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A shot of what's supposed to be the next Kindle Fire has leaked, though we don't know much about what's going on with this tablet. Apparently both a 7-inch and a 10-inch model are planned, but no word on how they'll compare in terms of specs or price. The overall software will be lighter on chrome, according to the source. 

Amazon made a pretty big deal about the original Kindle Fire being out of stock earlier today, suggesting that these new models aren't too far into the future - maybe even next week. One would expect that the next generation of the Kindle Fire would try to be just as affordable as the previous version, but that's entirely up to speculation. 

Kindle Fire owners, are you feeling ready for an upgrade? What would you like to see in the next Kindle Fire?

Source: The Verge

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n0obpr0 says:

The design tho...

still1 says:

I know Ugly right?

3mp3ror says:

I know it's silly to knock something before it's released but... kill it with fire.

If the proportions are correct, it is looking like they have gone 4:3. That ought to make Apple's lawyers happy.

Interface looks like crud too. Definitely would buy a Nexus 7 over that. At least you'll get a camera...


paradox60660 says:

I will order one immediately if it comes with one year free of Amazon Prime.

SurrealCivic says:

Are they still using Quanta to manufacture these tablets?

bbalak says:

If there is no volume rocker, I'll be buying a Nexus 7 for my kid. That's the one thing I absolutely hate about the current version of the Fire.

Calling shenanigans on the validity of the picture. Definitely looks like a repeating artifact on the left-hand side of the bezel and a crap job at hiding it.

photopaul says:

Are you sure thats artifacting or possibly a textured back surface wrapping aroung the edge? Being a Photoshop-er, I know where you're coming from, and leaked photos are always suspicious.

Duffin says:

I don't know, would they really put out a brand new tablet with Gingerbread? I mean, that's a GB keyboard there in the image.

wildkarrde21 says:

They forked Android for their original Fire, so it wouldn't surprise me if they just iterated from there instead of starting over on ICS or JB.

Dirty-Bird says:

Interesting. Looks like Google better confirm that Nexus10 soon. As a person that wants a tablet bigger than 7 inches I will be paying attention to this now. Especially with Amazon's competitive pricing. Skeptical on the specs though. Although, this aspect can be overrated at times it is a factor. Amazon doesn't really have an incentive to worry about it though. Most of the people that buy this will not care what kind of processor this has.

Mac58 says:

If you want a 10 tablet there are quite a few options for our already. If Amazon releases a 10 tablet and you want it go buy it. Google just announced the nexus 7 less than 5 months ago... I don't think they will be releasing a 10 inch variant anytime soon.

Dirty-Bird says:

Quality included there are no options for the price Amazon & Google will sell this at. Just like there were no similar options for a 7in tablet that Google released at $199.

AndroidOne says:

Wasn't it decided that square with round edges is to be the 'forbiden form' for any electronic device. It will be confused with an iPhone or iPod or some other Apple stuff with an i on front of the name. This will be banned for sure...

Any chance it sells on iTarget stores?

briaking says:

Looks like an iPad. Here we go again.

Am I the only one who thinks that X in the center looks like a nexus logo?

Incitatus says:

Maybe I just don't understand, but what advantage would this device have over the nexus 7? Are there fire specific apps? I personally like using the kindle and b&n app, all while still having an actual tablet.

Mac58 says:

The only advantage is the Prime video app which for some reason Amazon has not brought to Android ( because they know its the only thing they have that android tablets do not have access to)

Hand_O_Death says:

Does anyone think the double sided rumor is true? LCD on one side, e-ink on the other sounds interesting but not sure how practical that is.

Mac58 says:

I'm not to familiar with pricing on things like that but it seems to me that would drive up the cost of the tablet. From the kindle fire it seems Amazon is more concerned with cheaper pricing than creating a tablet that is expensive.

Hand_O_Death says:

Does anyone think the double sided rumor is true? LCD on one side, e-ink on the other sounds interesting but not sure how practical that is.