Mystery Moto

Habitual leakers @evleaks have popped out yet another unannounced phone, but one we may have seen before

We're all waiting to see what Google and Motorola show the world this year. We've got high expectations, and a little solid information about the companies goals, but nothing firm about the Android devices they will certainly bring to the table. While plenty of rumors and (often silly) speculation about the X Phone project are everywhere, here's one that's a bit more down to earth -- with pictures.

Looking very much like the mysterious Motorola phone we saw from Vietnam last month, todays leak has AT&T plastered all over it. Ignoring the AT&T carrier logo in the status bar (that's written based on the SIM card you're using), we can spy a couple of AT&T applications in the app drawer and the LTE icon matches what AT&T has been using for quite a while. 

The device is in some sort of "fake" shell so we don't get a very good look at things, but a second picture (find it after the break) shows what looks like a carbon fiber back plate -- something we're used to seeing from Motorola -- and the words XFON ATT used for the model number. Could this be the X Phone so many are waiting for? 

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Mystery Motorola device leaked with AT&T apps on board, labeled XFON


The rumors surrounding this phone are absolutely ridiculous. I am glad that y'all have waited until there is something substantial to report.

mmmmm i just need to about the hardwear and sw and hope it has a battery to take out i hope and maybe 4.3 or 5.0 os plz

If this thing doesn't have 1080p, 3GB Ram, 64GB mem, wireless charging, 20+ MP camera with xenon flash, 3500mAh battery or above with a S800 proc, everyone will be disappointed. At this point, this phone has to deliver Kate Upton on a leash to make anyone happy. Anything less, stick with the S4 or the One.

I disagree. If it runs a Snapdragon 600, 720p screen at <5inches, has good battery life and performance at a low unlocked price from the Play Store, a lot of people will probably still want it. Snapdragon 600's running 1080p is the max resolution and it's diminishing performance from what it could be, even if it's still good. We don't need 1080p. I love it. 1080p is cool, but it isn't a necessity for me.

+10000000!! Geez. i really wish more manufactures would relize we dont all have ogre hands or want a giant plate of glass and plastic to cover half my face when i use it.

REally wish we would see more flagship devices come in different sizes. Same EVERYTHING else though. I am not asking for a mid range phone with a smaller screen. i want top notch everything and 4.5" (even 4.3) Dont really care if its 1080p or 720 though honestly. That race is just for marketing purposes IMO.

Here's the thing about that statement "just for marketing purposes": marketing sells phones. If Google releases their next phone with a 720p screen or a 8MP camera all folks will do is complain that it isn't "top of the line" and it won't sell. Yes, both regular consumers AND geeks like us will complain. Look at the hoopla over the camera in the HTC One which is clearly showing it's the best all-around Android phone camera, yet folks want to complain about its weaker points even though all it takes is one quick look at Facebook, Instagram, or tumblr to see than HTC is right on how most folks use their phones.

Let's be honest: are more folks going to convert from an iPhone to a small form-factor Android than to one like the One or GS4? Heck no, because most of the folks using iPhones buy it for other reasons than just the size. Virtually none of the folks using larger phones would "downgrade" in size either, making it a losing proposition. If the majority of folks made small size a priority they would be buying more small phones, so companies are only going where the money is.

It's not the best all around camera. It's only the best low light camera. Since I take more pics in normal lighting than low light, I'd much rather have the Galaxy S4's camera.

Even the most pro-HTC reviewers don't claim the One has the best all-around camera. That's the S4.

Umm, no, quite a few even non pro-HTC reviewers stated the HTC One had the best all-around camera, given it's actually good in both day and night, indoors and outdoors. It's not the -best- outside in perfect lighting, but it's still a good camera for those settings, and beat the competition. Therefore it's the best all-around.

And I rarely if ever take pictures outside, so, it will be an HTC One for me when I go to upgrade.

Right, where are those articles?

Nearly every one from any major source has claimed the S4 to be far superior in daylight/outside conditions.

So no, it is not the "best all around."

1080p, and even 720p, already meets Apple's definition of retina, which means your eyes cannot make out the individual pixels. Anything beyond that is a battery waster...

it could do all that but since it won't have an SD card or removeable battery people are going to be outraged anyway.

Blah blah blah with this Motorola Xphone. The Galaxy Note 3 will makes this so useless it's comical. This could be the Xphone flop with these specs.

Actually it looks to be a dressed up Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Note the earpiece location on the front, and the rear camera/rear flash location on the back.

I'm not seeing any compelling reason to take back my One as of yet, and I seriously doubt I will. Most reports about this phone have been saying it will be slightly above midrange. I'm guessing Google/Motorola's plan is to build a very nice "almost upper range" phone, sell it for ridiculously cheap (maybe free on contract?), and market the hell out of it. Of course, I know nothing, but if I were to make a guess, this would be it.

i am really hoping that is just a case to mask its true identity. Most likely is as i couldnt see ANYONE actually thinking that looks good, but i just am hoping.

How can you say that? Its obvious that the phone is rapped up in some sort of case so there is no way to tell if its ugly or not.

Please be an unlocked, GSM Motorola phone. At this point, my GNex is starting to show its age. And I absolutely refuse to purchase another carrier-locked device.

I have nothing against the Nexus 4; however, it's not much of an upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus, in my honest opinion.
I may still grab one, though. Playing it by ear lol

I was lucky enough to get a proper LTE Gnex on lauch date, and I loved that device, but I'll be the first to say the N4 is a fairly huge upgrade from the Gnex across the board. I suppose the 32gb of storage on the LTE Gnex is an exception, but not for my usage.

I really hope Google doesn't eff this up and make it an at&t exclusive. I'd be highly pissed off at Google for letting that nazi company have it first....

Nazi company? You seem bitter at AT&T. Almost like they were your Uncle Diddles and they stole your childhood innocence by taking you in a game closet and batting your shit around.

(Uncle Diddles and "shit batting" are property of Dane Cook Inc)

too late for Motorola to get my money, I been holding out long enough, just got an htc one

WOW, anyone notice the bezel around the phone. I know its in a box, but you can see that the damn thing barely has any bezel around it. me like....

evleaks should not be mentioned on this site anymore until they get some credibility, you know, the thing they threw away while trying to draw attention to their site through fake S4 information.

@Jerry Hildenbrand

Thanks for the post.

hope Motorola will release some mid range smartphone with their flagship. they should back to competition stage of smartphone world with surprise. Of course, like removable battery, micro sd slot, good usb storage n so on.......

Thanks in Advance

Wow, I can't believe they hijack the notification area for a carrier label like that... Who cares if it is stock Android otherwise. That is really bad... And if you are going to root the phone to put a different rom on it without that label what is the point of a stock device? Just get a high end device and throw CM on it... The point of stock Android is just that.. Being able to run stock... This is actually worse than Verizon putting their label on the home button of the note 2 in my opinion.

Well other than the Moto label and ATT. The only other thing is that it has 4.2.x. Not much to go on there with the pics. Now if Moto would get out of it's exclusives with VZW I would gladly purchase one. I like getting a good network like the next guy, I just don't want to get reamed by my carrier for it.

Unfortunately that's what happens when you live in a country where advertising makes up 64% of it's landmass.