Motorola Xoom at Best Buy

On the list of things I don't worry about, pre-launch pricing at Best Buy is one of them. Anyone who's anyone knows full well that they're usually set sky high as a placeholder and then change once the device is released. We'll certainly hedge, however, in light of the other pricing leaks we've seen on the Motorola Xoom and say that anything's possible. But we're not freaking out just yet. [Best Buy via Android Central Forums]


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Motorola Xoom $1199 at Best Buy? Probably not (at least we hope not)


Maybe they meant $199? :)

Honestly, has to be a typo. That's insanity. Might as well just come out and say "We don't want anyone to buy it".

Did any of you even read the article, or the full title for that matter? The price is a place holder. It'll still be $800, guys.

hahaha i know right.

but anyway i'm not sure why you would put such a high price for a place holder. if anything when people see that they wont even bother waiting for the official release (and price), they'll just go buy something else thinking its really going to be $1200 (like all these people are doing)

Not true, the majority of people don't even know the Xoom exists and won't until it appears in ads that it will be released that week. Then the true pricing will be known.

I'm sorry, but anyone that immediately says something along the lines of "I'm getting an iPad/iPad2 now" after seeing the "price" for a single tablet of MANY tablets coming out sound more like iBots in Android clothing than actual supporters of Android. Just saying...

Yes they do, they ran a very well done ad in he Superbowl.

regarding the price, its the 'Employee pre-release purchase price's. You can buy one at this price to have one in your hands today*

*Today being any day before it launches.

#1 Android Central HOPES that this isn't the price. They don't know.

#2 $800 is just as bad.

Exactly. $800 is still fucking ridiculous. If this is their way of making us LIKE the $800 price point then they can go fuck themselves.

Didn't you one reads the article, they just skim the headline and then post a comment. :-)

It cracks me up that people are forgetting that the wifi only version will probably be about $500 when it is released in a month or two. Yet, everyone here is comparing the $800 3G Xoom to the $500 wifi ipad price.

$800 is too high. This price just makes me laugh. There is an opportunity here for Toshiba to come in with theirs and bring sanity back to the discussion. If in fact Toshiba sits theirs at around $800, I will just go ahead and get an iPad 2 and give up on Android Tablets for now.

Rofl, I wasn't even considering it at $800.

moto's attitude towards customers + Verizon's locking the device sale to a service contract + seriously overpriced = phail bigtime

Best buy sets their own pricing. Moto and Verizon have NOTHING to do with it. Neither party has officially announced a price. Verizon isn't locking it to a service plan, best buy is, just like they locked the Tab. $800 is AT MOST $80 overpriced. If you thought that something with those specs would be $500 or less you had unrealistic expectations. Also, you'll notice that it put "CD/DVD drive not included." if that doesn't scream placeholder, I don't know what does.

Those things may all be true, but you can't un-ring a bell. The perception is out there that Moto is twiddling its thumbs while BB and VZW put this info out there. Good luck explaining BB's placeholder practices while the BB site is sitting there with that price. When BB finally gets around to updating it days from now, it will be too late. You're right that people get too wrapped in this stuff and the rumor-driven tech blogs (like this one) are part of the issue, but that's not going to change. This whole thing makes Moto look stupid, regardless of whether it sets pricing or not.

80% of motorola's potential customers for this won't ever see this controversy. and of those that do see it, most are taking it with a grain of salt. It's only the 1% that are freaking out. And there is NOTHING motorola can do to stop this, even if they caught the ads before the leaked. Those 1% are idiots and no amount of amazing PR or strict rumor control will fix that. And AC isn't rumor driven with pricing. They posted this to stop people from flooding their inboxes with it. You'll see, of the major blogs reporting this, they're the ONLY one's who questioned the price. Posting rumors isn't the issue. Posting them and treating them as fact is.

Sorry, this place is as rumor-driven on pricing as any other tech blog. Just check out the Thunderbolt story on the front page right now with another leaked BB ad.

You can keep railing against this all you want. I didn't say you were wrong. Perception doesn't necessarily equal reality, and people won't know or care whether Moto, VZW, or BB are to blame. And even if this affects only 20% potential customers, that's a big number for Moto, which can't afford to botch a launch this high-profile.

