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Motorola's followed up on the update that's coming the Atrix 4G, which might or might not actually do something about reported call quality issues. In a statement, Moto admits that there is "a very small number" of users having issues, and that they're looking into it. Here's the statement in its entirety:

Motorola Mobility is aware of a very small number of ATRIX 4G users who have reported low audio issues when placing voice calls. Motorola ATRIX 4G is designed and tested to meet our high standards for audio quality. As part of our longstanding commitment to delivering high quality products that our customers love, we believe in reacting even when identified issues impact only a handful of users. Motorola is evaluating further optimization of audio levels in a future maintenance release. Any consumer who experiences this issue should contact a Motorola customer support center.

Motorola takes great care to ensure devices are developed with quality in mind. We appreciate consumer feedback and will continue working to refine our product experience.

Here's how we see it: Motorola knows hardware, and they know call quality. If there's an issue here, they'll fix it. And sooner rather than later, we'd gather. So everybody sit tight and let's see what comes out of this one, and in the meantime share your thoughts in the Motorola Atrix 4G forums.


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Motorola: 'Very small number of users' having issues with call quality


I for one am glad to see a company take the up front approach when dealing with issues. Every company and product has issues, so it's not if they will have problems but when and how to you communicate with your customers. If they are discussing it in the open it will be addressed instead of denying the problem even exists. Good for your Motorola.

I don't have this problem at all with mine. It's pretty awesome to see a company like Moto suck it up and admit the problem and work on a fix.

I'm not a Motorola user but hearing something like this would ease my patience cause I would know a fix is on its way thumbs up for Motorola on this. Hope other carriers manufacturer's businesses read this and rub off on it.

My Atrix has been great - voice signal/clarity is working better than my iPhone 3GS ever had. Although still need H+ upload speeds to work as advertised...

It's always "a very small amount of users" when the forum is full of people having the issue. I expect them to report that "These 6 people in North Dakota" where having this issue.

At least Motorola didn't say that "You are holding the phone wrong" to cause a problem that affects "a hand full of users".

At least Motorola didn't say that "You are holding the phone wrong" to cause a problem that affects "a hand full of users".

What's very small? 1 out of 5 might seem small to someone but that's still a lot of people if you are dealing with 200,000 or however many Atrix phones have been sold.

Maybe the voice quality is actually an AT&T issue, if this problem is only limited to the Atrix phones on AT&T's network. Any reports of the problem anywhere other than AT&T?

I have had no call quality issues on Bell here in the Great White North. Until today I also haven't had issues with the data network. Today, at one point, a speed test showed 3 kbps up and down. Whatever that was... Rebooted the phone and it went back to my "normal" 4mbps down and 450 kbps up.

I hope Bell does the same HSUPA upgrade as AT&T but I'm not holding my breath.

No real voice quality problems here.

This issue that I have is going from WIFI to the cellular data connection. It shows the H on the screen but no up or down arrows and no data. The only way before that I could fix it was to shut off the phone and turn it back on. I found an app to fix that (Wififixerfree). Does anyone else have that problem? There are some that are also on the official Motorola website.

why anyone still supports a company like moto that prides itself on locking the shit out of there phones is beyond me.

support a REAL company that allows the person who PAYS for \the phone to do what they want to do to it, without locked bootloaders and so on.

unless your a person that is not into rooting ever, then motorola should be the LAST company you choose to buy a phone from.

You're obviously biased against Motorola. While I don't appreciate locked bootloaders either, this article is talking about how Motorola is acknowledging their users' concerns, admitting a minor bug in their new phone, and are working towards a solution in a timely manner. Perhaps the best part of all of this is that they are being up front about it and keeping their users informed.

This is a great article about a manufacturer doing things right for once. Whatever issue you have with Motorola has nothing to do with this and your comment just comes off as bitter and pointless.

Good job Motorola, hopefully other manufacturers will learn from your example.

I dont have any voice problems either. I too have data connectivity problems. Randomly, for no apparent reason, my phone will loose the ability to use any data services while on the mobile network. No email, no music streaming, no market or browser. Nothing that uses the mobile web works. I can still make calls and send/receive text messages though. The only way to fix this is doing a shut down and restart. VERY annoying!! About to return this phone!!