Yes, my Logitech Revue is a liar.  I've been waiting patiently for the mythical Honeycomb update for my Revue for at least a month, I even got a friendly e-mail from Logitech telling me I would be getting an update soon.  Then last Wednesday, Logitech came out and said everyone should be getting an update "this week."  Well, it's midnight Sunday night/Monday morning, and officially next week and still no update for me.  I'm sure it's a conspiracy of some sorts, and I know if I look deep enough I'll find out how it's tied to the release of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.  I'll get to the bottom of this!

In the meantime, I figure "Hey, I'm an Android nerd.  I'll manually update from a leaked file on the web!"  Yeah, that didn't go over so well.  Turns out that leaked file wasn't the correct update path from stock 2.1 to 3.1, and hilarity bricks ensued.  Not just to me (so maybe this one isn't a conspiracy) either.  Seems like more than a few people took matters into their own hands and made their Revue a $99 paperweight.  Including Kevin Pereira, host of "Attack of the Show" on G4TV, who knew just what to do to fix it.


There's nothing a hammer won't fix.  Nothing.

So I've replaced my Revue, and this time I'm going to wait for the update to push to me, like a normal person.  I don't like it very much, but there's nothing I can do about it.  And about that leaked update firmware?  You'll find it at with updated instructions that plainly say you shouldn't use it unless you're running one of the earlier leaks.  You're on your own if you go that route, so be careful.  The Revue is still the best $99 I ever spent, I just want to it be better.  Hurry, Logitech!

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My Logitech Revue is lying to me, and I'm afraid to argue with it again


Google TV is such a failure. I see zero reason why I even need this piece of hardware on my TV. Tablet and phone are all I need.

I have a 120 inch screen and I woke up to honeycomb this morning and I love it. I don't care if no one buys this I freaking love it.

So did I. The Revue in the living room actually received the update Saturday. The one in the bedroom (which I purchased first, by the way) had the update ready when I turned on the TV this morning. People can hate all they want, I absolutely love Google TV. N just think it will conceivably only get better....HI HATERS...

Funny how the vast majority of people that have it, absolutely love it! Including myself... But, to each his own I guess...

Of course, if you already paid for it, you need to justify it :)

The problem is, even in Logitech's own words, vast majority of consumers don't care for it.

I don't need to justify it I love it. You will have it on your tv also if you buy a new one after the next 8 months. They had problems with it because of marketing and price.

I didn't pay for mine, Google sent it to me as part of their developer preview. I love it and use it constantly. $350 was overpriced, but at $99 it's the best deal going. You have no idea what you're missing. The update has it's issues (still can't get Google Music to install!!) but it's really nice. The new Logitech media player works like a charm too. Can't wait for more apps now.

I couldn't install Google Music either after the update completed (kept saying it was not compatible) but a few hours after I completed the update, I was able to install Google Music with no problems. Not sure why you had to wait after the update, maybe it was taking time to synch the model device it was to the Market to see if it was actually compatible?

Consumers not caring or more appropriately, not knowing, doesn't make it a bad product. I understand the logic of people who have it trying to tell everyone how much they love it. But what is the reason for your post? oh yea, you are a HATER!!!! jus kiddin...jus kiddin,,,to each his own

I stopped caring what the "majority of people" thought when I left high school.

This is a great device that does what it's supposed to. And well.

I don't exactly understand what peoples' expectations led them to believe this was, but after spending a few weeks researching this, I got exactly what I expected. That was last September. Now, with the update (Yeah, Jerry, I got mine Sunday), It exceeds my expectations.

You don't like it, cool. Every other person in the universe doesn't like it? Whatever. The only reason I'd be concerned is that it would then die on the vine. But that hasn't happened. Sure, it took a good amount of time to update, but I didn't buy it for it's potential, I bought it to use as a front end for my network, with additional internet connectivity. And I'm satisfied.

So, who cares what you or the "vast majority of consumers" thinks? They probably own iPhones as well, and watch Survivor religiously.

Me? I'm better than that. :)

GTV is pretty neat, I like being able to watch TV and browse the web on my 46" TV, as well as watch YouTube and other videos on my TV.
I got the update yesterday, it is an improvement.

I just bought my Revue on Wednesday and after 3 days of constantly checking, my box prompted me to receive the glorious update at 12:15am last night.

