Motorola Xoom Update

Although the rumblings of a forth coming update for the Motorola Xoom have been out there for a few days now, it's never actually been announced by Verizon in any sort of manner. Unless of course, you consider posting up the .pdf with the change log a quite unveiling. While we still don't have a date for when it's to be release -- it's coming at some point so we'll just have to wait it out. In the meantime, the changes are listed below:

Web Browsing and Data Access

  • Access and stay connected to Wi-Fi networks with added Proxy support.
  • SSL data transfer with websites is now supported.
  • WPA Pre-Shared Key pass-phrases are now supported when using the device as a Mobile Hotspot.
  • Supports Google Widevine DRM and HDCP.

Email and Messaging

  • POP3 HTML emails will display in their entirety.

Call Features

  • Bluetooth® is now supported in Google TalkTM.

Additional Device Features

  • Encrypted passwords can be entered during power up.
  • Calendar events will remain up to date after an installed software update.
  • Application storage errors will not appear unless the device has reached maximum storage capacity.
  • Safely dock the MOTOROLA XOOM into the docking adapter without interruption. + Ability to add and use a Bluetooth mouse. + A shortcut key for the Bluetooth keyboard has been added. + View and import pictures from digital cameras with Picture Transfer Protocol.
  • When using the device in accessibility mode, menus will no longer prompt with sounds.

Rather large update that fixes quite a few issues really. Hopefully we'll see a roll out soon since it's been quite a while since Xoom owners have felt the update love.

Source: Verizon; via Android Central Forums. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Kelador says:

Where is the SD card update to turn it on?

currentweb says:

What about the wifi model? I'd assume that updates would come at the same time, if not sooner, for the wifi version.

Smokexz says:

No SD? What tha fu? Regardless, does this apply to the wifi Xoom?

kylosma says:

Just issue the Official Droid 2 Gingerbread OTA already and I'll be happy.

Where the hell is the sd card update?

deparson says:

"SSL data transfer with websites is now supported"

Really? Really?? Wow!

jancy10#AC says:

According to the link below the update "should" roll out tomorrow. I am currently runnng Tiamat's 1.4 kernel with SD support, so I'm basically waiting for the browser bugs to be resolved! Would definitely be great if SD was enabled.

crxssi says:

OK, so aside from the fact that updates to the WiFi model should theoretically come FIRST (because they don't have to go through the extra layer of a carrier), it doesn't address the four major problems I have (in order of annoyance):

1) No support for USB Mass Storage Mode. It is INSANE that I can't just plug it into any OS/Computer and access the unit as a hard/flash drive.

2) The Gallery app is crap because it doesn't properly support subdirectories (but this is not a Xoom specific issue)

3) No fix for WiFi DHCP issues

4) No SD card support

How incredibly underwhelming!

sjenkins1009 says:

I was able to with my Xoom. It is how i got all 20GB of my music on there. Maybe yours has some issues that are not MOTO related?

deezus says:

The most interesting thing I saw was the google drm thing, sounds like a netflix thing.

arundc says:

I caught that too. If a Netflix app is coming next, then I can forget about the SD memory card issue (for now).

dracs34 says:

will this include the wifi version??