*If* this is the price, then its a confirmed kill...they might as well put $2999 on it then. You can't compete with what set the bar by pricing far and above it. Not for the addition of two cameras. Sorry but this would be a fail beyond epic proportions. Once you are charging the price of TWO laptops (let's get the reality here) then you've not only lost your mind, you have also lost the race.

Wow and people said I was crazy for spending $600 for my Playstation 3 when it 1st came out. LMAO, but unlike the Xoom will, my ps3 has gave me way over my moneys worth. This thing will be dead in a year, 2 tops. I guess the iPad 2 will give u a better bang for a cheaper price. What a fail, good way to send others to the competition with your price point.

You think? The system you checked gets its info from the same place as the website.
I hope your manager doesn't see your name on AC attempting to "confirm" speculation with insider information... If you're here why wouldn't he?

"DVD/CD drive not included" and has "Great financing offer" listed twice.

LMFAO to those peanuts here that can't read and think this is the real deal.

This could be a marketing ploy to turn our bad attitudes at the $799 price. You see, this is the plan, put it at $1199 and then drop it back to $799 at the last minute... then all of the $799 haters would be like.. "Oh man, $799 is a good price after all.."

If its still to high, we can just wait for eBay in the fall... they should be $323.01 by then. Shoot that other spam "auction" site might have them for $28.88.. lol...

Highly doubt it's that ellaborate. More than likely it's a placeholder. It is dumb to list a price like that as a placeholder if it's not legit, but other parts of the listing look suspiciously generic.

I can and would buy a darn good laptop for that money, and still have enough money left over for some nice software to load on that new laptop.

Apple doesn't even have to sweat on this. All they have to do is release an iPad2 Wifi for the same $500 with two cameras and a dual core CPU and watch millions buy while the Xoom gathers dust and is then sale priced for less than the $800 that people just won't stand in a long line to pay. APPLE can get away with that for a 4G iPad2 because the first iPad succeeded. Motorola cannot get away with that. Don't those idiots get it? I guess not.

Everyone keep in mind that it's not likely that it's Moto setting the price on this. Chances are, with Verizon in the picture, they're the one's setting the prices due to the contact they have with Moto. While the $1199 is likely a placeholder in Best Buy's system, even $799 is "normal" by Verizon standards. Look at how they almost killed the Samsung Galaxy Tab altogether. Those things didn't sell in any quantity until Sprint got them. Not that they've sold a ton of them, but I'd be willing to bet they've sold a lot more than Verizon has.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the non-carrier, WiFi version will be much more reasonable. Too bad they couldn't get it out at the same time as the 3G/4G Verizon mess.

Anti-VZW much? You disagree with a price so you blame it on VZW. You know, AT&T was selling the Galaxy Tab for a higher price than anyone else (probably still are). VZW has nothing to do with BB, either.

If ATT was selling involved in this, then yes, I would be blaming them too. Jeez...relax...maybe you should back off on the coffee a bit.

As for BB, all I said was that the price they had listed was probably a placeholder.

...and just a piece of information you might be interested in: Carriers do get involved in setting prices with retailers like Best Buy. I know in the perfect little world you live in, the retailers are "independant" and looking out for "Joe Consumer", but in the real, business-driven world of revenue the rest of us live in, they sign exclusivity contracts and pricing agreements.

I'm not saying that's the case here, but it happens. Sorry if I shot the unicorn off the rainbow for you, but that's how it goes.

edited for a typo

'While the $1199 is likely a placeholder in Best Buy's system, even $799 is "normal" by Verizon standards.'

Anti-VZW. BTW, I know they are not looking out for 'Joe Consumer', they are looking out for their bottom $, just like I do with my business. Carriers DO get involved to a degree. However, manufacturers get more involved.

Sorry Mr. Mead, my intent was not to offend, nor direct negative sentiment toward any particular carrier.

My "corrected" statement follows:

'While the $1199 is likely a placeholder in Best Buy's system, even $799 is "normal" by carrier standards'

You can take your finger off legal team's speed dial now.