I ran the leaked 3.1 for a few months and just received the official OTA update on Friday. Installed without any problems! I don't see how anyone can all it a failure for $99 or embedded in a TV. Offers some nice features and personally I love the fact that it overlays your TV. No input switching EVER! I found a great DLNA app called plugplayer that with my phone I display a picture or video that automatically pops up and goes back to TV without any other interaction. This is very nice as if you want to share a picture/video on the TV you don't need to mess with any remotes/inputs or anything! Nothing else out there that will do this and that makes it worth it right there!

I woke up to honeycomb this morning after checking up until 2am this morning. It's awesome the browser is way faster and I also just got a 70 inch tv to play with it on and a120 privation screen. It's cheaper to get the revue than to buy an integrated TV.

I was on the user-debug 3.1 leak since the day it came out. Manually updated last week. No issues at all...
Now on official 3.1


Got mine around 2:30AM this morning. 3.1 is a breath of fresh air, I still but Logitech/Google botched the entire release by delays after delays and staggering the release dates.

I was hoping to receive it before the weekend so I can check it out. Unfortunately not.

I got my update Friday night and since then I've run into a few issues:
1. I used to stream hockey games through nhl's gamecenter on chrome. Now, I can still stream the game, for a while, and then chrome crashes, forcing me to restart chrome.
2. Had a strange problem last night where the audio (I use the optical out) was freaking out, i.e. kept flickering on/off insanely. Pulled the power on the Revue, waited a few moments, powered it back on and then all was well. . .

I love the google TV, quite handy, love that I now have access to the (limited) market, but they need to address any of these quirks... or maybe I've got a lemon.

re: limited market - just side load apps ( make sure 'unknown sources' is checked in app settings ). not all of them will work great, but 99% of the ones I loaded work perfectly fine

So I was thinking about picking one of these up. Should I go with the discontinued Revue or wait for another stand alone product? (I have two brand new tv's so I won't be buying it embedded on a set anytime soon). For whatever reason, the Sony DVD player doesn't appeal to me. Any other stand alone GoogleTV boxes coming up?

I really think they are going the embedded route. Google has said it will be on 80% of new sets this year. I would go the set top route so if you have a problem you don't have to get your entire set serviced just the box.

Couldn't wait for the update for my beta leak 3.1. Followed the instructions at GTVhacker and running great all weekend.

Now if we just had official hulu...

I was an early adopter of GoogleTV. I purchased mine through Dishnetwork before they went on sale to the general public. Unlike some, I love it, but have been eagerly awaiting the 3.1 update. I think I have checked to see if it was available about every waking hour since it was announced it would be rolling out on Dec 7th.

I waited all weekend and still nothing. Finally at 6:05 AM PST it arrived. All I can say so far is it looks really cool. I had to go to work without doing anything but a quick once over. But it here! Finally!

Got my update on Thursday and am loving it. The wait was Terrible! I wish that when you did an update check that it would at least act like it was checking something or be more honest by saying, "there is no update available... FOR YOU!"

I got the Revue within 1 week of it being released (I was one of the developers selected for a free Revue to help push forward web development on the TV) and I still hadn't gotten the update as of Saturday, I was fed up, I went to the gTV hacker site that you probably got yours from, and followed the directions to a T. I almost skipped over the part about needing to update to the leaked 3.1 beta first, but didn't.

If you update to the first leaked 3.1 update you will have no issues at all, if you are on 2.1 you are screwed. Following the instructions does work perfectly though.

what can I do with this? I have DishNetwork and wi-fi. I've been interested in this, but I can't find a legit review and description.

You can use the Revue as a bridge. Connect your Revue to your WiFi, then run a network cable to the Dish box from the Reuvue. The Revue will provide an internet connection for the Dish box.

I didn't get the update prompt last night at 10pm PST when the update was release to the rest of the 50% of revues. So I did a factory reset and got the update that way. So any of you who still haven't got the update yet, you can try to factory reset it.

@Jerry - you ignored the risk involved and haphazardly flashed your device without any understanding of how to safely apply the Let your new paperweight of a Revue be a lesson.

I, for one, waited until it was verified safe and successfully flashed that same zip in about 5 minutes time to the final 3.1 release. For what it's worth, Logitech addressed the OTA schedule on their forums and everyone should have the update by end of day today. If you don't, you're to contact Logitech support.

I'd just like to point out that Jerry is a very savvy user/dev/*nix admin and fully understood the risks associated with flashing an

I didn't say that he didn't understand the risk. I said he ignored it, and the bricked Revue is evidence of that.

Btw, Android Central's coverage of Google TV is pretty sub-par.

If you do a factory reset on a revue that hasn't received the update yet as of 10PM PST on the 11th, it will download and install the new update legitimately, its a great update, hope that helps.

