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We've seen this new T-Mobile G1 commercial on TV lately but it just recently popped up on T-Mobile's youtube channel for everyone's viewing pleasure. While the first G1 commercial focused on what the G1 can do, this spot sheds light on all the positive reviews that the G1 has been receiving. You get quotables from all the bigwigs like PC World, Gizmodo, GQ, the LA Times and Time.com effusing praise for the G1.

What's most interesting and hilarious is the subtle jab at a particular Steve who is speechless about the G1. His quote in the commercial:

"                   "  -Steve

Is this Steve Jobs? Steve Ballmer? Perhaps both!? Let us know who you think 'Steve' is.


Reader comments

New T-Mobile G1 Commercial Leaves Steve Speechless


I hate commercials like this. The quotes are always taken out of context. I am a G1 owner and love it. It would have to be Steve Ballmer that they are "quoting" because Windows Mobile is really bad whereas the iPhone is the best mobile platform around. Like I said, I love my G1 but if Tmobile had the iPhone I would have bought it over the G1.