Motorola Xoom

Motorola just confirmed via Twitter that the Xoom will have an unlockable bootloader to aid developers in app development. Here it is, in no uncertain terms:

"The XOOM will have an unlockable/relockable bootloader that will enable developers to access hardware for development."

As the first Android Honeycomb tablet, it is vital for the Android platform that devs have as much access to the device as possible, so this is darn good news. [Twitter via Android Central Forums] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Xoom bootloader

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stopsign002 says:

So..... This is amazing for rooting right? Custom kernels and such?

El Jefe says:

A locked bootloader has no effect at all on simply rooting the device.

It will allow for custom kernels which means more Roms than there would have been if the bootloader had remained locked (but there still would have been Roms).

tecknical says:

my question is do you have to be registered with MOTODEV to unlock it or can anyone do it?

n64kps says:

+1 I'm wondering too

doesn't really matter. *rolls eyes* OK it might matter for a bit but long term if they have a mechanism to unlock the boot loader it WILL be hacked. Especially if a developer can look at the bootloader before it's unlocked and then after. This is the same thing that happened to Windows XP and its product activation scheme. Ditto on Windows Vista. When so many computers are being activated its only a matter of time before someone figures out how the scheme works.

arundc says:

Sweet! Take that - people who are b!tch!ing about Motorola's locked bootloaders.

On a serious note, this is great news and as it should be. Thank you Motorola and thanks to your PR team...

netposer says:

This really sucks...

for the iPad. ROFL

Jerzyiroc says:

Waiting for the catch.... too good to be true coming from Motorola.

El Jefe says:

Why? They didn't used to lock down their bootloaders. The OG Droid didn't have one & no phone they have released since has had (or STILL) has the development community behind it like that phone had.

They are obviously trying to replicate that in the tablet market. Hopefully it will continue with their future phone releases

JrzDroid says:

Uh, go take a look at the dev community behind the Droid X. We have quite a lot of quality developers that have been at it since day one. The locked bootloader has an army attacking it. Not many phones have as many roms as the OG Droid but thats cause developers started working together to create truly great work.

PortareAF says:

I don't see anyone screaming fail all over this post...funny how a little tweet changes everything. The Xoom will be good (strokes preorder receipt)...but of course you can decide for yourselves

Jerzyiroc says:

THe device itself isn't a failure. What makes it a failure is the price. I'm sorry but $800 for a tablet it insane. I don't care how great the specs are that is just insanity. Ya for some it may not be an issue. But if Motorola wants the Xoom to be taken seriously and not as a niche tablet, then they really need to re-evaluate their business model for tablets. Not every tablet needs to be budget tablet or anything. But again.. $800 for a tablet is insane. But w/e. Apple will continue to hold ground in the tablet game until manufactures stop smoking crack and get their ish together with prices.

superbike81 says:

Just because you aren't willing to pay the price or can't comfortably afford it does NOT make it a failure. People bitch about the prices of Ferraris too, bit that doesn't make them a failure.

If you hate the price so much, take your money elsewhere.

New technology is always expensive. I remember my family buying our brand new Packard Bell 286sx for $3500 and that was in 1991 or so.

If you want Ferrari performance for Honda price, you are going to have to wait a while.

neller2000 says:

I'm planning on buying the Xoom on day 1. That being said, I don't think it will be much of a success either with that pricepoint. Sorry to break it to you but there's a whole TON of potential buyers out there for a version with less storage space at a much cheaper price. And they won't be buying the Xoom as is currently. Should have used Apple's model with less storage space, cheaper price.

jkeeley1 says:

A Xoom would be a luxury item, so I believe that the Giffen Good paradox would apply here. ( the more expensive a luxury item is, the more desirable it is)

voiceonly says:

When you compare it to the non-expanable 32gb iPad with Wifi and 3G, the difference is.... ?

Hang on ... They said unlockable for DEVELOPERS. Let's see your cards, people. :p

youareme7 says:

I agree, where's the catch here? If it's just signing up for motodev or something easy, I'm totally a "developer"...

Lets hope this extends to the Atrix as well. Somehow I'm doubting it but I can hope!

crxssi says:

So who is, exactly, a "developer"? What do these "special" people have to do to get their units "unlocked"?

If they were truly "friendly" and such, then why lock the bootloader AT ALL? I fail to see why this is such great news.

My sentiments exactly. Moto has two devices Google built for them -- the OG Droid, and the Xoom. They lock the rest down and advise developers to purchase other products.

They get no pass from me, and I don't believe for a minute this would have been done without intervention from Google.

mapin says:

To be fair all manufacturers lock the bootloaders, even the Nexus One and Nexus S was locked. The manufacturers just provided an unlock mechanism for the user. Let's hope Moto is following the same model here.

DolfanCole says:

Could this be the compromise that was alluded to a while back after the flack from the YouTube comment? If so, I think that's a very good compromise.

iPwn says:

I was thinking about that too, I hope it is!

russell5 says:

I wonder if google had a say in this because its the first honeycomb tablet.

junglejunkie says:

Waiting for the WiFi version then SOLD!

chardog says:

doesnt really matter, no GSM, and way too expensive. Good luck chasing the ipad.... it aint going to happen, you fail/doa.

MowDownJoe says:

Uhh... there is a GSM version. For Europe, admittedly, but do you seriously think they'd keep it CDMA only when it's pretty much just America and China that still use CDMA?

trenen says:

America and China, huh? What about the other 80 something countries that use CDMA? Doesn't matter anyway, its packing LTE and that's the new global standard.

Martian says:

Verizon is CDMA - Moto and VZW are attached at the ***censored***

Yes - I think it will be CDMA only for quite some time in the US.

loooney2ns says:

I'm registered as a Motodev. I wonder if they will just send it to me!

cloud36426 says:

As I replied to MOTO tweet. Is this the solution to the bootloader situation? This device should have an unlocked bootloader as it is the flagship device for Honeycomb. This is great news for Xoom adopters but angers me further about my DX. I guess they already sold me and it does not matter what me or any other root user wants. Bye Bye MOTO.

tdcrooks says:

You are all welcome!

Just kidding. This is great news. Hopefully there is no catch as some have thought here, and here's hoping the Xoom 2 won't be locked down (a la Droid 2).

Martian says:

Wake me up when "developers" can unlock the Bootloader on their Milestone, Droid X, and Droid 2.

Anxiously waiting to hear Moto's definition of developer as well. I hope Moto is trying to finally give customers what they want but based on their previous comments I'm still very skeptical.

cbzy11 says:

banner ad for windows phone.. What are you trying to tell me AC?

(yeah i know, i should of had adblock enabled.)

grlla says:


Where are the FAIL experts now?