Dell Streak Commercial

The Dell Streak has been spotted in a new commercial that's jam packed with various use cases for the device. It's cool to see an ad featuring the Streak since there haven't been that many since its release. An interesting point about this commercial is that it doesn't mention any carriers, only that it is sold by Dell and Best Buy. Check it out for yourself after the break! 


YouTube link for mobile viewing
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cmunic8r99 says:

It baffles me why Dell didn't put this in an AT&T store (in the US, anyway) from its release.

jbsyst says:

umm, what's a break? I've been meaning to ask.

Glenn says:

When you read the entries from the front page, not everything in the entry is always shown there. In many cases, you have to click in to the entry to read the rest of the entry (as well as the comments). The part where the text gets cut off from the front page is the "break."

I've been wondering that myself.

If you read posts from the front page, there's a "read more" link -- the break -- before you get to the video/rest of the post/etc. Bunch of reasons to split posts. They may be longer than what we want on the front page, a page full of video can slow some load times, etc.

jbsyst says:


also provides a site more hits, ads, revenue, etc

bdroc says:

that thing is enormous...i always knew it was, but seeing people hold it it outrageous...i bet it will only sell in cold climates...where people have big enough pockets to carry them

Ytaay says:

that's what she said. :)

brodieduncan says:

It isn't as big as they make it look, I've one since June and love it, also while on the topic of the Streak, I found this via Michael Dell's twitter account, here's the link to the tweet he made

Jonneh says:

...this makes me want the Streak. But I remember reading about it way back when, and there was some reason/s that I decided against it...but now I can't remember what it/they were...someone help remind me?

Blah says:

It has Android 1.6 on it. They are working on 2.2 for it supposedly.

Jonneh says:

Ohh, that's right! Thank you. so still not 2.2 huh.
I've never used 1.6. Exactly how much worse is it...would there be a ton of apps I couldn't use or something?

Blah says:

A majority of common apps are 1.6 compatible since until recently 1.6 was a very large portion OS versions on phones.

Jonneh says:

Then maybe I'll reconsider this. Thanks for the info. :)

SharonW says:

Too funny. The commercial came on the TV as I was watching the video.

intheb0x says:

ugh i wish HTC made something with a screen like this and put it on sprint.

falconeight says:

I owned one for a few hours and returned it. I know it was big and that was ok. The problem was that android wasn't integrated into the phone very we'll. It was very un-polished the screen transitions was slow. And it seemed very slow.

pceasar says:

They say once you go streak black you don't go back. I had/have a Sammy Captivate and have not touched it since I've had the streak. I understand concerns about size, but like many ladies say, the size is a good thing :) no seriously its sooo much real estate for all kinds of stuff and once y
U spend a day with it, you notice it isn't all that big, the Evo is 4.3 this is 5 not a huge difference. Get it and upgrade to eclair 2.1 or froyo and you'd be surprised at the transformation. Best of all better battery life than my Captivate with almost same size battery. I'm a streaker for at least 2 years till the next best thing plus I got mine off contract. says:

I was at the mall yesterday and they had a Dell Streak at the Best Buy Mobile store (first store like this I have ever seen). I really liked this phone. It's not near as big as people make it out to be, just a little bigger than a Droid X. With that being said, it may be too big to use as an everyday phone. I wanted to test it out by sliding it into my pocket and holding it up to my ear, etc. but the device was locked down. Great phone Dell, now, keep it up to date with software!

albertdonald says:

I am too gonna buy it seeing its multiple uses. But I'll wait until its price drops further.

skeeve says:

What app is he using to scroll the sheet music?! I've been looking everywhere but I can't find it. And it looks awesome!

recluse says:

I wonder what the dell opus one is going to be like?