Motorola RAZR

Motorola has updated their ICS "due date" page, and if you're in the U.S. you probably won't like the news very much. There are a few changes, and we see a few more devices slated to see Ice Cream Sandwich eventually, but what really stands out is the RAZR. In the Asia Pacific region, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Korea, Japan, China and Canada the RAZR is set to see ICS in Q2 of this year. In the U.S., it's still in the "evaluation and planning" stage. 

Granted, CDMA and LTE probably make a huge difference in the code as well as the hardware, but I have to hope that Motorola has enough resources dedicated to the Droid RAZRs to get them updated quickly, and more importantly, free of any show-stopping bugs.

Of course the RAZR isn't the only device on the list, but it is the one that sticks out like a sore thumb. The good news is that most newer model Motos haven't been ruled out of anything just yet, and that Motorola cares enough to even make a chart that's bound to get them some grief. Updating an OS isn't easy folks, no matter what you might think. Hit the source link to see the full details.

Source: Motorola. Thanks, IceDree for the tip!


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Motorola updates 'ICS list' -- RAZR to get ICS in Q2 everywhere but the U.S.


I love my new GNex! Nana nana naaana

Give me a break, I came from the EVO Shift! So glad I no longer have a reloading overlay.

Myth? Explain.
I've had the:
-Nexus One
-Optimus One
-Galaxy Ace
-Nexus S
=Galaxy Nexus
And of those my Nexus devices have ALWAYS been updated long before the others...granted my non-Nexus devices were on the low side, but still.

Quote me an instance since the Nexus line has come out that a non-Nexus device has received an Android update 1st. I'm quite curious if there is one.

right, because that is going so well for everyone owning a Nexus S atm. I guess, the only thing we can take away from this and every other update debacle is that you shouldn't buy a device unless you're happy with how it comes out of the box. It used to be "buy a nexus" but obviously that isn't the case.

(x) 1. Motorola RAZR (unlocked)

(x) 2. United States

(x) 3. Q2 (April-June)

All I need now is that Ice Cream Sandwich!!!

File this under....NOT SHOCKING AT ALL. Just another story of android fragmentation and the insanity that ensues. It doesnt matter if your phone is a nexus / razr / evo you will get screwed out of an update. I have the Nexus S 4G and installed the IMM26 ICS "official" leaked update and its a total POS.

How true, I had IMM26 installed earlier today. Couldn't handle handing the radio over to 3g wile streaming music when wifi was out of range. Toggling airplane mode didn't even fix it, had to reboot. Needless to say I am back on gingerbread yet again. About to try out CM7's new nightly released today, hopefully it is as good as the last nightly.

Give a half dozen community devs a fridge full of mountain dew code red and a year supply of tasty cakes and they can put out a full built from source ICS stable rom in 4 weeks... but these yoyos insist their model is better.

-Inside Moto-

GM - "Hows ICS upgrades heading on the handsets we're stuck with and not making money on?"

Lead Programmer - "OK boss me and the other programmer are just finishing the code on the razr"

GM - "GREAT! How does Blur look on ICS?"

Lead Programmer - "Ummm... fack I thought we moved past this" itll be another 6 months sir."

Of course their ROMs will be incredibly buggy and not fully functional, but at least they'll be availabe.
I appreciate what devs can do, and they are far more talented than I could ever hope to be, but lets stop acting like everything they do is roses and sunshine and ice cream.

You do realize that cusom ROM's require a data wipe and usually kang hardware drivers from previous releases?

With an official release I would expect proper drivers for the hardware, and no wipe required. Plus, a majority of users do not want lose fuctionality so the Skins have to remain (sense, blur, touchwiz, etc). Throw in passing Verizon's exacting standards for their network, and you have it down. That is what the manufacturers have to put up with. That and no bugs. Sounds easy huh?

Nick, Your comment is so accurate and I had to go find my username so i could log in just to say ...

"So true my man, so true."

That's it. Thanks for the laugh.

Absolutely agree.. Having spent a month with the Nexus, I'll stick with my GB Razr. No more Sammy'S for me. The Razr actually WORKS!

Considering all of the issues I have seen around the net with ICS im not sure I understand why everyone is wanting to get it soo dang bad? I would rather wait until they have all of the problems fixed with it first but that's just me.

