good doing it ... It's not fair to compare cameras because when it came out everyone oooh and awwwd over it ... Now that oems have caught up everyone wants to dis it... Bit that's all they have caught up with is the camera ... Everything else HTC one has seem to do just as good at 6mo later

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After today's podcast you was mentioning the moto x a lot, any chance of a Comparison with those also, I'm really intrigued by the voice commands but worry the screen is gonna look drab to the N5

Posted via Android Central App

Google took many of HTCs ideas and ran with em .. like they have done before .. I'm am happy to see what HTC has been doing I just hope it "pays" off for em cause they are broke(pun intended) .. I'm couldn't be enjoying a better phone on my Samsung LOA

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah... not really. This phone was well into development by the time the One was announced. The One is a very nice device, but it had little, if any, influence on the N5.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

Really?? have you looked at the new photo app Google made it's all of HTCs or how Google wants to make the notification bar more simple (transparent,black and grey) .. less color in the OS ... Google has always taken hints from oems and Roms.... That's fact and HTC has been one of the major ones they have ....they were the 1st to integrate social media into the OS fb and Twitter as apart of the contact

Posted via Android Central App

How was HTC first to integrate social media into the OS? This I really need to hear...

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

I third that. Love people who write off any phone as a piece of junk because they are enamored by the one they have. Use the n5 then draw your conclusion.


Not true, the One's camera totally killed the birds that were in the sky. Wiped them right out.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

First maybe you should take your own advice. Second the HTC One is much more expensive than the N5. Third learn English.


I own both phones. I bought the HTC One a week after it was released, and apart from a glossy screen, and external speakers that I never use, the Nexus 5 is better. I actually prefer the screen on the Nexus as it is more mat, and the colours true to life.

The Camera on the HTC One (with the exception of night shots) is worse than my old Galaxy S3. The camera on the Nexus is much better, especially with HDR+ enabled.

So as you don't own both, you are the idiot.

While I agree that the One is the best phone to date, I must say you're an idiot for calling the Nexus 5 a piece of junk. It's a gorgeous device, with great specs and cutting edge features. Just because you love the One (which I can understand), that doesn't justify dismissing the awesomeness that is the Nexus 5.

Love both phones, I actually own the nexus 5. Doubted the 5's camera against the One but I always had faith in it!
Definitely a better improvement from the nexus 4.

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I own both the HTC One 64gb with GPe rom and the 32gb N5. The pros of the N5 are obvious and I won't state them here. However the HTC One's LCD IPS display is noticeably superior to the N5s,it looks sharper with more contrast and deeper blacks, making the N5 display look more washed out in comparison. The speakers and sound quality are obviously no comparison but I didn't find the N5 volume or sound quality any worse than other single speaker smartphones I've handled like the Galaxy S3. Im keeping both phones for now and swapping the sims back n forth. My HTC is far more customized for my use and it'll be a little while before the developers release stable builds of custom roms for the N5 that'll have the same options for me.

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I had a black HTC One before I got the Nexus 5 and like both phones. I think the HTC One is a better phone overall. I hated Sense back in the day but HTC really did a great job with Sense 5 especially when they upgraded to 4.3. The camera on the Nexus 5 is better but doesn't have as many as the features to manually adjust the camera to make the pictures you take even better. Even with the compromises that were made to keep the Nexus 5 at its price point, it's still a really solid device. I wonder how good a Nexus phone would be if they didn't make compromises and made the best phone it could make. I think they would sell well.

How are you finding the performance of the Google apps (maps, YouTube, Google+, drive, etc.) compared to the HTC One? Also what about WiFi performance and stability?

Posted via Android Central App

I don't feel like it's significantly faster than the HTC One. There's no perceptible lag on the Nexus 5 but I didn't really feel any lag on the HTC One either. The Nexus 5 has been stable but I have had a couple lockups when I didn't think i was doing anything overly taxing. Everything works as it should on most apps on the Nexus. I have found a couple that are a little wonky but they just need updating to work better with Kit Kat. Wifi, BT, data work just fine. Wifi might not be quite as solid as it was on the HTC One. Overall I really like the Nexus 5 but I do miss some of the things that Sense 5 improved.

