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New render emerges claiming to be the rumored 'Honami' with specs in line with earlier reports

As is so often the way with new Sony phones, we're treated to plenty of leaks well ahead of any actual launch, and the rumored 'Honami' is no exception. The latest leak comes by way of ePrice and claims to be a press render of the forthcoming high-end Xperia smartphone. In terms of appearance, it looks pretty much in line with the earlier leaked images we've seen. 

Accompanying the image, ePrice also has a bunch of purported specs, the majority of which also fit well in line with previous leaks. A 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, 2GB of RAM, 16GB on-board storage with microSD card expansion, a 5-inch 1080p display with Sony's Triluminos technology and a 3000mAh battery. We're also hearing about a Sony G-Lens for the 20.7MP rear camera, and a BIONZ image processing engine. 

At this point in time, it looks like the 'Honami' will come to town with a heavy focus on photography. It would be in good company too with recent devices from Nokia and Samsung both having serious photography aimed credentials. At this point in time, we're anticipating that Sony's September 4 press conference at IFA 2013 in Berlin may well be the first time we get official word, and of course, we'll be on the ground in Germany if and when we get to see it. 

Source: ePrice


Reader comments

New render appears purporting to be Sony 'Honami'


I want this but in the ultra size. If it is at least leaked before Note 3 is official I'm game.

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You are right.It's a gimmick feature.But I kinda like 3 GB of RAM.

Beside it's RAM.Better have lots of it rather than less.It's not one of those gimmick features which make you wonder why they even exist.

Of course the implementation on the PCB of the phone,plus the manipulation from the OS must be very good otherwise there are pretty much useless.

And of course I am not one of those people how say:"Hey let's make smartphones workstations which will have the ability to do polymers simulation!".

I think there are boundaries

How has it been shown it's a waste? I don't understand that.

Honestly I would rather their be a gig not used then not have the gig you need.

Look no further than the chronic slowdowns and issues of the One X due to not having enough ram if you think too much ram is dumb.

I'd rather have 32GB than another GB of RAM. Not sure why we keep getting 16GB flagship phones.

Posted via Android Central App

Do you think it will be available in the US right away at lunch? If so what carriers?

Posted via Android Central App

That's great! It certainly beats getting released at dinner time. By then everyone is tired and ready to stay in for the night instead of going shopping for new phones.

This is really weird. Once upon a time I could've picked up a Sony flagship like the Xperia S that came with 32gb. Now it seems all their flagships only come with 16gb :(

I hope they change the name

When is it launching in America?

So should I hold off on the Xperia Z for this even though this one won't be waterproof?

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G Lens on a phone? Am I wrong in thinking that is just going to bastardize that brand name?

Sony has spent years and millions of dollars positioning the lens as a 1:1 competitor with Canon L lenses.

Why would they ruin all that hard work by putting a tiny piece of glass on a phone and calling it a G Lens? A quick check on B&H has every G Lens over $1K. How can they call what they put on a phone that will retail at less than $1K a G Lens?

I'll bet the engineers behind the G Lens are super pissed that Sony's marketing department got to use that name.

From my understanding, they're not just using the name for the sake of using the name... the camera in this phone is supposed to share the same technology, in which case I think it's appropriate.

That lens looks really small for a 20MP. Makes me wonder how big the sensor is.

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Yea, I was thinking the same thing. Although I will be super thankful if they avoid a lens the size of the Nokia 1020!

This is the phone I'm looking forward too... I just hope it comes out by November. And hopefully the Snapdragon 800 gets rid of any sluggishness in the camera app. That was really the only complaint that bothered me with the Xperia Z.