I wish the general onset of illiterate idiots here would just leave, if you'd actually read the article, you wouldn't look stupid.

Also, for those of you saying $800 is too much, well you enjoy your low end iPad with no GPS. The $500 iPad and presumably ipad2 are NOT in the same class with this device. You'll also have to deal with that iOS shit too.. the Xoom is the first tablet, not running a hacked up version of windows, that could actually be considered for a laptop replacement. Gaming wise it will outperform any laptop in that price bracket.

ha! Just get a BlackBerry Playbook, rumors has it, it be $499 for a 16GB. Also it "may" be able to run android apps(I know it can, but we'll see if RIM and Google "allow" it to happen.)

Yup, and let me tether my Blackberry to the Playbook so I can actually use BBM, Calendar, email, etc...real smart. Oh wait, I don't own a Blackberry anymore. Playbook is DOA.

Tablets are as pointless as the day is long. You have your smartphone, and you have your netbook or laptop. Smartphones do everything that tablets do, netbooks do more than a tablet can. They may be pretty to look at, but when it comes to functionality and practicality, tablets fail big time. You can spend less money and buy your smartphone off contract. Everybody is freaking out over the prices. If you think about what you're getting and how little you'll use it...even $299 is too much to pay. It's much easier to grab your 4.3" screen smartphone and netbook, and have everything you need. Tablets are hype. Anybody that buys one is paying too damn much.

"If I think about what I'm getting and how little I will use it..."

Sounds more realistic. Not only is a tablet more economical for MY purposes, it does everything I need it to for efficiently operating MY business on the go. Obviously, this bag doesn't fit your groceries - but that doesn't mean you should generalize the rest of the world to your needs.

Even at HALF that price, which would be $600, it would be WAY, WAY too much.

We want WiFi-only and under $500. If Apple can offer an almost 10" ipad, they should be able to offer a 10" Android pad for $475 or less.

"We want WiFi-only and under $500"

I would love for people like you to run a business. It is SO blatantly obvious that you don't know anything about economics. Please, pray tell, how Motorola (or any other company) is supposed to sell a product packed with high-end specs like the Xoom (which outdoes the iPad in every way) for 'under $500' and turn a profit? At this point in the game, the processor alone probably cost them a couple hundred dollars...that's not taking into consideration the other parts or the overhead involved. Even at $800 they are probably still losing money, but under $500 would be absolute suicide, and only a price a moron would think is economical and realistic at this point in the game.

I think you are grossly overestimating how much the hardware costs. There is no way the processor costs "a couple hundred dollars". This is not a "PC" and not high-end, overpriced Intel processors.

Of course the Zoom will best the ipad "in every way", because it is using technology that is a whole year newer. That does not mean the technology costs any more.

If Apple can make a tidy profit on a 10" pad, using year-old technology, sold for $500 (and Apple is notoriously overpriced), then a current 10" Android tablet does not need to cost $500 or more. Period.

they are crazy,,,for 1200 i rather have a labtop ,all i will do is play music ,read a book on it ,hit the web ,and play angry birds lol ,all for 1200 ,and you need a contract at about 30$ a month, keep it ,im good ,and as for gaming labtop are upgradeable(more ram etc) the xoom is not, dual(2) core against (4)quad core ,and whos buys a dual core for gaming any more ,are you serious, just say you want it bad lol,and enjoy the 1200 toy ,o my bad i mean 800(hahaha) dollars ,moto kill themselfs on this one ,overprice, come on get real guys this thing will be outdated in 3 months ,everyone will be releasing tabs in the upcoming months,with better tricks

People buy quad core laptops because the Microsoft OS is such a freaking PIG you *have* to have a quad core and a gazillion gigs of memory.

After being an advocate of windows for many years, I've really had it. With 7 systems to support for family members under my own roof, I am fed up with patches slowing the machines down, malware, and things that just stop working. Personally I'd be Linux or Mac myself if it wasn't for the PC games I still like to play. A tablet *almost* fits my lifestyle minus the higher end gaming.

this is the samsung tab vs ipad all over again ..its not going to sell being over priced and forcing you to have 1 month of service before wifi use ... ipad will sell itself not an ibot im android for life just wish they would do better on their marketing strategies

What marketing strategy? Other than the Superbowl and one or 2 other quick adverts, the Xoom has not been marketed. WHEN they properly advertise it, I can practically guarantee 'everyone' is not the focal point.