This made me laugh, it's so true. Makes me miss GSM sometimes. That being said, I can live with the phone the way it is. I can wait for ICS. If I was super concerned about it, I would have bought the Nexus. But Samsung made that, so no.

I would say far from over rated, and more of buggy.
you will have people complain about it taking too long; and others will say just release it I don't care if its not polished, then they will whine about this and that not working.

The thing is when moto finally releases ICS its still gunno be buggy even if its Q3 OR Q4.after getting a rooted ICS on moto ya might should be ok .... maybe

I think this is an area that HTC gets ahead by unlocking the bootloader..
The devs can do all the hard work on code, then HTC gets to step in an fine tune it for Sense. But then again, Moto updated their products line to Gingerbread before everyone else did.
Moto keeps coming out with a new soak test every week, in the order of release. So I don't think it will be to long before I get ICS on my MAXX. *fingers crossed*

I'm not surprised. US gets the shit end of the cellular deal with everything worthwhile anyway. It always takes longer.

It's funny reading Jerry's make believe "regions" or these other "countries" he speaks of from time to time. Imagine if there was a world outside of the US, that would be crazy.

I feel stuck and jaded with my EVO 4G, but what phone owner in recent memory has been screwed over more than those who bought the RAZR? It's a shame.

I am very happy with my Razr Maxx, rooted with free tethering for now. I'm getting around 25 MB download during the day. I can wait for ICS on my Razr, I still think it is the best phone from Verizon.

I just liked the fact that they left a crack open in the door for some of the phones not mentioned before such as the X2.

While I of course realize its far different from an OEM release, we've had stable AOSP ICS builds for the Razr for awhile now. Thanks to Hashcode, dhacker, and DroidTh3ory, you can get a tweaked AOKP build that's every bit as stable as GB, and gets better battery life to boot. Seems to fly along just fine, camera and data work. All that we're really waiting on is to get hardware acceleration working, and of course data can always be more stable, but that goes with any device. Its quite impressive considering its all built atop the stock Blur GB kernel.

That being said, we definitely deserve ICS from Moto before Q3, as we were lead to believe that it would be coming soon after release. If it truly takes them that long to apply their customizations to the build, then they need to dial said customizations back.

RAZR the phone Verizon jams down your throat its all they try to sell you I feel for the people who fall for it why would anyone buy one when they sell the Nexus and is already on ics.


Build quality
Call quality
Not buggy
Signal strength

Runs fine on GB.Can wait till the bugs are worked out, unlike GN owners who are stuck with the bugs. And don't say "what bugs?", just go to the GN forums.

This is not good the phone will have been out what 8 months in june then the next nexus will release 3 month's later. 3 month's ok 4 ehh more why even bother.

I love my nexus and ics is not perfect but is a good step up from 2.3.6. These customer's bought a top of the line phone and I can understand why you would get this over the nexus. Better radio's and in short build quality with the hardware that can run ics no problem.

But to make a razr customer who said bet on in November that this phone will get ics soon and make a nexus owner feel bad that after a few moth's the have the better phone in every way is getting burned.

This is also creating even more fragmentation that ever. So later this year you will see a bunch of quad core phone with ics finally in the summer or fall a year after the galaxy nexus. two month after that again the next os will release it's retarded.

phone maker's need to be better at updating the os or google needs to make the os more flexible so devs can just lay a gui on it and be done in a three moth window.

I hate to say this but a windows phone down the road for me is not out of the question.

I am going to point out that the link on the table is about a month old and it is the same one that had the Atrix 4G added to it.

That being said the time it is taking to get ICS onto phones is WAY WAY to long. Google really needs to work on improving it. ICS has added a lot of nice things over what gingerbread has in it.

There is ZERO excuse for things taking 6 months to get on phones much less the 9 months for phones like the Atrix. Most of upgrading should be done in the first 3 months. Not this crap it is taking now.

It would be nice if Google would do something more than just empty words like the so called "update alliance" from Google IO last year.

Unfortunately, I will not purchase another Motorola Phone as long as it does not have a major overhaul of their strategy. I love the build quality and features of my Photon, but Motorola is horrible at software updates and with them not unlocking the bootloader we are at their mercy to fix bugs in their phone.

I wish Google would decide to come in and force all Motorola phones to be vanilla Android.