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HTML5 "Premium Video Extensions" to replace Silverlight, first implementations now available on Chrome OS

Although relying on Silverlight as a video player had many advantages for Netflix, one of the unfortunate side effects was its inability to play on platforms that couldn't support the plugin -- like Chrome OS. With the (not so quickly) approaching deadline for Microsoft's shutdown of Silverlight, the move to HTML5 had to happen at some point, and luckily that move is starting today. With the combination of what Netflix is calling "HTML5 Premium Video Extensions", the player is now available for the latest ARM-based Samsung Chromebook.

The player still has some hurdles to overcome because Chrome OS doesn't natively support WebCrypto for streaming protected content, but Netflix has a temporary fix in place. Using two of its three extensions it is able to currently provide and the crypto it needs until Google brings its own into the OS. Provided these early versions work well on Chrome OS, Netflix plans to also extend them to all browsers going forward.

Source: Netflix

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S_C_B says:

Love me some Netflix.

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Foxpaw says:

About time! Hopefully this means we'll finally be able to use Netflix with Linux!

Exactly what I was thinking!

Once they phase out Silverlight, yup.

iamnid says:

This isn't entirely new... I've been using this for about a month on my $250 Samsung chrome book.

Awesome gadget like my collection image -

electrona says:

Can someone figure a way to get this working for the ARM on Raspberry Pi. Maybe with XBMC?

garfnodie says:

Even if no one is able to hack it to work, at least you know what you're looking to do is most likely on the way. By going with HTML5, they are working on being OS agnostic. As long as the browser fully supports the standards and DRM they need, it'll most likely work anywhere. One thing you have to give Netflix kudo's for, it's that they are always working on making their service available anywhere and everywhere.