Motorola is preparing to release an updated version of the Skip, the NFC tag that allowed you to easily unlock your Moto X when kept near. The new Skip has made an appearance at the FCC, manual and all, and appears to be a triangular fob with rounded corners.

In additon to locking your phone, Skip comes with a couple of new capabilities. If you lose your Skip, or any item attached to it such as your keys, you can now use your phone to find it. Pressing a button in the companion app on your device will cause Skip to emit a sound. You can also reverse the function, using Skip to find your lost phone by double-tapping on Skip's button.

While there is no information about a potential release date for the new Skip, it's probable that we'll hear about it during Motorola's event on September 4. What do you think of the new Motorola Skip? Leave your thoughts below in the comments.

Source: FCC, via Droid Life


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New version of Motorola Skip NFC clip outed by FCC filing


I didn't find the original Skip to be very useful. The magnetic one kept sticking to other things. I've got one of the Skip Dots on my desk and never use.

Anyone know if this can be used with other phones and tasker or alternate NFC tool? I'd really like something I can use for location detection around my house as I have a highly customized A/V remote on my phone that I'd like to auto change zones on the remote depending on the room I am in. Tried having dummy WAP in each room but signal varied too much and normal NFC requires too little range. Would love something that could detect you withing 10-15 ft...

I was hoping that the Moto 360 would, help to, replace the need for a Skip. This would seem like the most logical idea, but I get that not everybody will be buying a 360, so skip that thought.

It very well might. The Moto X can set up any non-LE Bluetooth device for unlocking, so I have my Pebble set up as a Trusted device and it works great. I don't have an Android Wear device; are they Bluetooth LE only or do they have a Bluetooth device address as well?

The original Skip magnetic accessory and stickers were just NFC tags, which needed to be tapped against the phone to unlock. This new dongle seems to act as a trusted bluetooth device, much like (but hopefully more reliable than) TrackR. It may still include NFC as a simple means of initially pairing.

I hope it is trusted BT. It seemed like the original skip wasn't very forgiving and you had to be right on with it. By the time you realized it didn't unlock you are already looking at the phone.

If this is, say, $25... I'd definitely get one. I got the original skip, and never use the actual magnetic tab. I do, however, use the sticker dots on my desk at work and on the phone mount in my car.

I imagine it works the same way as any other trusted bluetooth item, but frankly I am almost never connected to a bluetooth device. Even if I do eventually get an Android Wear watch, I might not want to wear it every day. I would definitely use this with my Moto X.

This almost exactly what I wanted as a trusted Bluetooth device. Now I just wish there was a way to set up slide to unlock when bypassing the normal PIN lock.

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I have 2 of the original Skip clips. Both came with my moto x's. I opened one and used it for a day. Not my cup of tea. I prefer to keep my phone on slide to unlock. This new version however looks pretty appealing. I'll definitely get one if my current moto X will work with it.

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I need a few of these for my wife. She looses her keys and then takes my keys and looses them as well. When can we buy this device? How much are they and will it work with any smart phone or just Motorola phones?

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I used the original NFC Motorola Skip for awhile. I still have the Skip Dots on my work folder.

But I'm liking the new Bluetooth Motorola Skip. One of the main reasons I bought a Pebble was because I could use it as a Trusted Bluetooth device for my Moto X.

I'll probably end up with one.