Netgear PTV3000

Using Netgear's PTV3000 Miracast adapter has been a pretty hit-or-miss affair, and is hoping to improve with its latest firmware update. Firmware v2.2.12 has a changelog that is mainly similar to the previous one, but fixes a handful of nasty bugs.

  • Dongle Tries to connect automatically even after a Manual Disconnect.
  • Win8 PIN pairing times out too soon.
  • WFD session exited abnormally (and inaccessible for some time).
  • Dongle locks up completely and is inaccessible when halting the WFD association process. Also, fixed the rare subsequent kernel panic in that condition.
  • Win8/Widi, N6235,WiFi 15.5.7 TV screen error message or no screen projection (Acer H233H monitor).
  • Sometimes unable to connect with Samsung Series 5 Win8 Laptops.
  • Win8 WiDi mouse cursor position is off.

Fixing unnecessary complete lockups of the dongle is a great thing, but as @spaceman78204 pointed out to us on Twitter, it also seems to support his Nexus 4 running Android 4.2.2 just fine. This adapter still seems to be having its fair share of issues, but at least Netgear is giving a shot at fixing them.

Source: Netgear; Thanks, @spaceman78204!


Reader comments

Netgear PTV3000 Miracast adapter firmware update fixes handful of bugs


Wow...didn't realize it was such a small dongle.

Thought it was more the size of a wifi router :-)

Does anyone have this who's happy with it? Last I heard, it still didn't work w/ the Galaxy Note 2, but it did work w/ the Galaxy III...

I'm wondering how much lag there is and whether we need to wait for 802.11ac devices before this whole wireless casting thing really works as advertised :-P

Got one. So far, it works as advertised.
Tested with a GN2, GS3, and a N4.

No lag at all. Just half a second delay.
Understand the difference?
Unusable to play fast paced games and the like, but will display almost flawless 1080p feed anyway.

Great for movies, YouTube, pictures..

Being able to simply press a button wherever you are in the room to have whatever you're doing being mirrored on the big screen is priceless.

Does it have to be selected via input on your TV or does it just automatically launch when you select it on your device?

I'm glad that they are actually updating it and trying to make it better. I was using it the other day with v2.2.9, connected to my Nexus 4. And it was working well for a good 20 minutes, but then I went into the gallery and started flicking through images, and then the unit froze and my phone disconnected itself from the receiver.

Hopefully this update fixes that issue.

For 30$, you get the wired Slimport adapter.

Works better in every way.. But dam, is the freedom of not being hooked to a short wire is underestimated!

I cannot wait till this type of tech is not only flawless but available on every TV and device. But that probably won't happen for another several years.

I never got the device to work from day1. Waited a month later for an update 2.15. Nope, dont work. Cant connect. Tv message hdcp. Packed it up was going to sell it. Saw this article, decided to give one more try. No go. Phone connected but tv screen no hdcp. Tried it with s3, note 10.1 & note 2. I have no idea how you guys got it to work.

I bought a second hand from Amazon for 35$ and Damnn didn't regret it, it worth every penny you put in it, works just fine