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At today's Google TV morning presentation at Google I/O, it's been announced that Google TV will be getting a re-vamped version of the Play Store later this year. Because of the unique hardware used with Google TV, it's traditionally lagged behind on older versions of the app. Coming "later this year," the update for GTV will see subscription billing support added, in addition to enabling movie, music and TV show purchases.

The updates should bring Google TV in line with Android tablets and smartphones such as the Nexus 7, which Google is positioning as a leading content delivery device for Google Play services.

We'll bring you more on Google TV from I/O as the day unfolds.


Reader comments

New Google Play Store for Google TV coming later this year


Perfect! I remember emailing support asking for a change in the store that would resemble the android application!

I guess they had enough requests for a change!


Man, I feel bad for sony just releasing the updated google tv device and absolutely nothing from google on a software upgrade to a system that needed it the most. I love the potential of my Revue but the execution is horrible. All we get is a market upgrade sometime in the next 6 months? I figured with the new device, Sony much know google had something awesome coming. Maybe not.

If they were planning on bringing Google Play to GoogleTV, then why on earth would they decide not to put GoogleTV into the Nexus Q?