I agree with you completely, I have black 32GB versions of both. The One is from AT&T, but is S-off and running ARHD 31.0. Both are great phones and the N5 is fast, with a nice screen and camera and solid build quality. I'm not a huge fan of Sense, but agree that 5 - and 5.5 in particular - is a huge improvement and I run Nova Launcher anyway. That all said, I think the One's incrementally better on everything but the camera, which I find good enough for my purposes. I'm sure the N5 is faster, given the better specs, but I have no problems with the One and the One wins big in one category - battery life. Loaded with identical apps and the same usage, the N5 is getting noticeably worse battery life and without the ability to swap out the battery in either, that seals the deal for me. I haven't tested for real, but I'm hitting 50% around noon and I'd be around 70% with the One on an average day. It doesn't matter when I'm in the office, but I travel quite a bit.

Since oroduction of these two phones are almost a year apart, imo, this comparison doesn't seem fair to either phone. The One is pitted against a phone that was still in development and could be tweeked after the One was finalized. The 5 is pitted against a phone that was finalized while it was in its last stage of development and was not tweeked to stand that much more apart from the One other than house the newest form of Android.

Waiting for the Moto X comparison

Posted via Android Central App

The One is 7-8 months old, not "almost a year." And in the end it has almost identical specs to the Nexus 5, and its still regarded as a top-of-the-heap phone, so I think the comparison is completely valid.

The One was announced in Feb 19th and released Mar...Compared to the N5 Announce Oct 31 and released Nov 1. I count that as either 9 or 10....Or am I completely crazy?

That was the one oddity I noticed in a good article...Takes nothing away from your write up.

Released for sale in early March vs. released for sale in late October, that's 8 months. Even less if you're talking about some carriers. 2/3 of a year is not "almost a year," and as I said I think it's still considered one of the top phones out right now. I think that's the important thing to argue. Even if it's "old," HTC hasn't made anything better and it still stands at the pinnacle of Android devices, even in November.

Andrew I meant no disrespect and you wrote a great article (should have mentioned that in my original post). Your point in comparing the Nexus 5 with the HTC One is valid. And I concede that 8 months is not a year.(I was too lazy to do the math or search the dates of release lol). But 8 months is greater than 6, and in that time especially in the last 3 months, any Flagship phone should at the least be closely matched to the HTC One. Theres no point in hyping it up if its not.
So from that point of view, if I am in the market to buy the best phone on the market right now regardless of price point, Im looking at the G2 and the Moto X. So those are the comarisons that I am looking for. The G2 has already been done.

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I played with my friends nexus 5 and I still prefer my htc one. With nova launcher and most of the critical Google apps available through the play store the nexus device is not as appealing anymore. This is from someone that has owned almost all nexus devices. I especially love the sound quality on my htc one, it fits better in my hands, the calendar/email apps are much more feature rich. Also on T-Mobile having wifi calling is great for traveling abroad.

For my tablet I still go with Nexus every time.

Glad to see so many different perspective on what is essential in a phone. Further reinforces the fact that in the android universe there is no need for the one phone to rule then all. Android is about variety and choices. The whole my phone is the best elitist behavior is just plan silly. I mean for good sakes people are using a dang phone to elevate their status in life. How pathetic is that?

What do I care what phone you use. Do you care which camera I use or if my dog's bowl is made of metal or plastic? Some folks behave like every negative opinion on a feature on a phone like a personal attack on their wee wee size.

But I like my wee But you're spot on with your statement. That's how I've felt about all the Android devices that have come out this year.

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I have both in front of me now. I honestly can't see how anyone would choose the N5 over the HTC One. The screen is lackluster and the phone feels cheap. Cameras are about the same, but the One has far better software to run theirs. And... Lord help me, but I like Sense.

Posted via Android Central App

I can't even get past the One's button arrangement...I have handled both considerably and I don't find anything cheap feeling about the N5. I can't see the difference in screens....The screens on both are top notch.

and to Andrew good article but you referred a couple of times to the release dates being a "Handful of Month's" apart??

The HTC was announced Feb and released in March...The N5 was announced Oct 31 and released Nov 1....Thats 9 month's with the release of the 2014 HTC being what is just a handful of month's away. Just saying you might as well termed it a year apart...Again nice review.