That is the point most of us are making here. There will always be some rich guy for whom no price is too high. Apple markets to them. Apparently Motorola is attempting to market to them too, but I have only seen a couple of these rich guys claim they will buy the Xoom at $800 and only one (maybe two) claim that here. These are the kind of more money than sense customers big businesses love. In this economy, there aren't many of them.

Those people that have to worry about "this economy" shouldn't be buying a Xoom (or any other tablet for that matter).

trenen, you got on me about generalizing, but you are the one bullying people. Stop acting as if you are the only person that knows anything. What I said stands true for 99% of consumers. Why do you think 95% of all ipads are sold to corporations?

I don't particularly care if Motorola turns a profit or not. I don't own stock in their company and I don't work for them. What I look for is value for the dollar. I'm getting that with my EVO and the price was reasonable. I'm not overpaying for some overhyped new product just to make some giant firm rich. You can do that with your money and your business. I don't need a tablet. If you do, get one. Everyone has an opinion and quite a few people think that price as well as $800 is too high. So let's just wait and see how many fan boys are lined up outside to buy a Xoom.

"I don't particularly care if Motorola turns a profit or not."

If companies like Motorola don't turn a profit, than how do you expect to have products like your Evo available for consumption? The economic ignorance of some people, I swear...

If you're not worried about this... then why did u waste our time posting this?

Sent from my rooted nook color.

I responded to a post here just like you did. We all have an opinion and since this isn't EGYPT or some other foreign country, we all get to express our opinion here and either agree or disagree. My point is the same as many others. The prices mentioned here are too high for this tablet. MOST of us agree on this. If you don't, then buy one. This is a public forum. If you don't care to hear opinions that differ from yours, don't read any posts here. The rest of us are here to read articles, posts, and respond with opinions. You can waste your time elsewhere if you don't like it.

Get'em Dark_Blu!

@trenen: Idiocacy is paying double (or triple) for one product that has half the functionality of another.

Sure...please explain what that "other" product is? Can't be the iPad because that has at least half the functionality. So yeah...please elaborate.

The strategy of selling a carrier locked tablet before a WiFi tablet is a failed strategy that has no success based precedent. That strategy didn't work for Samsung and it won't work for Motorola. Apple did the WiFi version first. THAT version is what they sold most of. Intelligent individuals would rather tether their tablet to an existing smartphone than the utter lunacy and waste of money to have a SECOND data plan for an ADDITIONAL two year contract. Any higher price based on a locked in, second data plan strategy will not sell at a high level compared to WiFi only, so it begs the question, why release the product that would sell the least when instead, they could release the product most of us would buy at a more affordable price? Stupidity? Poor market research? It doesn't make any sense. This PRICE doesn't make any sense. But this will all be proven when the thing is launched. We can speculate here, but we will see at launch.

I understand what you're saying...but there are a couple things about this...

First, while you have to initially sign up for a data plan (according to BB at least, VZW hasn't confirmed this), you only have to sign up for a month and then you have your Wi-Fi tablet with no additional data charge.

Second, the market research is probably significantly larger and more accurate than your generalization based on some tech geek websites (probably most populated with teenagers). I guarantee you that a corporation like Motorola (or any other) has done proper research and knows that their product will sell according to their goals. Not every product is out to "kill" Apple, most are out to supply options. Only geeks see other products as some mystical "killer" to another product. The average consumer does not...obviously...or there wouldn't be 50 million brands out there competing (and succeeding) in all the markets.

The other product is a damn netbook. It is much more useful than a damn over-priced tablet. For the price you'd pay for a tablet, you can have a nice quad core laptop.

