Motorola Pro+

Motorola today announced that carrier Movistar will get the Pro+ in Argentina. The Pro+ sports a full QWERTY keyboard and 3.1-inch display. It'll be available in the coming days with a price of $1,199 with a plan of $199, or $1,399 with a plan of $149. 

Source: Motorola


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Movistar gets the Motorola Pro+ in Argentina


Phone: U$D325 (AR$ 1399)
Monthly fee: U$D35 (AR$ 149)
-200 minutes to Movistar lines
-200 minutes to any line
-3 free numbers to call (must be Movistar)
-200 SMS
-700mb of data
1 year contract (9 month to change you device while staying on Movistar)

If you ask me is expensive, too expensive, but it must be one of the best offers a local phone company makes here in Argentina (some times they ask the same, or even more money than what you would pay for the same phone unlocked)