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Android version of the test is unknown, Jelly Bean expected

Update: Shortly after the soak testers started getting emails, Verizon made 4.2 official for everyone with a Xoom. We're not sure if they still have something special planned for testers or if they're done with the Xoom. 

Update 2: It seems that the soak test has begun, and it is for Android 4.1.2 — despite the official Verizon page (see screen shot after the break). We may see a retraction from Verizon soon.

Almost 3 months after the initial invites were sent out by Motorola, emails telling participants that the soak test for the Verizon Motorola Xoom 4G LTE will soon begin and finally being sent. At the time when the invitations initially went out, it was expected that Xoom owners would get a version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to test, or maybe Android 4.2. Now that more time has passed, and Android 4.3 has been released, things could change — although it is unlikely.

It would make sense for Motorola to bring the Verizon Xoom up to the same Android version as its WiFi-only sibling, Android 4.1.2. We won't know for sure until builds become available to those participating in the soak test, which should be any time now. Verizon Xoom owners that received an invite back in May, make sure to keep an eye on your inbox.

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Motorola Xoom 4G LTE soak test to finally begin, 3 months after initial invites [Update 2: Android 4.1.2]


Wow that's pretty sad, it's really obvious Verizon doesn't give a shit about it's customers. I feel bad for anyone who has to use them.

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Yeah I feel bad too. Great customer service, great devices, great coverage. Verizon sucks.

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Hmm .. Let's see... Useless customer service.. I know how to reboot and I'll be damned if I'm going to factory rest my device just because some script tells their support reps to do so... Great voice coverage with bogged 4G LTE where available (don't believe that 99% BS).. Oh and device release 3-6 months past all the other carriers, with ridiculously long wait times for updates ... Yup, keep up the good work Big Red. As long as they are making their billions they are doing just fine ... Verizon's motto is --->>> B.O.H.I.C.A.!!!

I don't think anyone touches the customer service. Tech support you are right about. No one can argue the coverage of VZW, it is absolutely second to none. The updates are crap.

Your batting .500

Great devices? Aren't you loving your HTC One and Nexus 4 on Verizon?

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The Xoom is one of the only tablets that gets updates. The thing is like 3 years old and still receiving updates, that is pretty good for any Android device.

Hmmm... I know intellectually 4.2 should be better than 4.1, yet all other devices I had slowed and stumbled horribly once upgraded to 4.2.2. Luckily, 4.3 saved two of them. My GNex will have to wait for just the right ROM before it gets some 4.3 love.

What was wrong with the Xoom? I had it and loved it. I only moved on, because I needed a laptop.

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I honestly forgot the Xoom even existed, which is saying a lot, considering I once owned one. The sad part is that the device itself suffered a poor fate, and that was the wifi version. I can only imagine being tied to VZW.

I have a lot of $$ in my XOOM and I use it everyday. I was a very early adopter of this tablet and continue to feel as if I've been robbed by VZW and moto.

But ya take what you get, take your risks and use what you have.

I've shunned moto, still use the p!ss out of my unlimited VZW data and will continue to use my XOOM until the damn thing won't turn on again.

Just don't ask me to use moto's crap for any future purchase. Enjoy !

Apparently VZW was just waiting for the 1-year anniversary of the WiFi Xoom's 4.1.2 update to release this. 12 months to get this update out, when the only differences between the two is an LTE modem and the associated code for the modem. Google Experience Device my @zz. VZW has completely shafted the early adopters of the Xoom. I'll never buy another VZW or Moto product again after this fiasco.

IIRC, the WiFi-only Xoom is a Google Experience Device. The Verizon version isn't. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

LOVE my xoom (wifi), though its time for an update, we shall see what happens :) though I'm hoping for CM support for 4.3 on my xoom to keep it going!!