I have the HTC One and almost bought the Nexus 5 on launch when it was 1-2 business days all I had to was press button to complete the transaction. I was thinking I should have but a friend at work got the Nexus 5 and I had the Nexus 5 wallpaper on my One and we compared at full brightness. That's when I said I'm glad I didn't buy it. My HTC One screen is way better and the speakers we won't even compare.
Sticking with my HTC One and I even love Blinkfeed.

Kit Kat has finely tuned the on screen buttons in immersion mode to get the most out of your screen. Maybe you should do your homework. With the n5 you get a larger screen in a smaller/lighter overall package than the One.


Still mystified why most reviewers cannot figure out how to expose by tapping. Or, just tilt your wrist back a few degrees. The default is a little hot when auto metering on the One, sure, but of you take that extra ounce of energy, the exposures are whatever you want them to be. Especially if you tap and lock them. Not that hard really ;)

I too have been spoiled with the Htc one. Amazing build quality and hands down the best media consumption device on the market. The record breaking 468ppi combined with excellent sounding dual stereo front facing speakers makes for one heck of a device. That said I picked up Moto X to try out, and also love it for different reasons. I am now spending some time on the Nexus 5. I will post my n5 vs one vs moto x video when I finish it. Just started a small youtube channel for fun.

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As an owner of both phones, the Nexus 5 blows the HTC One out of the water in terms of both hardware and software. Other than blinkfeed, the volume of the dual speakers (for my alarm clock), the gorgeous flip clock/weather widget, and the ability to create folders in the app drawer, I see no redeeming quality in the One. Plus, the One is riddled with small hardware issues that don't seem like a big deal, but when dealing with them all at once, it's incredibly annoying. Off center buttons, no switcher button, cheap plastic edging that chips easily, black finish that scratches easily to reveal its true silver finish, difficult to press power button, mediocre camera, dust particles in the speakers, I could go on and on. The software is far from perfect too, and a lot of Sense's "features" simply don't work as well as you'd expect them to.
Honestly, the Nexus 5 feels light but premium (more premium than the One, in my opinion) and the software is everything you'd want/expect from it. The One served me very well as a convert from iOS, but it's definitely time to make the full switch to the current gen's best device.

Posted via Android Central App

What hardware issues with the htc one? Mine has none. And if you dont like sense, get a GPE or run a custom Rom. I enjoy the n5 however still enjoy my one.

Posted via Android Central App

Dude, you're joking right? While I respect the Nexus 5 and admire what Google is able to give us for the price, I seriously doubt the majority of us think the Nexus 5 feels more premium than an HTC One.

Seriously. I have both and the N5 is a great phone all around and especially for the money, but more premium than the One? I also have had no hardware issues at all with my One.

Depends on what your idea of premium is. The N5 is noticeably lighter, there is a good argument to call that premium. While I like the aluminum body, some people don't want aluminum.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

Yeah. List a half dozen killer features that you can only get in the One and then just dismiss them. That makes sense.

Give me any phone and I can give you spin both positive and negative. Any phone.

Exaggerate the positive, downplay the negative. The formula used by fanboys and politicians.

I just hate FUD and spin. I'd love to ignore it but I am weak. There's opinion and then there's disinformation. The latter shouldn't be tolerated.

So true. I don't know why they make cars out of metal. Plastic is much better, and durable!!!

Not on the outside, and what is is destroyed in a tiny accident.

Posted via Android Central App

Yes, and like I said, those plastic pieces are what get ripped to pieces in an accident. Who would prefer plastic over metal?

I am glad I downloaded the android central app. I am a huge android fan and as much as I enjoy the article I really love the comments and discussions. If someone where to make a decision without using the phones it would be really helpful to go through these discussions where people have used both phones. You could know about various aspects that aren't mentioned in the article.

Thanks to all of you for that. Great article BTW. Credit to HTC for making android popular even with loyal apple fans. Google also did emulate the amazing 'Zoe' feature from HTC. HTC and its One really do deserve the respect that it ought to get. Moreover, like someone mentioned ,I wonder how a nexus would be if it was a no compromise high priced device. There could be no comparisons whatsoever.

