Jabra Freeway


Just a quick heads up that the Jabra Freeway Bluetooth car speakerphone we reviewed last month is now available at ShopAndroid.com. To recap, it's a great way to stay hands-free in the care, with large, easy to press buttons, an excellent speaker with a surprising amount of depth and sultry voices (no, really). The FM transmitter works as it should, so you can stream calls into your car speakers. And as an added bonus, it charges via microUSB, and not the less-frequently used miniUSB.


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New at ShopAndroid.com: The Jabra Freeway Bluetooth speaker


You should update your review to link to the ShopAndroid store. It currently pushes people to Amazon.

Shhh... it's cheaper on Amazon with free Prime shipping...

I just picked this up from Amazon on Monday, and love it so far.

I tried it, I did not like it. The people on the other end complained that, they either could not hear me, or that the quality was very bad.