Xoom speaker dock

DoctorWu spotted a pair of Motorola Xoom docking stations nestled in Woot!'s sellout pages, and if you're using one of the original Android tablets it might be worth a look. The speaker dock features integrated speakers and an HDMI port, charges through pogo pins, and puts your Xoom at just the right angle for watching a video. It's available for just $17. The standard dock has pogo pin charging and a line out jack for external speakers or headphones, and checks in at just $8. Both offers expire August 21 at 9AM CT.

Either or both of these sound like a great deal, and your Xoom will love you more for it. Hit the source link for more info and ordering.

Source: Woot!; via Android Central forums


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Motorola Xoom speaker docks on the cheap at Woot!



Thanks for the heads up. I've had the regular dock for the longest time and never wanted to pull the trigger on the HD Speaker dock. At $17, how can i resist?