NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ID pack

Sprint and NASCAR have a long history of working together and as such, the latest Sprint ID pack is fully loaded for NASCAR fans out there. The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ID pack is now available for Sprint ID enabled devices and has all you could ever need in the way of NASCAR coverage:

  • NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile Widget: Provides fans the latest information, including the upcoming race location, date, time and broadcast network. During races, fans can find out their favorite driver’s leaderboard position, the flag status, how many laps have been completed, and which drivers are currently running in the top five. It also links to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile application main menu.
  • NASCAR on SPEED: Links to the live NASCAR on SPEED channel on Sprint TV. Content includes select live events (the Gatorade Duel at Daytona in February, the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race and the Sprint Pit Crew Challenge in May) as well as all NASCAR Sprint Cup Series practice and qualifying sessions. See the latest SPEED video on demand, including NASCAR Trackside, NASCAR Live, NASCAR RaceDay and NASCAR Victory Lane.
  • NASCAR Video on Demand: See the latest video on demand features, including Final Laps, Race Rewind, Press Pass, Sights and Sounds, NASCAR Preview and the Fantasy Showdown.
  • Miss Sprint Cup Widget: Displays the latest social media updates and photos from Miss Sprint Cup, with links to additional social media posts.
  • NASCAR Sprint Cup Series News Widget: Displays the latest headline news stories, with links to the full stories and additional news.
  • Countdown and Weather Widget: Displays the countdown to the upcoming race, as well as the latest weather forecast for that event.

That's a pretty hefty all-in-one package. Plus, it also includes plenty of wallpapers and ringtones that are also available for download. Full press release can be found after the break or you can head on over to the Sprint ID website now to get started.

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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ID Pack Launches on Sprint ID Devices

New Sprint ID pack transforms mobile phones into ultimate NASCAR accessory

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (BUSINESS WIRE), June 03, 2011 - Sprint (NYSE:S) announced today a new way for race fans to access NASCAR Sprint Cup SeriesTM content through the latest addition to its ever-growing menu of customizable ID Packs, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ID pack. Only available to Sprint customers, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ID pack transforms Sprint ID-capable devices into the ultimate accessory for race fans, providing instant access to their favorite drivers, live race radio broadcasts, news, videos and more.

Part of Sprint ID, a service that downloads apps, widgets, wallpapers, ringtones and other content related to a person’s interest at the push of a button, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ID pack allows fans to access Sprint’s exclusive NASCAR Sprint Cup Series content directly from their device’s home screen. To learn more about Sprint ID, visit

“NASCAR fans are passionate about their sport and want access to the latest information about their favorite drivers and teams,” said Tim Considine, director of sports marketing at Sprint. “With the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ID pack, we are able to deliver an amazing level of news and content in one convenient package. The NASCAR Sprint Cup ID pack will make it easier than ever for race fans to stay close to the action and is yet another way that Sprint is using its advanced wireless technology to bring NASCAR Sprint Cup Series fans closer to the sport.”

A must-have for any NASCAR fan, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ID pack allows users to cut through the clutter and receive only the information they find important, transforming their phone into a reflection of themselves.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ID pack includes access to:


Reader comments

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ID pack now available for Sprint ID devices


Could we PLEASE just get Sprint to stop forcing the stupid apps on us in the firmware image, like Nascar, NFL, Sprintzone, and stuff???

I am also trying to think of ANYTHING that is less interesting to me than Nascar.... hmm... I also wonder how much of my bill goes to pay Nascar/NFL/etc for this stupid stuff I don't want!

How about let customers PAY for what silly sports-related stuff they want to have so other customers that could care less don't have to subsidize it.

As a Sprint customer, I'll gladly continue paying my lower monthly bill in exchange for ignoring the apps that they are "forcing" on me. It's not really that tough to do. I guess some people aren't happy unless they are complaining about something.

Perhaps some of us would like to pay a lower bill AND have no apps forced on us that cost the carrier money (NASCAR and NFL licensing is not cheap).

As for "ignoring" such apps, many of the Sprint apps come to life automatically and "do" things that eat up data, cpu, and post annoying crap on the screen. Sprint Zone is a perfect example.

Or perhaps some of us like the sprint id (although i dont care for nascar id) *i actually enjoy switching between samsung/tw, my,clean, and sprint ids quickly

You are not forced to use it. You are not forced to download any ids at all.

And then usually lose the ability to have easy updates without totally wiping your device each time. And possibly throw away support and warranty. It isn't quite that cut-and-dry.

True. But on the Evo, and similar phones, you don't have a choice. The Sprint Zone, Nascar, etc are all inside the ROM. So it would be nice if it were optional when moving to the Sprint ID stuff, I somehow doubt they pulled out Sprint Zone and made that optional...

eh all the naysayers... the top NASCAR circuit is called the NASCAR Sprint Cup. SPRINT. they do this b/c THEYRE THE FUCKING SINGLE LARGEST SPONSOR IN THE ENTIRE SPORT.

also, sprint = lots of old nextel customers.
NASCAR fans = blue collar = millions used nextel
it's the perfect match.

my dad uses sprint for 2 reasons and 2 reasons only:
the price is great and he wants the nascar apps.

to the idiots claiming Sprint is paying NASCAR for "licensing"... huh?? they're the top sponsor, they get virtually unlimited access to all of NASCARS' IPs and easily struck deals with speedtv and MRN/PRN to stream video/audio of the races.