For that price, you can buy an Alienware Netbook and have a gaming laptop that can also run MS Office and other PC software to get work done. I can't run ProTools or any other Desktop Audio Workstation software on any tablet, but I can and do run Mixcraft DAW and Beatcraft Drum machine on my Panasonic Toughbook that I paid $600 for used. I can drop my Toughbook on the floor and it will still work like a champ. Can your overpriced Xoom do that? I don't think so. So enjoy your overpriced Tablet. I'll be running my business on a fully ruggedized Netbook that can be dropped on concrete without breaking. There isn't a single logical reason to buy an overpriced tablet and a second data plan unless you're just rich and enjoy spending more money than you have to for products and services.

I'm in the market for a tablet, not a netbook or laptop. Stop comparing apples to oranges, it weakens your argument.

There is no weakness in my argument. My argument is based on fact. You have money to spend. What do you need your technology to do? THAT is the big question. IF you are SPECIFICALLY in the market for a tablet no matter what it's functionality is, then you will buy a tablet. If you are in the market for technology to meet certain needs then buy based on what you need the technology to do. The weakness in your argument is that you don't seem to understand that over paying for a product that has limited functionality, makes no sense unless you are willing to accept that lack of functionality. iPhone users and iPad users are individuals willing to trade functionality for a good user experience. This is a fact. If you have limited needs that a tablet would serve and to you, the price is acceptable then buy it, but don't assume that everyone has your same needs and that because they don't, there is something that is wrong with their perspective for not sharing yours. Not everyone wants a high priced crippled product. You do. that's fine for you, but it's a fact that the same money could be spent on fully functioning laptops with a fully functioning operating system and fully functioning applications that do more. This is a fact that can't be denied and if you don't need a fully functioning product, then by all means, buy an over priced tablet, if that works for you. Otherwise, stop attacking people who don't agree with you. My argument is fact based. Yours is opinion based and thus far, I don't see you changing anyone's mind here.

What doesn't a tablet do? Let's see what it can (for me)...

Write and read email - check
Write, read, and edit Word documents and PDFs - check
Calendar synchronization - check
Web browsing - check
Make phone calls via Skype or other VOIP - check
Video conferencing - check
Play music, games, and videos on down time - check
Do homework, post discussions - check
Use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn - check
Access cloud servers for various work-related tasks - check

for my particular industry -

make design compositions and workflows - check
edit web documents - check
access ftp - check

Did I miss something? I'm not trying to change anyone's mind...not worth my time.

You can't compare products that are not related. I expected you to compare a tablet to another please, if you don't mind...share your insight.

I can compare a Netbook to a Tablet because the Tablet is allegedly supposed to replace Netbooks. My point is functionality. Overpaying for limited functionality makes no sense when you can spend the same amount of money and get a fully functioning product that does more for the same or less money. Spending more money for a product that does less doesn't make sense to me. I see no logic or reason in a perspective where someone thinks it makes sense to pay more for less and aggressively criticizes someone for pointing out this fact. I can take that same money you are going to spend on your Xoom and get a product that does more. This is a fact that cannot be denied. But if over paying for a product that does less works for you, by all means buy it, but don't dump on people who don't agree with your perspective and won't be doing that. We're all different and have different ideas, but that doesn't make any one of us better or worse than the other.

What doesn't a tablet do? Let's see what it can (for me)...

Write and read email - check
Write, read, and edit Word documents and PDFs - check
Calendar synchronization - check
Web browsing - check
Make phone calls via Skype or other VOIP - check
Video conferencing - check
Play music, games, and videos on down time - check
Do homework, post discussions - check
Use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn - check
Access cloud servers for various work-related tasks - check

for my particular industry -

make design compositions and workflows - check
edit web documents - check
access ftp - check

Did I miss something?

This is just one tablet. There will be other tablets with comparable specs or close enough and surely, the manufacturer's of those products will not follow the carrier locked failed strategy and instead release a Wifi Only tablet first. So you rich guys who want to make big companies rich can do that and enjoy your products and the rest of us will opt for a WiFi only Tablet and tethering. Everyone will get what they want. I the only person here that doesn't make minimum wage? I am in no way "rich", but the Xoom at the $800 price tag is more than affordable in my average budget. Even if it's $1,200 I could swing it...but I don't think that is a justifiable price tag for this particular tablet so I couldn't buy it until I have more options to compare it to.

