HP Chromebook 11 charger

Still no indication of replacement notices for existing Chromebook 11 owners

While HP Chromebook 11 owners are still being advised to not use their factory chargers following a recall notice, Google has just put up a listing for a new charger in the Play Store. The new charger is still listed as "coming soon" with a price of $19.99, and is very clearly a different design from the one included in the box with the Chromebook 11 originally.

The new charger is also "Chrome" branded, while the original was rather generic looking with no branding. It also packs the same 3A at 5.25V output as the original, meaning that any changes to reduce overheating or fire risk must be done in the new charger's circuitry.

We're still waiting to hear anything official on the resuming of sales of the Chromebook 11 as well as any word on official recall or replacement programs for those chargers, but the existence of a newly redesigned model is a good sign that the wheels are turning.

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New HP Chromebook 11 charger shows up in Google Play


It would be right of Google to give this charger for free to Chromebook 11 users

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Well they have to do something, whether it's give them money for a new charger, replace the old one or just send them this one.

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I don't think Google needs to do anything. HP should send those that have registered their chromebooks with faulty chargers new ones.

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Plenty of companies have issues, don't tarnish all of HP because of one mistake.

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Each phone has a maximum input it can take. Using a 3A charger likely won't charge the phone any faster than a tablet-style 2A charger.

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To the AC crew...

Semi-off topic, are you guys going to give a review for the HP Chromebook 14?

I just picked it up and I absolutely adore it. Just curious what the "experts" have to say on things...maybe a few tips/tricks to using a Chromebook of this magnitude. But yea...it's sweet!

FWIW, I got the 4GB/Free 4G model. Wish it came in black, but I got white because yea...Peach Coral and Turquoise just aren't my thing ;) Oh and finding it at a retail store? Good luck...most Walmarts (which is about the only place to find it at brick and mortar for now) are low if not zero stock. Had to go to about 4 different stores in the CA Bay Area to find one. Not sure if it's so new that they haven't had a chance to stock them well, or they're such in demand.

Funny story however, at one of the Walmarts, there was a "Windows" rep standing by the Windows laptops for sale there. He was the only personnel available at the moment so I asked him about the Chromebooks (they were kind of hidden). He was reluctant but was a good sport about it. So as I was waiting for a normal Walmart salesperson, I overheard not one, not two but FIVE other parties asking him for or about Chromebooks. He just shrugged his shoulders when I gave him a funny look haha!

Were working on reviewing more chromebooks. Currently have the Acer c720 in, and we'll go from there.

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That sounds good. The Acer upgrade is a nice one as well.

Has HP not sent you a Chromebook 14 yet to review? Trust that as far as Chromebooks go, at least in my experience, it will be a little different. Curious to get your take when it happens.

re: your Walmart experience

Microsoft inadvertently put the "Chromebook" name out there and in front of the consumer eye with those lame-ass "Scroogled" anti-Chromebook commercials. It was the best advertising for Chromebook yet.

And then Microsoft is charging 80 euros for their charger microsoftstore [dot] com/store/mseea/es_ES/pdp/Sistema-de-alimentaci%C3%B3n-48W-para-Surface-cpuerto-de-carga-USB/productID.279448200

Which, according to today's exchange rate, is 109.27 dollars! OUCH!

I got myself some off brand chargers for the Surface Pro 2 :-\ I wish they would lower their prices on their accessories!

I was just going to post something similar to this. I would love to have a place to go within Mobile Nations for ChromeOS news and articles. I think that it's a popular enough topic at this point.

Ha! I was also thinking this. I know the chromebook isn't a mobile device per se, but I would love to see this.

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ChromeOS Central sounds awesome!! If not, just keep the ChromeOS news coming. Chrome and Android will continue to become more inline with each other over the course of time I'm sure.

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