Motorola Xoom unlocked

Good news for those of you who might have unlocked and/or rooted your Motorola Xoom -- to the surprise of few of us here, you should have no problem with Motorola upgrading it to LTE. That's in contrary to a story that circulated earlier this week. Originating from the "Moto Xpert" DansDroid on the Motorola Support Forums, it was said that "If your Xoom is rooted it will not be upgraded by Motorola."

We'd been waiting on official word from Motorola but now have semi-official word through the same Moto support forum, this time from the infamous forums manager Matt. And he states: 

All Motorola XOOM tablets on the Verizon Wireless network are eligible to receive an upgrade to support 4G LTE. This includes those that have been unlocked; however, those units must be submitted for upgrade with the original factory software reinstalled and the device relocked in order to receive the upgrade.

For devices that are returned unlocked, Motorola will attempt to complete the upgrade, but may be unable to update the software. In these cases, the device will be returned to the consumer with just the 4G LTE modem installed.

We're really not at all worried about this. If you're the type who unlocks and roots your Xoom, you're also likely able to roll it back and re-lock it before sending it back in. Sky's not falling, folks, though you'll still have to actually be without your Xoom for a week, and pray it gets back to you safely. [Motorola Support Forums, 2 via Android Central Forums]

Update: Oh, and speaking of getting your Xoom back to stock ...


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Motorola will upgrade unlocked Xooms with LTE data, no questions asked


As much as I want a Xoom I won't buy one until I can get it with 4G already activated, Flash, and the SD card slot working out of the box. I'm hoping the Wi-Fi only version drops shortly and then all my prayers will have been answered.

You cant actually expect them to say they will do an upgrade to everyone and anyone else's software?! If you assumed that then......

I would definitely just wait for the LTE to be sold with the Xoom before buying one. Same with the SD card slot issue like the guy above said. What a hassle buying a gimped tablet because they wanted to get it out before the iPad 2. Waiting may get you a price cut too if they don't sell very well in the beginning.