All the people posting that the listed price is too expensive, either seriously or joking, are either illiterate morons or uninformed trolls. Either way, you're not welcome here.

Some people actually come here to read objective information and have serious discussions about Android software and hardware.

The Xoom tablet prices quoted here are too expensive and not worth it. Most of us think so. Our opinions differs from yours. That's just the way it is. Not everyone agrees, but a mature adult can agree to disagree without resorting to infantile name calling and pointless insults. Fact supported opinions are valid, whether accepted or not.

Trenen: If you can't understand how and why netbooks are a better buy than tablets, you must make some awful business decisions. Tablets are luxury items. People wanting to get work done and make smart business decisions will buy netbooks or laptops.

So buy your luxury item, enjoy it, and stop attacking people who don't agree with your perspective. Your perspective isn't the only perspective. We are all individuals with differing opinions. Learn to agree to disagree and move on.

Really tim? You can't reply to a thread? You have to make a separate post to respond to a conversation we are already having. Come one...I've already answered this above.

Android hardware will be higher priced because Motorola, Samsung & LG get no kick back from the app store. They get their profits off tablet sales.

Apple can afford lower prices on hardware because they get a cut from their appstore. It's almost like they can subsidize the iPad a bit but make a profit from the tablet sales & apps.

I hate to admit it but Apple has the advantage :(

Yes, Apple does have the advantage. The couple or three fanboys who want a carrier locked Xoom should get one and enjoy it and move on with their lives. Bullying people who don't agree with their perspective isn't changing anyone's minds. Like I said, let's see at launch who is standing in line for a Xoom, then wait for the iPad 2 launch and see how Apple does with that. And again, the Xoom isn't the only tablet available. There will be others. It's not that critical to get all worked up over and dumping on the rest of us who aren't rich and have no need for over priced, overhyped luxury items like this.

According to a previous Best Buy ad you have to sign up for one month of service (whoopee doo) and then you can cancel and have your 'wi-fi only' tablet. I think the problem we have here is people want a high-end product at poor-man prices. They wouldn't be called 'luxury' if any ol' Joe could pick one up. I wonder if these same people complain about the prices of BMW and Mercedes?

Trenen: You have officially lost all credibility. You cannot justify a carrier forcing you to pay for a data plan for wifi. That's increasing the price. Funny you keep calling this a high-end product. A $250 netbook gets more done. For $800, you can have a high-end laptop. It's so easy to part a fool and his money. You are proof of that.

Sure I can...if I want to use their network, I expect to pay for it. Pretty simple concept...though I am a consumer that believes in paying for my needs and not getting everything for free. It is a high-end product. How is it not? Are you serious?? And this "netbook gets more done" WHAT does it get 'more done' of? I already listed what the Xoom can do in relation to a please, explain. Again, why would I want a laptop when I'm shopping for a tablet? I already have a 'high end laptop' - that's what I'm using right now!

Oh - and this whole 'lost all credibility' comment - I don't care about the 'opinion' of a bunch of geeks and I sure as hell don't care about the 'opinion' of you. I'm sorry you're not a bit more well off and can't afford nicer toys like the Xoom. Maybe you should/should have study/studied harder.

First off, I said you can't justify the carrier forcing a data plan to use wifi. You have a hard time with comprehension. Most people want wifi only. That does not use their network. Who the hell wants to pay for 2 data plans? Oh yeah, people that like to waste money. If you already have a high-end laptop and a smartphone...a tablet is a waste. It is not to fulfill any need, it's just to play with.

You guys are such hypocrites. On one hand you say every person has their own needs for a tablet and to stop telling people what to do buy or what they need and don't need, and then on the other hand you tell me that I'm wasting money and that a tablet is a waste. Make up your damn minds. For the record, it's not a waste for my needs which probably far outweigh yours.

Furthermore, this attitude you have that just because we make better buying decisions than you, that we're poor and stupid...that's where your credibility goes out the door. You sound like a 12 y/o in a name calling contest. Grow up.

