Netflix is in the process of sending emails to its European and US customers explaining its price increase for new subscriptions. More importantly for existing members, Netflix is committing to a 2 year freeze on any price increases, so for now at least it's a case of carry on as you are. The email in full reads as follows:

Update: we've been informed that Netflix is also rolling this deal out to the US too. We'd expect everybody around the globe with Netflix access will see this price increase in short order. Good times!

Hi Richard,

In order to continue adding more films and TV programmes, we are increasing our price from £5.99 to £6.99 for new members. As a thank you for being a member of Netflix already, we guarantee that your plan and price will not change for two years.

You can review your membership details at any time by visiting Your Account. As always, if you have questions, we are happy to answer them. Please call us at any time on 0800 096 6380.

–The Netflix Team

The rate for new subscribers in the UK has jumped by £1, new US and Canadian subscriptions are $1 more expensive, and new Netflix customers in mainland Europe will pay €1 more. Would that extra pound/dollar/euro put you off from signing up if you haven't already?


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Netflix hiking rates around the globe, existing subscribers locked in for now


Hell no
Even at £6.99 for the viewing my family and I get, it's a no brainer.
The flexibility, integration with Chromecast and ease of use on all devices, it's my number one install on new devices (OK not strictly true with Google deciding what get re-installed)

That's bullshit, I believe that just an excuse to recover lost revenue to those greedy ISPs like Comcast.

That is precisely why Netflix is increasing their prices. Netflix is not about to absorb the extra cost to stream to Comcast and FIOS customers. They are simply passing that expense to the end users.

Just another reason why Comcast and Verizon are at the top my shіt list.


What Netflix SHOULD do is identify the customers on networks they were forced to pay for (like Comcast and Verizon) and pass 100% of those access costs onto THOSE customers, not all Netflix customers.

I agree... so customers across the world get to pay for the money Neflix is giving comcast to open up bandwidth regardless if you are a comcast customer or not. I think this is bullshit... I can't believe the government is letting comcast get away with this.

I don't mind paying a little more for Netflix for good reasons... but not because of greedy ISP's, that just pisses me off.

It's great that Netflix takes care of there existing customers, other corporations should take notes on this and stop giving the good deals to new comers only.

Price hikes are Going to happen, it's called inflation!

+1 I'd pay $9.99 for current Netflix if they wanted me to. I'm a hard core fan and user. None of the price changes ever rattled my cage.

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How about $11.75? That's what UK users are now stuck paying - I can see the need for the increase, but why not take the chance to better equalise the prices?

You do understand that licensing content in different countries costs different amounts, right? It's not Netflix's fault, it's the UK license holders that are making Netflix charge more for you so they can recoup their costs of doing business in your country.

Licence costs may be a factor but it is by no means restricted to Netflix or similar services - sadly too many companies ignore exchange rates and just swap $ to £. It's also unlikely the UK would have costs that different to other EU countries yet we get stung for a higher fee too. C'est la vie!

I also received the same email, I am price locked for two years here in the USA at $7.99.

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I will not hesitate to KEEP my subscription. I believe it is still a good value for the money. My household uses it every single day. It you consider that it is only about an additional $0.04 a day then it's not a decision to even consider.

This comment leads me to believe that you do not understand net neutrality. Unless you're being somehow sarcastic.

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I originally thought the email was saying that EVERYONE's price increased but was staying at that for 2 years. I was 100% (okay, maybe like 97%) okay with the price increase. Finding out that my price didn't increase is even better news. :)

If you renew before the price hike, then you lock in the lower rate. I renewed my membership today for $7.99/month.

I suspect that, if you cancel & renew your account after the rate goes up, you will be charged the higher rate like a brand new subscriber. I have not read anything to confirm that, but that is how I expect it to pan out.

Netflix needs to offer much betrer streaming, as in variety, and choice.

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As compared to what? I'm constantly surprised by the quality of the programming they add to Netflix. Sure there's a lot of low budget or older movies, but Netflix has improved their selection of newer, popular movies and TV shows a lot over the last couple years. No better value in my opinion.

The only annoying part is that US users pay an extra dollar, while UK users pay an extra pound (about $1.70) even though it's the US where operating costs are likely to increase (in the EU we protected network neutrality, though I'm sure ISPs will sneak their way around it).

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From the looks of that price hike over there, looks like protecting net neutrality didn't do much.

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"Would that extra £1 put you off signing up if you haven't already?"
If someone hasn't signed up yet, how would charging a higher price get them in the door?

Maybe after they expand the library, but now? Meh. I cancelled earlier this year because Netflix streaming seriously lacks content I want to watch. Other people have different taste and that's OK.

Got my email this morning - a nice surprise.
My other half uses it more than me, but at £5.99pm for the next 2 years certainly makes it a service well worth having

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WHAAAAT!? This is an outrage!! 12 dollars a year increase?? When will the madness stop?? These are grave and dark times to live in to be sure. This type of stuff is what led to the Crimea incident and to a lesser extent, the fall of Rome. By the power of Grayskull we must unite and stand against the forces of injustice for the sake of the entire universe! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats, HO!
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Well you could always form the head and lead this crusade. Then we can tell all the price hiking primitive morons to take note of your Boomstick! And those that challenge, the young fools... Only then, at the end, would they understand!
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The price is still a good deal for what you get. They just need more digital content. I shouldn't have to resort to a DVD queue, especially for newer releases.

I feel bad for Netflix. They're getting the brunt of this new craze of spitting in the face of net neutrality by ISP's. Just wish Netflix would have the balls to say so in that email.
"due to the fact that ISP's are a bunch of greedy effs, we've got another hand in our pocket. Unfortunately, you all will have to compensate for that (thank you, by the way) with a price increase"

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While I've never had a Netflix account, isn't one of the limitations of streaming movies is they don't offer new releases on day 1 release?

Seems like the most logical way for Netflix to combat Comcast and Verizon's on demand service would be start offer new releases on day 1 streaming.

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