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This has been an exciting couple of months for Google fans in Japan. First the Nexus 10 launches, then the 3G Nexus 7, and now finally the Nexus 4. The Japanese product page is up, giving a rundown of everything Google's latest flagship phone has to offer. The hardware looks identical to the U.S. version, pentaband HSPA+ radio and all. The current shipping time is 1-2 weeks, and both the 8 GB model and 16 GB model are currently available.

And good news for those looking to accessorize - order pages for the wireless charging orb and bumper case are also up, however the bumper is currently out of stock.

Source: Google Japan

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piizzadude says:


See ya in 8-94 weeks

return_0 says:

You're such a hater, aren't you…

leroy_sunset says:

How many Yen? The page is showing dollars for me...

fake, its not for sale here in japan. the link just redirect to a product overview. clicking at the buy now redirects to a page informing that this product is not for sale at this time.

Not sure how Nexus 4's gonna work in Japan since they don't do GSM over there.