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7 months after the release of the HTC One, we're still talking about it. Hate it or love it, the HTC One has been an important phone for Android and one of only two non Samsung phones to crack the top 10 for Android sales around the globe. While not perfect (and no phone is), I absolutely love this phone and would buy it again.

Not really. I love the Note 3 but it's not pocketable and you have to deal with Touchwiz. It's not for everyone and really is in a class by itself due to its size and s-pen.

You can pick your mic back up.

I also hate touchwiz but Nova Launcher has taken care of that for me. As for pocket size, I haven't had that problem cos most of my pants have dip pockets plus I take it out whenever I wanna sit down.

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Only because it sat on them. Never understood the the whole phablet thing...but ok.

Posted via Android Central App

"It's hard to disagree that HTC set the bar higher than any other manufacturer when it released the HTC One."

While I agree with that 100% I'm concerned about the little impact it has had on the market. HTC has in no way influenced anyone else to make an aluminum device; Not Samsung. Not LG. Not Sony or any of the other big Android players - only Huawei.

From this standpoint, I am really concerned about the future of HTC.

The Nexus 5 looks fantastic, but I'm more than happy with my HTC One. If something happened to it the Nexus 5 would be my #1 choice to replace it, but right now I'm sticking with the One.

I've had my One since launch and I've seen no phone that makes me want to switch (although the G2 is nice).

Nexus 5 has less features, no Blinkfeed, no battery percentage on taskbar (except stupid 3rd party app), worse speakers, worse build quality, worse display, and worse battery life. The only reason I can think of to get the N5 is faster updates, but One will get 4.4 in 90 days. Pass.

In Sense 5.5, you can turn Blinkfeed off. I'd sooner have an optional feature than no feature at all. I love Blinkfeed and use it everyday.

HTC might have tried to set the bar high with the design of the HTC One, but they lowered it again as soon as they filled it with Sense and then settled on that stupid button layout.

I'll take my Moto X over either the HTC One or the Nexus 5.

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Great review! It would be great if you guys did another comparison, this time Nexus 5 vs. Xiaomi mi3. Those two phones are the only ones that use a Snapdragon 800 and cost less than $400.

The only thing missing that I would like on the Nexus 5 that they could have put in is a IR blaster. I haven't touched my TV and directv remotes since I got the One.

I definitely miss the TV app from Sense 5.5. I had everything programmed (tv, home theater, cable box) in two rooms. worked great!

I mentioned in the forums that I usually experience a bit of buyer's remorse when new smartphones are released soon after I purchase a device, but not this time. I'd still get the One today if I were shopping. It'll take a lot for me to part with these front-facing speakers, aluminum shell, stunning display, etc.

The N5 sounds like a great phone, though. There seems to be lots of good smartphone options to fit everyone's preference. I think that's a good thing.

Posted via Android Central App, HTC One

I sold my Silver One to buy my N5.

I loved my N5 but I actually think the n5 is better made (hear me out before you argue). My One looked and felt great but it had various small imperfections, particularly in the plastic. It didn't bother me but I haven't noticed anything like this on my n5. I think after a few days to adjust I prefer the way this feels in my hand.

Posted via Android Central App

yeah its hard to come to the perfection. i had to return 3 times of the ONE to get the almost perfect one. also just got the white n5. if its not about the price. i wouldnt look at the n5. anyway i still prefer the ONE since sense 6 is rolling out

Not sure why anyone bothers to use anything other than pure Google experience. Get on with the program, ditch your useless carrier branded crap phones.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah. Sense 5+ is extremely well-designed. I love stock Android but Sense is great as well. The knee-jerk reaction that all skins are bad really is not appropriate anymore.

You must have never used htc sense. Ive used both htc sense and samsung touchwiz and htc sense is amazing. Yes pure google is great and smooth but when you can add tons of more features and still stay just as smooth then you got something that works. I understand pure google is nice but people like ui phones as you can see from sales. I suggest you try it out before you continue to make yourself sound dumb.

I have the HTC one an I think is a fricking awesome phone so far the best phone I ever owned an I owned a lots of phones !

Posted via Android Central App

I have the HTC One from Verizon. The only reason why I would consider getting a Nexus 5 is the fact that it is pure android experience. I'm not even bothered by who's better at what on the specs side of the phone. IF Verizon or HTC came up with an option for users to convert from Sense to Pure Android and vice versa, I will stick with The One.

