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Different folks have a different perpective on the Nokia X but if a new report is to be believed, Microsoft will be fixing at least one common complaint in the next generation device. According to BGR India, the Nokia X successor is currently in development and will be getting a dedicated home button like regular Android devices.

One of the issues we noticed with the Nokia X during our review is that the experience isn't totally intuitive. Holding the back button down will get you back to the homescreen, but there's nothing that indicates this to the user. They have to figure it out for themselves. A dedicated home button would be a definite improvement.

Since everything on the Nokia X runs through the homescreen and the adjoining fastlane, the easier it is to get there, the better. Apparently user feedback on this particular topic has seen a common complaint, so it would at least satisfy those folks. But there's a bunch of other stuff we'd like to see Microsoft improve for future Nokia X devices, too. But that's another story for another day.

Source: BGR India


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Next Nokia X reportedly getting home button to fix common complaint


Do you know what forked software is? The Nokia X is actually running Android 4.4, but all future updates will be provided by Microsoft.

Don't want to sound like a hater, but there are better phones out there.

Like the Moto G, which now has a variant with an SD Card slot and 4G LTE, or the Moto E.

I think the purpose of this phone was to get people into Windows at low price points. Once they're in, there is a higher chance they'll invest more into a better windows phone or into Windows apps.

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I can't see people enjoying the experience enough to want to move onto Windows though.

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Well I guess we will never see a high end nokia x phone. Microsoft should allow oems to install the custom user interface from the x on other android phones. So instead of being google certified, it is aosp android with microsoft services.

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I would not be surprised if Microsoft makes a high end Android phone next year. Windows Phone was dying with Nokia's name and now doesn't even have that. I see Microsoft killing Windows Phone after sales drop in 2014 and developer support fades completely. Their only choice will be to bundle their services into this Android fork. Not really anything else they can do.

This is a good entry point for people who are sock of google hooks into everything I think. You can try thuis out and if you like it switch completely over. I doubt it will have much of an impact other than to frustrate people. It just depends which company they become frustrated with, Microsoft(Nokia) or Google...