Well you're lack of knowing how to respond properly to a thread shows your maturity. As far as 'better buying decisions'? Please explain! You have YET to justify HOW a netbook is better for ME and more economical for ME than a Xoom (or any other COMPARABLE tablet). Please, the suspense is killing me!

Let me entertain you on some reasons WHY a tablet is the choice for me...

a.) I don't want to carry around several parts for one item (briefcase, charger, backup batteries, etc)

b.) I have Google Voice, I don't need to carry a phone around with me all the time using a tablet.

c.) Lightweight and easy to carry on planes, buses, etc.

d.) Small footprint for office meetings.

Those good starters for you?

You don't need a netbook. You already have a laptop. So, how about you tell me what a tablet wiill do for you that you can't already do. Please, the suspense is killing me!

Your general arguments lead me to believe you don't like tablets to begin with...which makes me wonder why the hell you are here outside of just wanting a way to troll.

You still couldn't tell me what it can do that you can't already. I stated at the very beginning that tablets are a pointless middle man between a smartphone and netbook/laptop. Most people feel that way, even the writers of this site. One could ask why you are here commenting, if price is no worry to you. You are the one judging and name calling.

OMG dude, look a few posts up. I outlined that for you already. This discussion was never about what it "can do that a laptop/netbook can't" it's about why they are needed. Now you hold up your end.

So please tell me how it is needed if you have a smartphone and a laptop. You have yet to do that. If it's just for the hell of it, just say so. But, don't come at me with, "It's an absolute need, worth whatever they want to charge for it." You may have Google Voice, but tablets won't make or receive phone calls.

"Google Voice, but tablets won't make or receive phone calls."

Uh, yeah the Xoom does. You obviously didn't watch the press release when they made a live call via video conferencing using Google Voice. Your ignorance on that ends this conversation. If you were not aware of the basic functionality included in the device, then there is no point debating this any further. I mean, if the fact that it has Bluetooth along with front and rear facing cameras wasn't obvious enough of its capabilities, than you're hopeless. Thanks for wasting my time in this debate.

You want to call a video call a phone call? When I said make/receive phone calls, I mean unrestricted real phone calls. Video calling isn't great quality, and both parties have to be online. I'm talking phone calls, k?

This Xoom will be $800.00, I think it is too expensive. We have to wait until a wifi only one hits the stores, then we will see the competative price. Forget a 3G one, wifi only please.
Can people stop comparing the Xoom to the ipad!!! The Xoom is next generation specs compared to last years ipad. Yes the Xoom is expensive, but I guarantee when apple announces the ipad 2 32gb 3g & wifi included it will be the same price as $800.00 if not more!!! Watch and see. Especially if apple has a dual core processor on it and both cameras!!!

I think motorola should release a wifi only tablet first. But it's not going to happen.
Folks lets get real here we will not see a 10inch dual core wifi only tablet under $500.00!! It doesn't matter what company it is:apple,htc,moto,samsung,etc. It's not going to happen because of the specs that is added. The better the specs the more the price. I know it's not right, but its business and our economy....
I guarantee apple's new ipad lower gb model will not be under $500.00. The way competition is Apple better come with it,cause these tablets are looking good and we haven't even seen what Htc has to offer. I like Android so I know Htc will drop something major!!!

If not first, it would make sense to release them both at the same time. Options are always best. I mean, if they intend on releasing it anyway, why not now? Unless of course that model is held up in production or there was some sort of contractual arrangements made with the carrier which is the most likely scenario.

The best thing about all of these new Tablets coming out is that I will try to pick up a used 7" Galaxy Tab on ebay for about $200.That is about what I would have paid originally for it anyway. So it won't upgrade beyond Froyo, who cares? If VZW would offer a similar 3g plan that I have with my Chrome CR-48 then that would be all that I would need.

Even at 800.00 the pad is to high. Moto has a chance to possibly steal some of the tablet thunder from Apple but they are being greedy. Instead of taking a small hit in their over sized wallet to move more product they are pushing majority of the cost on the consumer. 800.00 is a nice laptop, hell I can buy a 50inch plasma for 800.00! HP Touchpad looking mighty awesome now. I hate Apple.....