Xoom Family Edition

A couple of days ago we got a look at was dubbed the Motorola Xoom Family Edition and now, we're starting to see some accessories for this device pop up that confirm what was sent off to bix box retailers. Still no word from Motorola confirming the device, release date or price but we're expecting to here something come Monday when Motorola shows off their goods.

Thanks, Anon!


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Motorola Xoom Family Edition outed once again ahead of announcement


Is this device going to have a different form factor from the original Xoom? Does it really need its own accessories??

I wonder if it will allow you to have diffrent login profiles, so people can log off and in with a seperate Google profile. That would be a nice feature. Wonder if its a feature for ics.

This is weird because I was at Best Buy wednesday this week (in San Francisco) and saw the family edition on display. I actually liked the build of this version of the Xoom over the original.