Lol you got an email on wednesday saying within a week. If i look at a calender, you have until December 14 before that week is up. lol

I was getting tired of waiting, I read somewhere that the Revue checks for updates during periods of inactivity. So Thursday night when I went to bed I turned off the TV and my cable box. Woke up Friday morning to an Update Notification and proceeded to install. It really is worth the update!

If you haven't gotten the update yet may I suggest a factory reset? I did one and after setting up my review the updates downloaded and I am in Honeycomb bliss.

I was all excited and got it rolled out to me the first morning. I may be one of the few, but I actually liked the old Google TV software more than I do HC for Google TV. I personally feel that most of the space on the screen is wasted now. The widgets on TV, to me, are pretty useless and there's not really anything else I can do with that rel estate now unless I'm missing something.

The software itself is fantastic and I love the little bar of software at the bottom great. But I just find the lack of use for the home screen real estate disappointing.

Woke up to the update this morning (Long Island, NY). Was late to work so all I did was install it real quick. Looking forward to playing with it tonight.

Got my update on Friday for my older Logitech, the newer one is still lying to me.

But what a difference. Added Widgetoid to the desktop for some shortcuts, got Plex up and running. Google Music, Pandora, Netflix all running great.

We even did most of our Christmas shopping from the couch. Plex is what sells me on this though, just amazing, playing every format I throw at it now.

this is the exact situation i am in with my motorola Xoom. i am waiting for 3.2 to be released for Canadians. sometimes i feel like using the good old hammer fix, but then i tell myself it's already like a $500 paper paperweight

got the update this morning here too, seems like alot of the apps were listed as "not compatible" though. I didn't get much time to play with it though, so i'll dig into it more tonight.

I also received the "not compatible" message in the market after the honeycomb update. All I did to fix the issue was pull the power to my Revue for about 30 seconds, and rebooted. after that I was able to download apps.

I got the same issue at first. I just ignored it for about 10 minutes, then some native apps started being updated automatically (Napster, Pandora, etc.). After that everything was "A" okay.

got my update on my living room box on friday. LOVE IT. I have 2 boxes and use it every day. i do not have any other channels/dish network etc.. Tested 3.1 out with flash etc.. DLNA works, Video's via USB all still worked (I have a few hundred on a hard drive), and everything is running smooth. I love it way more than the old version. the TV/Video function is cool. I downloaded a few apps, works great. no issues so far. threw all i could at it. the youtube app is a bit different, more integrated, not sure yet how much of a plus that is...
still works with your google phone remote! Pretty awesome. haven't come across any reason to trash it. works great. i have a minimum 30mpbs download speed from TWC.

Having played with this version for a month or two now on my Sony box, I think you revue owners are really going to love it. I absolutely loooove my GTV, best 200 bucks I've spent. (I got the bluray player with mine, so it justifies the other hundred at least I keep telling myself that)

got my update n im loving it, i dint think it was gonna be this nice, i can even get launcher pro which is my favor launcher so i got my tv now looking like my evo3d lol, good shit google or logitech who ever it was nice job

I went home for lunch to find the prompt telling me the update was ready to install. There is nothing that I found that was really exciting except maybe the Plex app and being able to push content to the GTV via FTP (no need for USB drive). I am really disappointed that Google has not invested in their own product by putting out more apps than Google Music. I am anxious for the Google TV Spotify app though.

I got the update on Saturday Afternoon. I let it do the install and that went smooth.. When the update finished I verified I indeed got the update and then let it chill for a while. Later that evening, I started checking the market and so forth. So far, I'm really loving the updated version of the GTV. There are more apps then most say there is.. You need to start looking around. If you choose other apps at the bottom it will bring up a lot more apps. But I think some won't take the time and look. Sure there aren't as many as say my phone or tablet.. But I'll take it right now. I'm just glad the wait it "FINALLY OVER" and turns the Revue into a new toy to play with. For those who don't have it just yet. Try a few things. Pull the power and let it sit for a bit then plug it back in.. Do a factory reset. The update is being pushed.. Just be a little more patient you will get it. Now that I got the update i'm thinking about buying a 2nd unit for the bedroom. The whole reason why I bought it in the first place is because the potential that this box has.. Everyone Enjoy the new look!!! I know I am.

The email I got actually stated that new and recent users would get the updates first. I just purchased mine in mid-November, and I got my update just two days ago--about four days after the email and a week after the news break. I'm happy with mine. Now only if I could get Hulu as well, otherwise I got my PS3 for that one.