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The admin at the official Sprint Community forums has made a small, but good-to-know announcement about the Evo 4G and the software version numbering.  Sprint says Evos sold in November will have a different software version number than previous units.  New models will have a software number of 3.30.651.2, and older models will have 3.29.651.5.  This is due to a parts difference, and both versions are fully able to get further updates.  No idea what the new part is, but Sprint assures us it won't change the user experience.

If you buy an Evo this month, tap the menu button > Settings > About phone > Software information, and you can check your version number.  [Sprint Community] Thanks, Edgar!

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Better wifi radio to fix reception?

NxTech3 says:

New camera module, to keep up with demands for the holiday season

NxTech3 says:

We got an email stating we can't harvest camera modules anymore because HTC is using a second source for production issues, just like the lcd earlier this year

99accordv6 says:

x3, HTC is using new camera modules.

However, HTC will be pushing out an update mid next week as well as another update sometime in December.

Brandito says:

So far the newest evo's are having trouble being rooted, i believe that's all about sorted out though.

i know using qik on my 3.30 has caused reboots from day one, so could be a new camera and qik hasn't been updated to work so hot with it?

The new Myn's Warm ROM has been updated to the new software 3.30.651.2 and if your rooted, its a great ROM. Well worth rooting, workds and looks well.

deaofly says:

Well sprint is sending me a new Evo so I hope its one of them. I would like to see what the diff is, if I do get one I would put it up to test against my wife's Evo.

Brandito says:

nothing noticeable is different other than requiring a new method for root.

biggest difference you'll notice is 3.30 as opposed to 3.29

leonffs says:

Hopefully a new charge port...My launch evo had to be returned, and my replacement is starting to go now as well.

stoneworrior says:

Funny I am running TwoPointTwo RLS3 and noticed that the software number was 3.30 was wondering if it was a early build release. Just got my answer: )

PHADE says:

With This Software Version You Can Use ShootMe (Screen Grabber) With NO ROOT!!!

Brandito says:


jbsyst says:

that's already possible without root

jfultz14976 says:

My wife got her's Tues (11-2) and has the 3.30!

Mobius360 says:

I heard HTC actually installed a Flux Capacitor into the new version of the first 4G phone.

99accordv6 says:

Deng, I didnt know that. Well that's news to me!

macdonx says:

I have an "old" Evo and my Software number is already 3.30.651.2

Are you sure about the software number change? Hmmmmm

slayerpsp says:

I have a launch EVO software # 3.30.651.2
running Calkulins EVIO 2 ROM v1.5

BigFNj says:

The new EVO has a different camera (making quite a few ROMS not work with it) and it also has an updated HBoot of 2.02

There is a ROOT guide on XDA for it, but its only a partial. The NAND is not fully unlocked and this does cause some problems. At least by following the guide on XDA you can get a custom rom on there and unlock the radio (s-off).

The one we Sprint techs have had the most luck with on the new ones is the "Fresh Android EVO" ROM, as its based on sprints latest software for the phone, and retains SENSE so most customers dont notice much of a difference.

XDA Guide: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=829045
Fresh Android EVO Rom: http://www.androidpolice.com/2010/07/31/fresh-evo-3-0-brining-froyo-to-h...

Enjoy ~J

DavidJ726 says:

I've just picked up an Evo and it has the new version. Everytime I try to record an video or image with Qik the phone reboots... :-( So far thats the only major glitch I'm experiencing

dzuchowski says:

I purchased a new EVO on 11-5-2010 it has:

Software Version 3.29.651.5

Hardware Version 0004

in the article it says " New models will have a software number of 3.30.651.2, and older models will have 3.29.651.5."

So how is it i have Hardware version 4 with the older software?

kkyla says:

I just got the new EVO 4g after the charging port on my old one became loose, wouldn't charge and it could not be repaired. On the new phone when you hold down the screen time out button you get only three options power off, airplane mode,and a restart option that allows you to close alls apps and restart the phone; I miss having the option to connect to mobile network .Also as far as appearance goes a few minor things that kind of bugged me is the way the speaker looks when using the volume keys it seems much more masculine then the older one. The notification bar also seems a bit more edgy looking. My new EVO is not as loud as the previous one I owned either.The camera on this new phone seems to be working better. I haven't really had a chance to see how the camcorder on this one works but, hopefully the videos won't lag like the older phone. Also I can see light under the home screen button its almost as if the screen is not on correctly. Is anyone else having this problem? There is also a problem with the keyboard the cursor (or whatever you call it) does not stay in one place it bounces around the sentence I am typing and its rather quite annoying? The apps in the app drawer are also not in alphabetical order?? IDK Whatevs.