And Sammy? Pffft! What a joke!

You can with modaco switch. Switch between the Google edition HTC one (pure android) Rom and the sense Rom

Posted via Android Central App

HTC One is the first device I've had that I didn't get the itch to get something new in 3-4 months. I have no allegiance to any of the manufacturers: I just love this device. Smooth as hell, best screen out there. Perfect? No...some minor annoyances. But still the best I've used.

I agree with the comment on the ONE, I really think it has the ability to almost become timeless in an age where you always look at the new stuff.

I have the ONE for a few months and still love it, absolutely ZERO lag doing anything. I also have been in the IT / Tech industry for quite a while and HTC alway seems to be built really well.

Bottom line is it will always come down to what YOU like, it's your money.

My 2 cents.


I think all these versus articles are comparing the wrong phones. A phone that retails starting at 349.99 shouldn't be pitted up against a phone that sells for $549.99-$600.00. They're in completely different classes. In its price range, no phone touches the Nexus 5. Not a one. It's so good, it gets compared to phones that cost $200.00 more and that's a testament to it's value alone.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm sorry, I personally like the power button on top of my HTC One! I hated the Samsung phones being in the damn way every time I wanted to do anything with my phone, now if I can just do something about those volume buttons. What I don't like is the lack of the menu button on the phone and not getting the 5.5 update the rest of the world received with their 4.3 update, just a bunch of crapware that I had to go back and deactivate but, not remove, which should not had been forced upon me to begin with! That being said, I'm now looking at converting my One to the Play Edition but, I'm curious as to what all I'm losing besides the FM Radio, that I'm thinking I can side load afterwards. Especially since I have to hack it anyways so I can get Play Edition on here to begin with. With KitKat edition, just what all do you lose, compared to a 4.3 version with Sense 5.0 on it minus all the virus/crapware that AT&T infects the phone with, also keeping in mind I have the HTC MediaLink as well? Does the new camera app help/hurt the resulting media when used on the One? Hangouts 2 is much better and has already replaced HTC's messenger on my One in fact most apps updated on the Nexus 5 have been, What about the Mail apps? Dialers? I already know the new keyboard rocks, what about the music/video players, what's even used besides the Play Apps to play locally kept media? What's the deal with the lock screens, can I get multiple logins? What about DayDreams, did Bean flicker change, can you even activate it? What else does one gain/lose?

here in the Netherlands, the nexus 5 and the ONE both cost around 450-500$! So i bought the N5 last week and now its already in a box to be shipped back to the store, i'm going back to the ONE; the camera is way better, boomsound and just the overall feel of the device is just better (seriously the N5 feels like a prototype phone to me --')! And the mail app on htc devices actually supports outlook, so that's a plus too...

I love my HTC One especially my priorities is around music and Beats Audio is the best..
Nexus 5 is great but I want premium experience...

Thank you android central for not making me feel buyer's remorse over my purchase of the One

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If u are a gamer ..u can choke that limit within a week.. even then i have thoughts when ppl say buy 32 gb to make it future proof.. i cant see a sense in that .. cos the hardware will obviously be outdated after 6 months or so..besides with the USB OTG feature u can easily watch any HD movies without cramming up your phone's internal storage.. :)

I have the N5 and will be going back to the one. The N5 is better in different ways but overall I think one is still a better phone. Can't beat the N5 price though.

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Finally N532 shipped! Damn be here wed. That's way better than the Nov. 22 leaves warehouse date that they gave me!

Samsung Galaxy S3

Hahaha...crappy camera. I guess that against the Pureview, some Lumias and Xperias, every camera look crappy. If i want to take photos, would go with my Canon. I own a One, and i am very satisfied with it. It is a Sir Phone.

Reviewer neglected to mention the stereo speakers on the One vs. the one speaker on the Nexus that has two speaker grills.

Ok i cant understand why people are soo apeshit over the boomsound speakers. 90% of outdoor mobile usage ppl use ear phones and for indoor use even my xperia mini speakers sound all fine.. ;)
Ok may be im pushing hard on the last sentence.. bt i guess u can understand where im getting at. :D